[VIDEO] Hope Springs Anew

You can never replace a dog, but you can always find a dog desperately in need of your love. My brother found that dog in his senior adoptee, Doc. In return, Doc has helped my brother rediscover his smile. I couldn’t be happier for them both.

Under The Weather

To kick off my 30th year on the planet, Mother Nature gifted me a vicious stomach virus. I spent a less than enjoyable day split between the bed and the couch. Luckily I had an in-house physician to look after me and a couple of diligent health aides happy to curl up and sleep the day away …

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The Nickname Game

A pet gets one name. Whether grabbing your pet’s attention or talking about your pet to someone else, one name is a very useful thing. But no one name could hope to encompass the personality of a pet. Enter the nickname! “Penny” was the first name I gave her but it certainly wasn’t the last I love …

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[VIDEO] Winter Baths

Eko and Penny do not like baths. Eko and Penny also do not like being cold. So baths in the cold of winter are pretty much their least favorite thing. Luckily, I’ve come up with a wintertime bath routine to help keep Eko and Penny clean, warm and content.

[VIDEO] Penny’s Security Blanket

Asleep, awake, full-speed or lounge-speed, Penny feels most comfortable with Eko by her side. It’s nice to have a big brother to look out for you. Especially when you’re a troublemaker. Here’s just a few of the ways Eko keeps an eye on Penny. Happy Friday!