April Showers

Spring is in the air.  As are the seagulls Penny chases up and down the beach But spring is also on the ground and it’s a total mess. Melting snow and wet sand make for a dirty mix that’s a magnet for pups And with the shoreline open, the dogs kick up plenty of brackish water …

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[VIDEO] Hope Springs Anew

You can never replace a dog, but you can always find a dog desperately in need of your love. My brother found that dog in his senior adoptee, Doc. In return, Doc has helped my brother rediscover his smile. I couldn’t be happier for them both.

Take a Seat?

To sit or not to sit, that is the question. At least around here, anyway. For most people I imagine it’s a very simple, consequence free question, unworthy of much thought. With Eko and Penny around, the calculation is significantly more complex. Here’s the thing. The moment I sit on the couch, this is what …

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House Arrest

Where is Penny’s favorite place in the world? The beach, of course! Penny is happiest flying up and down the shoreline at full speed Regardless of season and regardless of weather, we head to the beach at bare minimum three times a week. The pups, especially Penny, need that playtime to stay happy. Like Michael Jordan, …

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[VIDEO] Living Love

Don’t believe the commercials – love isn’t about flowers or candy. It’s about the things you do with those you care for. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift than my blizzard day with Emily and the pups.

Crash Test Penny

While organizing photos over the weekend, I noticed an interesting trend in Penny’s development. Every puppy I know goes through a “Crash Test Dummy” phase where they crash everywhere and smash into everything. Penny is no exception For most pups this phase is exactly that – a phase. But the more photos I looked through, the …

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