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October 24, 2016

A Moment of Magic

On the ground, a stick is a lifeless, broken and unremarkable branch. Just dead and brittle debris to you or me. But I always loved that once my dogs picked up a stick it immediately transformed into a magic wand. The union of teeth and bark creating an irresistible alchemy, transmuting the stick into the greatest treasure on earth. Eko was a consummate Merlin, and he loved using his magic to start a game of chase with Penny.
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoOn the ground, a stick is a lifeless, broken and unremarkable branch. Just dead and brittle debris to you or me. But I always loved that once my dogs picked up a stick it immediately transformed into a magic wand. The union of teeth and bark creating an irresistible alchemy, transmuting the stick into the greatest treasure on earth. Eko was a consummate Merlin, and he loved using his magic to start a game of chase with Penny.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoEko would then gamely let his apprentice bewitch him in turn.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoMy two spellbinding pups loved to play this hypnotic game, often picking up other dogs along the way. The pack would charge past dozens of sticks, yet they only ever cared about the magic one . But even the most powerful magic is powerless without an audience. With Eko gone, Penny’s taken up the mantle of master magician and continued her brother’s work.  First, she finds her mark.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoIt helps to pick a goofy, good-natured rube like our new pal, Boris. This guy already seemed particularly fixated on a stick when Penny found him, so he made the perfect target.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoBoris wasn’t initially aware that the spell had begun, but he quickly discovered he was a part of the show.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoPenny darted in front of Boris and caused the startled pup to drop his stick. It’s an old maneuver she picked up from her big brother. And therein lies the other magic of this trick – for a moment I fall under the illusion I am watching Eko.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoThe brilliance of Eko’s magic was that he would always keep the mark just close enough to think they had a chance of catching him. I laughed as I realized that when it comes to the dark arts of magical mayhem, Penny was a close study.Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, ChicagoPenny kept Boris right on her hip, bounding down the beach until he finally gave up. At which point she happily trotted over and dropped the stick at his feet. Magic, like love, is best when shared.

Comments for A Moment of Magic

  1. a magic wand is also just a stick … in theory… and we are those who make it to the things what can do wonders :o) … like Hairy Potter :o)

  2. Penny and her mischief continue. How cute to see she picks up where Eko is missed. He was a good teacher as we can see now. Love to see her adventures and goofy face.

  3. Jan & Rusty says:

    Penny had a great teacher. She learned all the moves he taught her, as well as the magic and the love. ❤️

  4. Thank you , Will, for continuing to make us smile. I know your heart is broken. I will look to your healing journey when the day comes that I will need to say goodbye to my pup. Thank you for still being here for us especially on the days where you would rather just stay under the covers. I hope Penny is doing ok. I know it’s big loss for her as well.

  5. Piglove says:

    Penny had an awesome teacher and in ways when you think about it – Eko lives through her forever my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  6. fran welch says:

    Penny was a good study. She has mastered it well n big brother is so proud of her. She needs to have fun n she has a great support person, u. Love u all

  7. Victoria Coleman says:

    yeah Penny – the apprentice becomes the master!

  8. You and your trusty camera are lucky to be part of the pack, getting to see all the fun. Boris looks like a big bear, good thing he’s friendly 😀

  9. Penny learned her lesson well and learned sharing to boot. I have tears in my eyes (((hugs))))

  10. Kismet says:

    Penny should be careful. Wherever Boris is, Natasha can’t bee too far away.

  11. Lynn Wolford says:

    Dear little Penny. All those years it only looked like she was romping and having fun with Eko. Little did we know she was studying and learning his every move. So that someday … when the time came … maybe she would get to be the Master. Sweet Penny … your time has come. Bless you, Will. What a beautiful post, even though I have bittersweet tears rolling down my face. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. TheRidgebackLife says:

    Good luck to all the dogs who fall under Penny’s spell! She had a great master in Eko and head master in you,Will. I think a wizard costume is in order for Halloween. Griffindor, of course.

