A New Crop of Friends

Every winter, even a mild one like this, it seems the city goes into hibernation. And each spring, the first warm rays of spring begin to coax us back outdoors This pup, like any true Chicagoan, is leery winter may return Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to seeing more of our four-legged pals at the beach …

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Balance of Power

Eko and Penny engaged in a little sibling rivalry this weekend. “Hey, Penny. Bet I can balance more treats on my nose than you can. Winner keeps the treats.” “Treats? You’re one!” “We’ll start easy.” “No sweat, bro.” “How about three?” “All too easy.” “Alright, punk. Try five on for size.” “I’ll do you one …

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Space Race Chase Face

Today’s post is not about putting a man on the moon. The “space race” I’m talking about is the race to close the space between Penny and her partner when playing tag at the dog beach. And the “Chase Face?” Well those are the faces the partner makes when they realize Penny is winning the …

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[VIDEO] Dogs, The Bounty Hunters

Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago isn’t just about romps and wrestling. For the more industrious pups, there’s a fortune to make in treasure hunting! (I expect Discovery Channel to call any day now about making this into a reality show)

Small Dog, Big Lesson

Penny is smack dab in the middle of her “teenage” phase. Like most teenagers, Penny believes she knows everything and she believes she’s the coolest, toughest pup on the block. Pure teenage self-confidence At the dog beach, Penny’s teenage arrogance manifests as her setting the pace with her playmates. She charges, bounces, chases and struts on her …

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