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February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Eko!

Today is Eko’s third birthday.  The past three years of my life have been the most exciting, fun and adventurous years of my life.  Coincidence? I think not.  We invited Riley over to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately the lackwit Master of Ceremonies purchased a

Today is Eko’s third birthday.  The past three years of my life have been the most exciting, fun and adventurous years of my life.  Coincidence? I think not.  We invited Riley over to celebrate the occasion.

Unfortunately the lackwit Master of Ceremonies purchased a birthday hat that was just a bit too large for the (displeased) birthday boy

Ok, maybe way too large.  But it did kind of make Eko look like Michael Jackson

After a quick wardrobe change, it was time to go bobbing for treats.

Eko was quite focused for this portion of the ceremonies

And he wasted little time knocking out the candle


The birthday boy happily gobbled up a few treats with his vacuum tongue 

I thought it would be nice to take a photo with the birthday candle but Eko thought it would be nice to try to take a bite out of it first

Here’s to three incredible years and here’s to many more!

Comments for Happy Birthday Eko!

  1. Emma says:

    Happy Birthday, Eko. I think with three, you officially an adult dog! Welcome to the club, party it up good, and have some extra treats for me!

  2. Aud says:

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Mr. Eko!! Your daddy certainly knows how to give you a pawty, Will, thanks for sharing Eko’s birthday with us!! Wishing many, any more birthdays to come! Did you guys see the ridgeback competing in Westminster show this year? Sign Eko up for next year’s show.

  3. scarlybobs says:

    Happy Birthday Eko!! Looks like you have had lots of fun 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday, buddy! Bobbing for treats may be my favorite new game! Looks like fun, especially when your tongue is like a huge slice of baloney.

    Love and birthday licks,

  5. Happy birthday, Eko! May you have many many more years and love and happiness with your family!

  6. Bongo says:

    Happy Birthday Eko! I wish I could have made it to your pawty, but my person wouldn’t take me to the airport so I could get on a plane. Looks like you had a great time.

  7. Happy Birthday buddy, it looks like you’re having an amazing day!

  8. Happy Birthday Eko!! I love that oversized hat on you – you look quite the centerpiece! 😉 Here’s to many, many more years of fun with Will! 😀

  9. stevebuddy says:

    Happy Birthday Eko !
    The Big 3 !
    That’s great Will that you had a party for Eko, bet you guys are going to have some fun today with all this snow we are getting now ?
    We have whiteout conditions out here in the west burbs.
    Well hope Eko has the time of his life today, again have a great and happy birthday Eko !

  10. Marcela says:

    Happy birthday you handsome Eko and many, many more to come. Will, I am so glad you celebrate Eko’s birthday. You are such a cool dad.

  11. My Facebook post today:

    One of my favorite reads every day. Mr. Eko from Chicago, turns 3 today. One of my latest additions to the TravelingDog Calendar. I was so hoping to meet him at the beach along Lake Michigan while we were starting our Route 66 trip back to CA, but his human Will took him for a road trip to New Jersey at the same time. Maybe the next road trip we’ll cross paths. Happy Birthday, Eko!

    Will, Congrats to you and Emily, too. You can see Mr. Eko’s calendar square on my post if you do Facebook. Cheers!

  12. Elyse says:

    Happy Birthday, Eko! May you always be an adorable scamp!

  13. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS EKO!!!!!! We can’t begin to tell you enough how you brighten our day!!!! Here’s to a zillion more years!!!!! Much love from all of us!

  14. Awww hope you had a wonderful birthday Eko! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  15. Liz says:

    Happy Birthday Eko!!! And hoping many more to come.

  16. Marcela says:

    Will, I forgot to ask you about the adorable puppy next to Eko. What breed is he/she? Another cutie pie:-)

  17. Wow! What a nice pawty sweet Eko. Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoyed your day to the fullest! Love the pics. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. eldogerino says:

    Happy birthday Eko!!! And we wish you many more to come .

  19. Hope you had a blast Eko!

  20. Happy Birthday you wonderful puppy .

  21. sisubeads says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy! You are a very special pup and Fiona, Lapsi, Kimi and I wish you a fun filled year!

  22. sisubeads says:

    Happy Birthday, Fiona, Lapsi, Kimi and I wish you a fun filled year!

  23. Happy birthday, Eko!! Did you get all the presents you wanted??

  24. Happy, Happy Birthday Eko!! We look forward to tons of new adventures and stories!
    Wally & Sammy

  25. terrimm says:

    Have an awesome third birthday Eko! 😀

  26. Happy Birthday Eko! 😀

  27. Happy Birthday dear Eko. To be three is a great thingy, you can order a beer in a bar now and you can have your driver license, cool huh?

  28. Happy birthday, Eko! The best is yet to come.

  29. Misaki says:

    Happy happy birthday Eko! Looks like you got lots of lovely treats 🙂

  30. Dottie and Tuffy-Cat says:

    LOL. Riley looks like the old grandpa at the kids birthday party; and, Eko is totally ignoring him. Well, heck, you only turn 3 once. Best wishes to you both, and many, many more.
    Tuffy-Cat and his “provider”.

  31. Think you’ll have to investigate edible candles 😉

  32. pawedblog says:

    Aww Happy Birthday Eko! Your party looks just brilliant!
    Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  33. Clowie says:

    I can see you had a wonderful time, Eko!