  13. Emmadog says:

    Bailie and I do the same thing with sticks. So happy Penny is continuing the game with new friends.

  14. What great photos of the newly crowned stick trickster at work. Boris looks like a great pal for her. Eko taught her a lot – she was a good “study” learning from the master. I think he probably is still providing a little coaching – but she won’t need much because she’s definitely got “the touch” from her big brother.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  15. T&S says:

    Stick and chase game my RRs love this game! Sometimes I have to play that game with our male around our dining table.
    Love to see Penny happy ☺

  16. Connie Taylor says:

    Penny is a relative of the Weasley family that can be traced to their great use of magic stick wands, learning from the best masters, and that beautiful coppery-red hair! I’m glad she learned the right kind of magic from Eko, and hasn’t made the mistakes (yet) like “Mickey Mouse” did in the old “Disney” video as the magician’s apprentice causing real mayhem!!

  17. Judy Petitto says:

    Beautiful photos Will of Eko and Penny and Boris as well.If I could turn back time..if I could find a way.Good to see Penny displaying her magic as Eko would desire.Good to see you with a smile if only for a minute.Things will never be the same but memories will give you comfort as you share Penny and keep the magic alive.

  18. So thrilled to see Penny sharing the magic with Boris who is one handsome confederate, er I mean co-conspirator. It must be a very bitter-sweet sight to witness him as a substitute for your Merlin man.

  19. Jo Rhodes says:

    Brava Penny! She really is magical to watch.
    It used to drive me crazy that sometimes for a spit second I have trouble telling your pups apart. Now I get a momentary glimpse of Eko when Penny replays a lesson in her head. It”s a painful joy. Good girl Penny! Keep them guessing. Good job getting Will out today!
    We love you, Jo, Sam and Dean, who by the way, stole ALL the treats this morning!

  20. Gambit and Blitz says:

    I am a occasional reader, I am so sorry to read of Eko’s death. I am pleased to see that Penny is able to bring some laughter to you.
    Thoughts (and ridgie leans). coming to you from New Zealand

  21. You’ve been a wonderful student, P. Taught by the best teacher ever! You carry the stick in his honor – every dodge and dart, every switch and snatch a tribute to your big brother. He gave you a lifetime of learning in the little time you were given together. He gave a lifetime of love and memories to all of us who loved him.

  22. Ogee says:

    Penny has big paws to fill, but she is doing it well. Sweet girl. Happy to see her happy. Mom and Dad will follow in time.

  23. Karen Boone says:

    Up beyond the Rainbow Bridge, on a sunny beach of his own, Eko is teaching the art of loving a good chase to his ragtag gang of pups that arrived from that awful “box” at the shelter. They stop for a rest and he tells them Penny is instructing a new gang about the magical stick on her beach and his “boy” is able to smile for a moment. Penny knows in her heart, her brother is still the master magician and he is proud she has taken up his trophy branch.

  24. Ellen Quilty says:

    Keep waving your magic wand Penny.It seems to be working.

  25. Devine-Brownie says:

    Dear Will,

    the day I’ve read about your loss I couldn’t believe.
    Your instagram post broke my heart and even I cried about Eko though I never knew him.
    I decided to avoid your homepage and instagram because it really made me sad.
    But you and your pups find a way in my thoughts again and again…and a couple of days ago I couldnt stand it any more…I had to find out if you are telling more stories and sending more pictures of your lovely, beautiful and funny pups.
    And…yeah!!!! You do!
    I want to thank you.
    For all the stories you telling…for the great pictures…for all emotions….good ones and sad ones.
    In every single word and every single picture you are talking about just one thing:
    Pure love!!

    …and that touches my heart.

    Penny will know how to bring the laughter back into your life. ❤️️

    XOxo Tanja & Brownie sending lots of kisses to Penny from Germany

  26. Boris is handsome, great action shots.

  27. Karen in Oregon says:

    Oh Penny! You are working some magic on your Dad. That’s awesome.

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