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June 17, 2015

Everyone’s Favorite Question

When you have a pet, you usually hear one question over and over again. For people with Great Danes there are inevitable questions about saddles, and you better believe people with Rough Collies are still asked if their pup starred in Lassie. For Rhodesian Ridgebacks, I am often asked about the
When you have a pet, you usually hear one question over and over again. For people with Great Danes there are inevitable questions about saddles, and you better believe people with Rough Collies are still asked if their pup starred in Lassie. For Rhodesian Ridgebacks, I am often asked about the ridge of hair running the opposite way along my pups’ backs. Some people think I love Mr. T and shave the ridge into them, others think the ridge is a scar. My favorite theory came from one kid who was certain the ridge must be just like the one a stegosaurus has. But despite her prominent ridge, I think there is one question I get about Penny more than any other.Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, montrose dog beach, chicago, adventure

Whether from people at sea

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, montrose dog beach, chicago, adventure

Or those watching her on land

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, montrose dog beach, chicago, adventure

Penny inspires everyone to ask the same thing

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, montrose dog beach, chicago, adventure

I suspect most dogs would also have the same question, which is… Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, montrose dog beach, chicago, adventure

“So, is she always this crazy?”

To which I truthfully reply, “Of course not! Penny’s only like this when she’s awake.”

No matter what kind of pet you have, I’m sure there’s a specific question you get asked over and over again based on their look or personality. No doubt many of them will be good for a laugh, so be sure to share!

Comments for Everyone’s Favorite Question

  1. We are ALWAYS asked one of two things: 1-what kind of dog Sammie is (reply: GSD) and 2-what she’s mixed with (reply: We don’t know if she is mixed with anything since we got her from the shelter and she meets all the breed standards).

    “But she’s so small!”
    “But she’s so stocky!”
    “But her head is so square!”
    “But she’s so red!”

  2. Victoria says:

    yes with Muffin its “what kind of dog is that -she is so big” and i always say she is a newf and small size for a newf and with Rigby, surprisingly its also “what kind of dog is that -he is so pretty” and with Rigs of course its a toss up – i can tell them he is half St Bernard/half beagle like the shelter told me or just say i don’t know – truth is he looks like a big brindle australian shepherd but either way he and muffin are just my gorgeous little babies (babies to me – huge dogs to everyone else)

  3. hahahaha… that’s a great answer!!! the funniest question about Easy was: oh you have a Staffie now?… well the question is not that biggie… but we where asked by our VET! (he looked out of the window as we came to his crib the first time and he saw Easy just for a second)

  4. Elyse says:

    We get a lot of “what kind of dog is he” with Duncan. He is quite uniquely colored.

    The most frustrating was with our Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie. Everybody asked if he was a St. Bernard. When we were planning to move to Switzerland, we joked that at least there folks would know one Swiss dog from another. But the first question we got about Charlie at the airport was “Is that a St Bernard?” Sigh.

  5. Once, in regards to Scooter, we were asked by someone- “Is that a fox, or a dog???” 😀

  6. harrispen says:

    We get almost the same question about Walter. He is a very high energy pup too.

  7. Kismet says:

    The long answer is “yes”. Speaking about questions, He was walking Kyla the Scottie and Kenzie the Westie and was asked if the dogs were the same breed. “Not only that, they’re identical twins”.

  8. Phyllis says:

    Your post was really funny today, made me laugh.

  9. audrey says:

    Loved the first picture, the look on that guy’s face was like, “What is that?” How funny that Penny just ‘pop up’ out of the water! You certainly know how to pamper your pooch.

  10. Jan & Rusty says:

    My favorite wasn’t really a question. A young mother told her kids, “oh, look, a baby Airedale!” I couldn’t let it go. I said no, actually he’s a grown Welsh Terrier. She just gave me a if-looks-could-kill look and walked away. Rusty was oblivious to the insult. He just wanted to play with her kids.

  11. Ellen Quilty says:

    Yes I also often get asked if Nikki’s ridge is a scar.I also get asked if she is scared,aggressive or nervous because people think her hackles are up.I always say no and that she is a Certified Therapy Dog who visits patients in nursing homes and hospitals and therefore is none of the above.People are always nice when they interact with her and are genuinely curious and she enjoys the attention.

