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January 16, 2013

Eko’s Book Club: The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs

    After a romp at the dog park or a run on the beach, you can usually find Eko sprawled out on the couch.  I often join him with whatever book I’m reading, and recently I picked up the perfect

After a romp at the dog park or a run on the beach, you can usually find Eko sprawled out on the couch.  I often join him with whatever book I’m reading, and recently I picked up the perfect book for anyone who loves dogs: The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs.

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Mixed in with the essays are some classic dog comics

Not surprisingly, a lot of great writing has been done about man’s best friend.  The Big Book Of Dogs includes work from contemporary writers like Malcolm Gladwell as well as 20th century big shots like Roald Dahl, John Updike and Arthur Miller.

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Eko will check out the photos and art with me Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

But it is lights out as soon as I start reading!  I think I inadvertently discovered a new way to get Eko to bed

The Big Book Of Dogs is packed with essays, stories, poems and photos that every dog-lover will, well, love! I highly recommend you check it out.

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Find out more about the book here

It’s going to take me a while to get through the Big Book, but I am always looking for reading suggestions.  Anyone have a favorite book about dogs or pets that I should pick up?

Comments for Eko’s Book Club: The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs

  1. I love the picts with you reading to Eko. There is a great reading program therapy dogs do with kids called READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) Boy did the kids love reading to Mohave and Kiva! Thanks for reminding me of what a great time we had! Maybe someday Pixie will become a therapy dog and we can once again join the working dogs!

  2. That looks like a great one! Dakota and I have reviewed a slew of dog books that are on the side bar of his blog if you want to go and check them out. There are MANY that we think were fabulous, too many to list here!

  3. Cheryl Mandell says:

    Have you read, The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein? If not, you will LOVE it! Not so much a book to read out loud to Eko (he may get some ideas AND there are some scary for dog sections). get that one next!!!!!

  4. Gizmo says:

    I’d say check out Karen and Dakota’s list for great suggestions…I recently won a copy of Rin Tin Tin: The Life & Legend. Reading it now and enjoying it a lot. I thought it was very interesting subject matter for the same authot who wrote The orchid Thief, one of my favorites. And I have just put The Big New Yorker book on my Amazon wishlist …thanks for the tip

  5. Boomdeeadda says:

    I like to read books with my eyes closed too Eko….it does take a while longer though 😉

  6. onebluedog says:

    That book looks great! I bet it has a lot of really good pictures!

    My mom got a book for Christmas called The Dangerous Book for Dogs by Rex and Sparky.I see her reading in and laughing a lot, but for some reason she will not read this book to me.

  7. Cindy says:

    How sweet that you read Eko a bed time story. LOL!

  8. I just found your blog while trying to find a dog on a cable car. Mr. Eko is great and I hope you don’t mind when I use him on AmosTravelingDog (Facebook) tomorrow, celebrating Cable Car Day. I produce a calendar every year about the TravelingDogs. You can check out a few of our trips on our blog’s sidebar: http://bicoastaltravelingdog.blogspot.com
    Check us out. I’ve added you to my daily read.

  9. Eko is very well behaved. When I try reading the paper, the cats come and sit on it.

  10. Jura says:

    Thanks for the recommendation – looks really good. An intense, more scientific read if you are interested is ‘In Defence of Dogs’ by John Bradshaw. More about the evolution of dogs and why they behave the way they do – de-bunks a lot of comparing them to wolves theory. Eko is very handsome!

  11. Sounds like a great book! Will have to check it out.

  12. Clowie says:

    That sounds an interesting book. It does look as though you’re reading Eko to sleep!

  13. Amy S says:

    Grrrrrr. My friends want ur blog sent to their emails. Duncan my dog nor even my cat or I can figure out how to do this. Grrrr. Eko tell will to write us and tell us

    Bright blessings from Amy & her companions Duncan dog & Kyndle kitty

  14. Nancy Jones says:

    Will have to check out that book. One I’m reading now is “All creatures great and small” by James Herriot. He has a series of these books. He was a.vet in Scotland & these books tell of his adventures.

  15. Duncanymama says:

    Believe it or not Dean Koontz wrote a dog book called
    Little Big Life

  16. Duncanymama says:

    Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone excellent fab bookkkkk.

  17. Marcela says:

    I am currently reading, You Tell Your Dog First by Alison Pace. She is funny and very entertaining. She reminds me of you:) Also another book I read was A dog Named Boo, but unlike the first book I suggested, this one will make you cry so make sure you have some kleenex close by:)

  18. Tracey Tate says:

    There is a series that is all Grimm the dogs perspective by Spencer Quinn. He works with a detective because he failed to pass his K9 class. As he says “I think it had something to do with a cat.”

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