Penny’s Back!

This photo pretty much sums up the two weeks of Penny’s recovery. It wasn’t easy, but we made it The great news is Penny has been paroled! My pup is free! And let me tell you, it is glorious for us all. I cleared my schedule for two hours for Penny’s triumphant return to Montrose …

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[VIDEO] Puppy Supernova

The past week wasn’t easy, but it sure wasn’t boring either. The great news is that we head into Memorial Day Weekend with a fully healthy and fully operational Penny. Here’s how we (just barely) made it. Have a great holiday weekend!

Born to Run

In yesterday’s post about on-leash running, I mentioned that Eko and Penny, like most dogs, were born to run. Off leash, that is.  Nothing makes me or the pups happier that a wild romp at the beach Unfortunately, due to a Canine Influenza outbreak, off leash time has been significantly reduced Walks, training runs and …

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[VIDEO] Canine Flu Season

As I’ve mentioned, Chicago’s in the middle of a Canine Influenza epidemic that’s affected over a thousand dogs. Luckily, Eko and Penny are not in that count and we’re working to keep it that way. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun though!

Canine Flu in Chicago

Spring is in swing here in Chicago. The rain melted all the snow and we’re starting to get beautiful and bright days again Unfortunately, Canine Influenza (CIV) is here too. Chicago is currently experiencing endemic levels of CIV. Of course I got the warning email from my vet right after a trip to the dog beach. It …

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