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September 9, 2014

Dr. Seuss would love my dogs

Like the Cat in the Hat, I show up and people usually say, “Don’t you let him come near! You know what he did the last time he was here.” However, I like to believe that Mr. Hat and I are both just misunderstood entertainers who occasionally trash a house with
Like the Cat in the Hat, I show up and people usually say, “Don’t you let him come near! You know what he did the last time he was here.” However, I like to believe that Mr. Hat and I are both just misunderstood entertainers who occasionally trash a house with the help of a couple accomplices.9.1

Thing One and Thing Two

I recently realized that every time I give the dogs a bath, it’s pretty much the exact plot of The Cat in The Hat Comes Back.  First the pups make a mess of the bathtub and I have to clean that up. I dry the dogs as best I can, but they magically become sopping wet when they cross the threshold of the bathroom. Then the fun begins.


Penny jumps on the bed and rolls everywhere, so I have to wash my cover


Then she flops around on the couch, so I have to wipe that down


Eko likes to get dry by dragging himself along the length of the floor


Penny watches Eko’s technique


Then joins the wild rumpus herself


I promise you I THOROUGHLY dry them both beforehand, but short of a blow dryer it’s never enough


In The Cat in the Hat Comes Back it’s pink spots all over the house, here it’s water and dog hair

And so it goes, I try to keep up with the dogs and clean up the covers, cushions, rugs and furniture in their wake. Eventually with one final VOOM I manage to get the apartment in shape, usually right before Emily gets home.


All she sees are a couple calm, clean pups, quietly sleeping in a clean apartment

As I learned from the kids in the book, sometimes it’s best to keep quiet when Emily walks in, looks at the pups and says to those two, “Did you have any fun? / Tell me. What did you do?”

Comments for Dr. Seuss would love my dogs

  1. Victoria says:

    i so get that – when i give Muffin and Rigs a bath i really towel dry them and think they are pretty dry then they go out of the bathroom into the great room and shake and shimmy getting water and dog hair all over the place – but its worth it because they smell so good and look so pretty (for about 10 min -then we go outside)

  2. I’m sure he would… and he would write the cutest story ever :o)
    btw: you can use a sweat scraper ( with soft rubber edges) to remove the water after a bath, it works as great as on a horse s :o)

  3. Oh my I he behind a few weeks and Penny is nearly same size as Eko wow

  4. hahaha they are SO sweet! Sometimes i feel like mine (perma and fosters) have a bathtub personality and then .. a post bathtub personality. The former is characterized by resistance at first, then complete surrender (perma pup) to the point of making me feel like the worst mother in the world, yet not without a glint of mischief in those brown eyes. The latter is like you described.. mayhem. Doggie bath days are filled with chasing, drying (or so I think..), laundry and then my own shower which is usually the one that comes after the one that comes free with Doggie bath.

  5. Kyla says:

    Easiest is to omit the bath-just one dog’s opinion.

  6. fredrieka says:

    wow they are almost the same size, what have you been feeding penny?

  7. I’m happy I’m not the only one who has to contend with that deranged, demented behavior AFTER getting Cupcake dry inside the bathroom. Sometimes, I look around and think, “This house needs a good cleaning. I guess I’ll give Cupcake a bath…”

  8. squeeky clean and beautiful

  9. I’ve found it’s just easier for me to throw an old blanket on the floor and let them roll around and dry themselves off. I don’t have a dryer really strong enough for my cocker’s hair so I towel dry and let them loose.

  10. Emmadog says:

    At least they have the fur they do. My sisters and I take forever to get dry! The bathroom is a total wet, and hairy mess when we leave it to do zoomies around the house! I love Dr. Seuss and he would be loving this post!

  11. Thank heavens Sam has only had one bath in his life – when I brought him home from the shelter…..it was a bloody affair then and would be worse now I’m quite sure!!! I’d be four times wetter than he would be too. Anyway, love the photos – especially the one of Penny’s cute face up close! I think you’re wise not to get into too many details when Emily gets home after bath night…..just smile and say “it was a great day!”…..


  12. Cathy & Banjo says:

    I love the pic of Eko with the paw placed dramatically across his face! And by the way, how do you get his nails so perfect? He really has a beautiful paw-dicure!

  13. Awww what cute pigtures. Whee aren’t big fans of baths and more than once Mummy has had to grab us as whee leg it down the hallway!!


  14. Marcela says:

    Lol. Will you are a great dad and a wonderful partner. The pictures are so funny.

  15. As a fellow dog I see no problem with these beautiful pups’ behaviors. It sounds like the intelligent use of alternative drying methods to make up for an inadequate drying by their humans.

  16. Misaki says:

    I agree with Kyla: no bath = no problem 🙂

  17. I can’t help it, but I get as much joy out of how happy my girls are after a bath while they roll and rub themselves dry.

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