  12. You take the most gorgeous photos! What kind of camera do you use? But back on topic. 🙂
    I get asked a lot if Dante is a boxer. He’s actually a boxer mix. One time I had a lady approach him and say, “What a gorgeous boxer!” She was cooing, giving kisses, and loving on him until I said, “Actually he’s a boxer bully mix.” She said, “You mean a pit bull?” Upon which she recoiled in horror and left… 🙁 SO sad..
    I get people asking about Ziva too, whether she’s a “Pit Bull” i’m always correcting people telling them she’s actually an American Pit Bull Terrier and then if they’re interested in the conversation I like to talk about how their is actually no such breed as a pit bull. LoL Lots of people think she’s a mix or a puppy because she’s so small.

    On a good note though, we’ve changed lots of peoples minds regarding bullies because of how well mannered my pups are! Ziva of course is such a lover, Dante is my goofy boy, he loves everyone and everything but he can wiggle a bit uncontrollably with that boxer butt of his so I have to make sure he doesn’t get to wound up when greeting new people!

  13. raisingdaisy says:

    LOL That’s a very appropriate question for a dog with uber-personality like Penny! We love her and think she’s just about the most fun dog ever. 🙂 We get a one-two shot question series about Daisy ALWAYS from everyone: (1) Is she part poodle? Followed immediately by (2) What’s a Havachon?? Someday the world will understand… 😉

  14. Wendy says:

    Ah, Lassie. Must still be the most famous dog in the world. We Sheltie owner’s get the longer conversation… Is that a Collie? – No… Oh, is it a miniature Collie? – There’s actually no such thing as a miniature Collie, he’s a Shetland Sheepdog… Oh, he’s lovely. You must have to spend so much time brushing him… And so forth. Shelties aren’t very common in Australia so I’m happy to play educator and prolong the patting for the poor, love-starved dog (I’m pretty sure pitiful and love-starved is the vibe Curdie goes for in these interactions). You certainly get to talk to a lot of people when you’re in the entourage of a gorgeous dog!

    Love the pictures of Penny as the Loch Ness monster!

  15. Emmadog says:

    People are always amazed at how mellow and calm I am, and they can’t believe what a friendly, gentle dog Bailie is. Katie is always calm too. I guess every home needs a wild child like Penny and Bailie.

  16. coastingnz says:

    Fantastic pics Will. So we have Nico – our Dalmatian, yes spotty – so most commonly asked question….. “is he a dalmatian” – OR “what is he” – really?????!!!!!!
    When I had my Jeddyboy (liver GSP) was the best though, walking through a garden park and a lady came up and says “nice weimaraner” – I said he is a German Short-haired Pointer – no he isn’t she says to me (What!!!!) – the conversation went back and forth. so then she says “I’m a breeder and you don’t get plain liver coloured GSPs” – so I said well you need to check back through history and other breeders cos I have his breeding papers and he is a GSP – his mother was liver and his father speckled. She stormed off in a huff (turns out she’s only had one litter – not really a breeder!). Another lady came up behind me, patting Jeddyboy and she’d heard the whole conversation and couldn’t believe this woman was arguing with me over what breed my OWN dog was. Is funny to look back on now but at the time…..

  17. Kim S (nerdgrl) says:

    Early in her life, Steffi (in her requisite mini Schnauzer cut) and I were at the vet’s office, and a little girl heard me call her Steffi. She looked at Steffi, looked at her mom, looked at Steffi again and said, “But Mommy, how can she be a girl dog if she’s got a beard??” Gotta love those Schnauzer beards!

    Our new little one (another mini Schnauzer) comes home to us on the 28th (exactly a year after we lost Steffi to the Rainbow Bridge.) We can’t wait. I’m sure Amara will have many traits we’ll laugh about as we get to know her.

  18. The local kids call my shetland sheepdog Little Lassie! LOL She does look like a miniature Lassie. Ellie

  19. Dakota is a Shetland Sheepdog and I am ALWAYS asked if he is a Collie. Uh, noooooo….they are completely different breeds.

  20. I have a crazy boy just like Penny and love him. People ask me when he is going to grow up….ah never!

  21. T&S says:

    About the ridge… people ask me are my dogs mad about something? I think they dont realize that the ridge is permanent on them 😉

    Nice photos 😉

  22. Hahaha, yes, she is always this crazy 😛

  23. BOL! One person’s crazy is another person’s adorableness. Love that Penny girl.

  24. Boomdeeadda says:

    LOL, ‘only when she’s awake’ . Good one Will. I’m going remember that one when someone asked me about Jim, ha!

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