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November 18, 2014

Beach Bath and Beyond

Eko and Penny love the beach, which is great. Based on how much sand they bring home with them, the beach loves them right back. Which is not so great. Rain or shine (or unannounced mini-blizzard) these two love their beach time In related news, a wizard put
Eko and Penny love the beach, which is great. Based on how much sand they bring home with them, the beach loves them right back. Which is not so great.18.1

Rain or shine (or unannounced mini-blizzard) these two love their beach time

In related news, a wizard put a hex on my apartment which causes my bathtub to shrink a little bit each day. Well, either that, or maybe it’s just that Penny is growing. In any event, the tub is increasingly cramped when I try to bathe the pups together. To give my back a break I decided to clean the pups up at Soggy Paws, a local self-wash spot.


When we were on the road I used to bathe Eko at self-wash places all the time. They make bath time easier for all species


I said easier, not enjoyable. Eko still thought about making a break for it when it was his turn


With Eko at my level it was so much easier to wash him. Having a hand spray nozzle was also clutch. …hey, who’s that back there?


No, the authorities did not apprehend Penny. This is actually a really cool drying station for pups who don’t like the blow dryer. Circulating warm air dries your pup right up


This little babushka has been around the block, so all he needed was a couple towels and a quick go-over with the blow dryer


I couldn’t stop laughing when it was time to go. Penny, who had been understandably hesitant to go into the dryer, was reluctant to leave her warm enclave

We had a great experience at Soggy Paws, but unfortunately it’s not feasible for the pups to get this deluxe spa experience for every bath. While we can’t always go to the spa, I’m hoping to figure out a way to bring of the spa home to us. Has anyone ever bought an aftermarket shower attachment hose? I think having the hand held spray would be a big benefit at home, so any recommendations would be great.

If you have any other big dog bath time tips or tricks be sure to let me know!

Comments for Beach Bath and Beyond

  1. These are such GREAT photos and what a wonderful “spa” this is! Nice that the tub is UP so your back isn’t DOWN. And the drying cabinet – HAHAHA – couldn’t get Penny out huh? Bet it was COZY. I should think a hand-held spray attachment would be PERFECT for you at home….we don’t have one so can’t recommend but I’m sure someone has one and can!


  2. fredrieka says:

    one day I want to play at the beach; the closest I get is the pond..

  3. Victoria says:

    we bought shower head replacement w/a shower wand attached to it and its a life saver (although i wish the cord/pipe thingy was much longer so show for one w/a long one)- muff is not super excited about bath time but jumps in and lets me do it – she won’t let a dryer near her so its towel dry a lot and then keep her inside until she dries

  4. that’s a cool way to take a bath…. do they play music there? bet it’s Car wash LOL

  5. Nikitaland says:

    I wish we had a place like this around here! Both Nikita and Bella dislike bath time, but having a neat stall to bathe them in would be perfect. It’s hard to pick Nikita up and place her in the shower. That dryer box is awesome and a great invention! I do blow dry our dogs after their shower! I just love your dogs facial expressions – priceless!

  6. scarlybobs says:

    Wow, how cool is that?!

    Loved the pics, and the drying station box-thing is so awesome – do they do human-size ones?? 😀

  7. coastingnz says:

    We have a walk in shower – with door so once in the boys can’t escape – it is a slide shower so basically can be hand held and great to giving the kids a clean up. Both boys love being towel dried but aren’t keen on the noise of the hair dryer so I gave up that idea fairly early on. Love that dryer box though that is seriously cool!

  8. Elyse says:

    My dogs stay stinky.

    Actually, Duncan repels dirt and smelly stuff — I have no idea how I lucked out in that respect. Cooper on the other hand was the opposite. And we don’t use the bathtub — we do it outside, carting warm buckets of water to a most depressed dog .. I love the idea of a Roman bath for dogs!

  9. Alisa says:

    This sounds crazy, but we’ve never actually bathed either Samson or Roo! They have swam in a freshwater lake and we will wipe them off with a damp towel every so often, but never a real bath.

  10. We renovated our master bed/bath a few years ago and insisted on a walk in shower with a bench and a hand-held shower head. Works SOOOO much better. I’ve bought a few handhelds in the past and can’t vouch for any…none worked very well for us.

  11. erin116 says:

    I bough this one on amazon:

    Mayhem still hates her baths but I love the attachment and baths are so much easier and faster now.

  12. cdog5 says:

    I certainly understand about the beach and sand (Charlie LOVES the beach, but he’s an epic digger). Your dogs are so sweet — and photogenic, too! 🙂

  13. When my parents redid a bathroom of the house we lived in before moving to AZ, they put in a bench and a shower hose thing. Both worked out great when Cody got a bath in the middle of winter. In the summer, we just gave him a bath outside with the hose.

  14. dashlilly says:

    We have the pet shower sprayer that is pictured in one of the comments. I have it attached in the bathroom that is a tub/shower combo. Highly recommend it. Makes things so much easier for bath time. I think because he is so comfortable at home, Dash walks right in to the tub when I get things going! Lilly still needs coaxing.

  15. That’s quite the operation they’ve got there. I’m with Penny, that warm little booth looks cozy on a cold fall day.

  16. Emmadog says:

    In Germany we had the hand held attachment. Here we just have the shower or the tub faucet to put water in a cup and pour on us. It made bathing a real pain, so Mom bought a hose attachment thing and now we are in business. It is simple to install (even for Mom) and works great!

  17. pawedblog says:

    What a great idea… I don’t think we have those around here but they are definitely needed!! lol
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

  18. Great spa day but whee are not fans of this water torture you hoomans call a “bath” ^_^

  19. No! We cannot believe our eyes! We don’t have places like this in South Africa (thank dogness) mom is totally fascinated…us…not so much.
    Wally & Sammy

  20. Barbara Meriam says:

    Home Depot sells shower heads that have detachable sprayers and they are reasonably priced.

  21. Kyla says:

    So, what do they charge?

  22. What a great bath time. Love all the pictures.

  23. Shana and Hobbes says:

    We have always had handheld shower heads primarily because I am short and it makes rinsing my hair easier but it is also great for giving the pups a bath. Shower Massage makes a good one, but there are lots on the market and we have always gotten them at Home Depot.

  24. Oh how I envy that right now! The Puffs went to the groomer today and I need to bathe Mazie tomorrow. No groomer for my big girl because it is too stressful. I have to do the old fashion cup and faucet with me in the tub since she is afraid. Residual issues from her earlier abuse prior to me having her.

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