[VIDEO] An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

This weekend brings to a close our playcation with Leo the Bernese Mountain Dog. Penny and Leo are perfectly cast as The Odd Couple. She’s the wiry firebrand, he’s the lovable big guy. Watching their friendship grow over the course of the week was a real treat and I’m glad Penny got to have a constant companion again. (I think Leo is glad to know the position isn’t permanent!) After ten days with Penny, I think our pal is ready for a relaxing staycation back at home. You’ve earned it, buddy!

A Welcome House Guest

Winter in Chicago is a lonely season. Bundled against the elements, people brave the outdoors only when necessary. The lakefront, vibrant in the warmer months, is desolate in deep winter.  For Penny and me, this year’s solitude is especially pronounced. She no longer shares warmth with Eko on the couch, and there’s often no other dogs at the beach for her to play with.  I can do a lot for Penny, but I can’t offer her the companionship that another dog can.

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[VIDEO] Every Day Is A New Year

For people, the fireworks and festivities of January 1 herald the great promise of new opportunities. For dogs, well, every day is January 1. Every day is full of possibility and worthy of excitement. My resolution, today and every day, is to remember to celebrate each moment with the joy it deserves. Luckily, I have the best teacher a guy could ask for!

The Road Ahead

rhodesian ridgeback, marking our territory, adventure

I sit with my dog just outside the comfort of home. Safety, security and familiarity beckon from the other side of the door behind us. I look over the few possessions I packed and feel ill-prepared for the road ahead. I got Eko to help me search for the meaning of life, but how am I supposed to know what direction to go when I don’t even know the destination? Read more ›

[VIDEO] The Joy, Pain and Lessons of 2016

“I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless, and with it I did my best.” – Mr. Eko, LOST

 Before signing off to ring in the new year, I want to say thank you. I lost my way when I lost Eko. Each of your kind words pierced my darkness with light. When I finally  had the courage to look up, I saw a sky filled with stars, showing the way forward. Thank you for taking precious time from your own lives to help me find my way. I witnessed firsthand just how far small acts of kindness can carry you. It’s a lesson I’ll hold close to my heart always. Happy New Year!


[VIDEO] My Christmas Wish

We beseech genies, godmothers, stars, and at this time of year, even a guy at the North Pole. But it seems to me the best wishes are the ones we learn to grant ourselves. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

[VIDEO] How Rhodesian Ridgebacks Stay Warm in Winter

Based on my research, the ideal ambient temperature for a Rhodesian Ridgeback’s comfort is somewhere around the surface temperature of the sun. Short of that, they have to make due with sunlight, blankets and heaters. Of all the ways to stay warm this winter, Penny has two particular favorites –  kinetic energy (running at Mach 1 is nice and toasty)  and a good roaring fire. This weekend is going to be bitter cold here in Chicago, so our plan is to run fast in the snow and then cozy up slow to the fire.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Learning To Fly

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Adventure, Marking Our Territory

In the Marking Our Territory circus, Penny was my tumbling acrobat while Eko was my soaring aerialist. I loved capturing his casual grace mid-air. From the nonchalant takeoff through the smooth landings, Eko made his flights look effortless. Read more ›

[VIDEO] You Can’t Stop Penny. You Can Only Hope To Contain Her.

So here’s my question. Do you still call it “zoomies” if she’s been operating at this speed for three straight years?

Penny’s Lion King Audition

Rhodesian Ridgeback, lion king, marking our territory

While I was cleaning out my closest, Penny decided to pull her lion mane costume from its bag. It was clearly a sign she wanted to don her ancestral garb in order to show off her acting chops. Read more ›