  34. Happy Birthday Eko!! What a great adventure you’re all having and whee are loving following you every step of the way ^_^

  35. hahaha he holds the little pup like a chewing bone lol Happy happy Birthday Mr. Eko, you are the best gift of your birthday table efurry year :o) btw: today is fat tuesday and it’s your birthday…. that screams for a cake or a steak with all zip&zap .o)

  36. HBE! I feel as though I know you so please let Will know he is doing a great job.

  37. HAPPY HAPPY EKO!!!! It is my wish that ALL dogs in the world, would know the unconditional and devoted love that you have for Eko (and Penny too), and that they have for you. You are a genius at what you do. Mostly, because it is evident that you have a heart of gold, you are not full of yourself (and you easily COULD be), and you are SUPREMELY TALENTED and GIFTED!
    Eko is one lucky pup to have been chosen by you………and you are lucky to have chosen such a WONDERFUL and easy-going and FUN (as well as handsome) PUP!!
    You are both Aquarians!!! Love it!
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EKO!!!! We heart you…………
    Will, your blog is our favorite dog blog, PAWS DOWN………….
    Sending much love to your entire pack!

  38. KarenS says:

    Happy birthday Eko!!

    From silly puppy to big brother, and loyal friend. This is why we bring these creatures into our lives. Watching it all. I know I enjoyed watching my boys morph into who they are & remember so much puppy silliness. Love all the stages in their lives.

  39. dashlilly says:

    Happy Birthday Eko! I love this post. I so agree with your sentiment about bringing Eko into your life. When I brought Dash home, he changed my life in so many wonderful ways it’s hard to name them. Then Lilly came along, and whoa buddy, hold onto your hat…Happy Birthday Eko!!

  40. Happy birthday, Eko! Make sure you get lots of loves and cuddles on your special day. Wait, what am I thinking? You deserve those EVERY day!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, Eko. You bring joy and happiness to lots of people all around the world! Happy happy!

  41. Liz says:

    Happy Birthday Eko and many more to come. Love all the times you have shared with us.

  42. cdog5 says:

    Happy birthday, Eko — hope you have a great one! (And congratulations to you, Will, for bringing Eko into your family!)

  43. coastingnz says:

    Happy birthday Eko. Love seeing him from puppy to now – you do forget don’t you, hard to believe they were ever that small. Lots more adventures ahead for you all – discoveries to be made but in mind and in the outdoors so enjoy. Birthday snuggles to the birthday boy.

  44. Happy Birthday Eko and many, many more!

  45. Kismet says:

    Four years of chewed shoes?

  46. sisubeads says:

    Happy Birthday Eko, sending you big kisses! xoxo Gina, Fiona, Lapsi and kimi

  47. Elyse says:

    Happy Birthday Eko! And it is so nice to hear that he was obstinate as a puppy. Not that I know any other obstinate puppies …

  48. scarlybobs says:


    I know what you mean about not believe a pup’s age – Kasper’s gonna be *five* this May…how did that happen?! 🙂

  49. ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░ (¯”•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•”¯) ░B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪ Best Birthday Wishes to Eko and many happy returns. P.S. Don’t let Ms. Penny eat all the celebratory cake.

  50. Ellen Quilty says:

    What a lovely tribute.Happy Birthday Eko.

  51. T&S says:

    Happy Birthday Eko from all of us and we wish you a lot more adventures to come 🙂

    He was so sweet as a puppy and he is one fine gentleman now 🙂

  52. Happy birthday, Eko!! Did he get a pupcake?? He certainly deserves one after having Penny as a little sister.

  53. Happy Birthday Eko! Welcome to the Fabulous Fours – it’s a great age! 😀

  54. Happy Birthday to your buddy, your pal, your partner in crime, and the part-time trainer of your SECOND “challenge”, Penny! Here’s to MANY more adventures with both of them as your family grows…….we love “being along for the ride” !!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  55. Lori says:

    Happy Birthday Eko

  56. Eve says:

    Happy Birthday EKO! Hope you got to enjoy it outdoors and I want to tell you & Will that I have loved your posts since I found it. Keep Healthy in the Chilly Weather!

  57. Emmadog says:

    Happy Birthday, Eko! Hope you are having a wonderful day filled with fun, food, and love! Can’t wait to see what adventures you have with four!

  58. Oh, yay! Happy birthday, buddy! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  59. OhMelvin says:

    Just love your love story! Happy Birthday, Eko!!

  60. fredrieka says:

    Whoot woof get diggy today

  61. anateresa says:

    Happy birthday, Eko! Lovely dog. My Rr Mel will make 3 next august. She is completly foolish and always running away with my things … but she is wonderfull and makes me very happy

  62. These are sweet heartwarming pics of your pups. 🙂

  63. Marcela says:

    Happy birthday handsome Eko:-)

  64. Happy Birthday Eko! 😀

  65. Shalini says:

    Happy Birthday Eko 🙂 <3 Kahlua was born 2 days before you (or that is the day I decided he was born based on his adoptiversary and approximate age at the time of adoption 🙂 )
    You have clearly made Will SO happy 🙂 I can totally related to the last paragraph he has written, and it also made me cry a little. I wish you MANY more happy years together and tonnes of happiness!
    You're 28 today, and next year you'll be 35 🙂 You get to skip 30!!

  66. Sweet Eko, I missed your birthday by a few days but I still want to wish you a happy day. I hope there were lots of treats and lots of playtime and of course naps!

  67. Happy Birthday Eko, what a great journey in live you are having.

  68. Happy Belated Birthday Eko!!!!!

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