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February 19, 2013

Growing Pains

Yesterday I received so many nice comments on Eko’s birthday post.  We appreciated all the well wishes and compliments – but luckily I also have people in my life who keep me grounded.  Family and close friends were quick to remind me that I left out an important

Yesterday I received so many nice comments on Eko’s birthday post.  We appreciated all the well wishes and compliments – but luckily I also have people in my life who keep me grounded.  Family and close friends were quick to remind me that I left out an important era of the past two years – Eko’s trouble making phase!

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy

“Trouble maker?  Little old me…never!”

And so in fairness to history, I humbly submit just a few acts of Eko’s storied career as a knuckle head.

pet adventure

For a couple months, Eko went through a period where he considered being a cobbler.  He was happy to resize your shoes – as long as you wanted them a size smaller, that is

pet blogThe zoomgroom brush is one of the few survivors from Eko’s “Hey, I bet you I can chew through everything you own” phase pet adventure

Eko also briefly dabbled in woodworking

There, the truth is out!  But of course as we all know, pets are about much more than just the cute times.  We may lose shoes, brushes or even doors, but the perspective we gain about what is important in life in invaluable!


Comments for Growing Pains

  1. onebluedog says:

    Well, everypup makes a mistake once in a while 😉

  2. Tiffany F. says:

    Happy belated birthday, Eko!

  3. Woodworking… I think that’s a phase that every dog goes through… at least mine did!

  4. Daisy says:

    Haha I like your perspective Will! Eko sure has tried some interesting careers in his short 2 years – what would you consider his profession now? 😉

  5. kdkh says:

    But of course! If your drywall is intact, you’re doing well! Happy birthday!

  6. Gizmo says:

    Take all the shoes and brushes and doors and stack them up against the adventures you have and the love you and Eko share and clearly there’s no contest

  7. taylorjen says:

    I bet Eko had a good explanation for all: leaf eating- “I want to impress Emily with my more sensible/vegetarian side.” shoe chewing- “Bare paw and fancy free is the way to be! I will generously lend you my Grip Trex anytime…” zoom groom- ” just trying to zoom groom my teeth for that perfect clean. Happy?”door scratching- “Shoot- I thought that glass nob was a push button. Then I tried to open the door using my IPAD skills. Well, at least I’ve added a richer antiqued look to the room. Hope u like it ” 🙂

  8. writetowag says:

    Uh oh!!!! Poor Emily…I hope that wasn’t one of her favorite pairs of shoes :-(!!!! She deserves ultra special love for that one…I know that nothing is sacred when a puppy is involved…everything must taste amazing!!!! It truly is an adventure…for all the things they “tattoo” with their teeth, they “tattoo” more love on our hearts!!!! Eko, don’t loose heart, we still love you buddy!!!!

  9. catchatcaren says:

    YAY!!!!! Eko is normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He and Dakota share a love of “woodworking” and chewing!!!

  10. Hilarious!! I’m sure all dog owners can relate.

    My dog went through an “exotic foods chef” phase wherein he proceeded to eat his own and his dog-cousin’s shit. His shit breath (literally…) would induce vomit like no other smell could.

  11. Jessica says:

    This post reminds me of the reason why Jeremy and I had to buy new area rugs during the time we were potty training Taylor!! 😉 But I totally agree with your last statement…I have become a better human being since becoming a dog parent! Besides, our old area rugs were bought at a REALLY cheap price from Walmart…did not shed a tear when we trashed them! 😉

  12. Emma says:

    Oh come on, I am sure he was not much trouble! I know I was an ideal puppy, NEVER was naughty…mom says that as time passes she remembers less and less about any trouble I caused, and it was all worth it anyway!

  13. sethsnap says:

    Love marks we call em. 🙂

  14. Boomdeeadda says:

    Truth be told, we all have some naughtiness we’d rather sweep under the carpets. GUILTY! ha. Your door reminds me of a bannister the monsters…err I mean kitties carved up just before we listed our house. Nothing like sanding and re-staining woodwork in a panic and tears…..moving is stressful LOL.

  15. Cindy says:

    Oh the stories I could tell…25 years of being owned by dogs and never a dull moment. Especially when they are pups. Unfortunately for Millie I am blogging now so anything she does is fodder for the blog…remember my post “The last of `The last of the Mohicans`”? I do hope she doesn’t present me with more destruction though 😉

  16. Jorie says:

    Aw, happy birthday to the now very mature and well-mannered Eko!

  17. Clowie says:

    I hope you had a lovely birthday, Eko! I can see those things needed chewing!

  18. We all have our moments, but its the good times that really count:-)

  19. dailyspro says:

    haha, we’ve all been there. I had a woodworker too!

  20. Yep, those chewing days come but that is a very small price to pay for what those sweeties give to us day after day after day for years. Eko your woodworking we think looks quite fashionable. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. Utter rubbish!! That cute little face could never have done those things.

  22. Eleenie says:

    Nice woodwork, wow he’s talented! 😉

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