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March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday, Penny Mayhem!

Penny, like time, flies when having fun. So it’s no surprise I’ve lived the past two years of my life flying at top speed. Two years ago this past Saturday, planet Earth welcomed mischief incarnate into existence. Who could have guessed so much trouble would fit in such a cute
Penny, like time, flies when having fun. So it’s no surprise I’ve lived the past two years of my life flying at top speed. Two years ago this past Saturday, planet Earth welcomed mischief incarnate into existence. Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, blog, chicago, adventure

Who could have guessed so much trouble would fit in such a cute package?

When we welcome a new pet home we’re met with a familiar chorus of worries. Will they be healthy? Will they be happy? Will they be okay?

As it turned out, the real worry for Penny was will the rest of us be okay!?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, blog, chicago, adventure

Since her first day home, Penny’s been high-velocity fun

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, blog, chicago, adventure

And she hasn’t lost an ounce of speed

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, blog, chicago, adventure

My Mischief in Chief may not have that goofy puppy face anymore

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, blog, chicago, adventure

But those eager eyes will always have that familiar glint

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, blog, chicago, adventure

So here’s to two full-throttle years of fun with Miss Wild Child

Happy birthday, Penny Mayhem!

Comments for Happy Birthday, Penny Mayhem!

  1. Happy Birthday dear Penny! You are the bestest addition to your family… many thanks to your breeder for raising such a fabulous pup… and many thanks to you for two years of funny adventures… we hope for much more :o)

  2. Eve says:

    Happy Birthday to Penny!! May she have a fun filled birthday!

  3. Pat says:

    Happy Birthday, Penny. May your dervish never lose it’s whirl!

  4. Happy Birthday Penny! Such a cute, innocent puppy has turned into a bundle of trouble that we all love. And are very grateful she found Will. If I had Penny and Khoi in the same house, I would have to be heavily medicated.

  5. Happy birthday, Penny! May you always have that fire in you that keeps Will, Emily, and Eko on their toes 🙂 *ear licks* Noodle

  6. Jesse says:

    Happy Birthday Penny!

  7. She’s already TWO? Happy birthday! And slow down. Seriously. (May not happen.)

  8. Emmadog says:

    Holy bully sticks! Can’t believe she is already two! Had I known, I would have sent Bailie to Chicago to tear up the town with Penny. Bailie hasn’t lost any steam either and is approaching 3 in 3 months! Hope you had a great birthday, Penny!

  9. Stef says:

    Happy Birthday Penny! Keep on TRUCKIN’ baby!!!

  10. Happy birthday, P. I hope you had treats, toys, playtime, and a nice long run to celebrate!

    Love and licks,

  11. htgerman says:

    Happy birthday, sweet Penny! Have lots of fun and keep those humans on their toes 🙂

  12. Jan & Rusty says:

    Happy Birthday, Penny!! Two years old already!!?? What an exciting two years it has been. Thanks again, Will, for sharing Penny (and Eko) with us everyday. Rusty and I look forward to all of your adventures. Well .. I do. Sometimes Rusty gets distracted by a squirrel.

  13. KarenS says:

    She has that look of “I just can’t help myself”. I love that face

    There will come that time when she will slow down some, but still show that happy wild child personality that keeps you laughing. Happy birthday Miss Wild Child.

  14. Elyse says:

    Happy Birthday Penny! You are now a grown up dog and are no longer allowed to be a crazy girl. At least I’m telling Duncan that, cause he hits the big TWO at the end of April. No more sock chewing for that boy!

  15. Kismet says:

    You’re really in for i now. She started the “terrible two’s”.

  16. Ellen Quilty says:

    Happy Birthday sweetie!

  17. coastingnz says:

    Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday Miss Mayhem Penny. I know that you will have a great day and be very spoiled by your very loving family. Sending you huge NZ hugs and snuggles.

  18. Connie Taylor says:

    It’s all those “Penny” pups that keeps our life interesting. Our Bentley will be two later this year and she has slowed down by at least a half-second ⏱in the past few days. I hope Penny has a great day with her family, and gets a special “twofer” dinner and cake tonight

  19. That’s our girl!!!!!! We love that power-packed, mischief-packed Aries girl who has a mind of her own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Penny ROCKS!!! Happy Happy Birthday Ms.Feisty!!!!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Zoom, zoom.
    ♪ღ♪* Happy*•♪ღ♪★ Birthday, Ms. Penny. ☆

  21. Donna says:

    I believe you got Penny the same time I got my Tornado Axel. Before Axel, I had a black lab (Andy) for 14 years. He was THE most laid back, gentle, easy going dog I have ever seen, met, or known about. People would knock on my door and never know there was a 70lb black lab in the house. He would even play with his friend, a 5 lb chihauhau, all the while lifting his Paws so as not to step on her. So when he passed, I wanted another black lab….enter Axel. Everything that Andy was…..Axel is not. 🙂 Axel is wide open, dramatic, hyper, vocal to the extreme, zooms in the house, and full of it. He turned 2 yrs old 3 weeks ago and so far, I can’t tell any difference. ….sorry to break that to you. But you know what? He adores me, loves me unconditional, and has my heart. Just like Penny has got you….and neither one of us would change a thing. Happy Birthday Penny…keep it up girl! You will keep Daddy young, fit, and on his toes well past his prime. Good girl!

  22. Two years, really, seems just like yesterday you were a wee little tot. Happy Birthday!

  23. Jo Rhodes says:

    Happy birthday Penny! Aries fire dog says it all. You are so loved!
    Leave the roof on it’ll keep out the rain and keep the fireplace working.
    Jo, Sam and Dean

  24. Ogee says:

    Happy birthday, Penny! Still cute as a button are you!

  25. Penny we hope your birthday was SUPER EXTRA special…..you have brought a lot of “energy” to your home and family and I know Eko will stay young longer because you’re keeping him so active and “on his paws” !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ONE SPOILED CAT TO ONE SPOILED PENNY!

    Love, Sammy

  26. Ana says:

    Happy birthday, sweet Penny! You are so beautifull!

  27. Happy Birthday Pretty Lil Penny!!

  28. dogdaz says:

    Kings and Queens and Princes too. Want to wish the best to you. So wishday, washday, today is your birthday – happy birthday tooooo yoouuuu. And mannnny moooooore – Your friends at DogDaz Zoo – Louise, Sofie Bear, Noel (the Christmas Cat), Nine, Stella, and Mini Cooper

  29. fran godwin says:

    Happy belated birthday Penny, u r so precious n deserve the best sweet girl. Thank u for being born n in our lives. Love u n eko

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