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October 23, 2012

Has Your Dog Done These Fifty Things?

I’m always looking around for new additions to the Marking Our Territory Bucket List.  Recently I found an article in the UK’s Telegraph that listed fifty experiences every dog should have and I thought it would be good to see how Eko’s experiences stacked up so far.  I crossed
I’m always looking around for new additions to the Marking Our Territory Bucket List.  Recently I found an article in the UK’s Telegraph that listed fifty experiences every dog should have and I thought it would be good to see how Eko’s experiences stacked up so far.  I crossed off the numbers of the ones Eko has taken care of and I included some of my favorite photos along the way.  Check out the list below and let me know what you think of it.  Also, if you are British we need your help understanding a few of these!
1. Flop down in front of a morning fire

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

You rang?

2. Go for a swim in the sea

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

Eko right before he abandoned ship for a swim in the Atlantic

3. Go mad in the snow – Yup! Video evidence here.
4. Dig up a flower bed – Luckily Eko has never made a break for it and torn up a flower bed.  Hope to keep it that way!
5. Do the ‘Beethoven’ shake and soak everyone around you – Every. single. bath.

6. Have your own spot on the sofa

pet adventure, rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog


7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride

rhodesian ridgeback, pet blog, dog adventure

Oh yeah!

8. Attend a family picnic – Eko has always been a friendly pup, but one of the ways I socialized him was bringing him along to summertime family parties.  He’s always welcome…now that I think about it, Eko is probably the only reason I still get invited to family gatherings. 9. Help your owner bad a date – Hey, Brits!  Is this some kind of typo here, or does “bad a date” mean something to you guys?  It sounds like something Hugh Grant would say in a romantic comedy, so I can’t be sure it’s a typo.  Let me know! 10. Cheer your owner up when they are down 

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

A hug a day keeps bad feelings away

11. Visit a different continent – Now this is one we need to add to our list!  Gotta dream big. 12. Roll around in a really stinky, muddy puddle – Yup.  Eko thought more of it as a really awesome, fun, splash maker. 13. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes – I don’t think you can officially be a dog until you ruin your first pair of your human’s favorite shoes. 14. Sleep in your owners bed 

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

Sometimes he forgets to leave room for me!

15. Wake your owner with a big wet sloppy kiss

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

“Morning, Will!”

16. Chase a cat during a dream – It’s the best part of watching him sleep!  His feet twitch and he sleep barks like crazy. 17. Learn the word for ‘sit’ in another language – I taught Eko a little Spanish while we traveled along the Mexican border 18. Join in a football game in the park – This list is certainly not referring to American football.  Regardless, Eko has played every game of every sport with a ball.  In fact, I still owe my friend a kickball after Eko played a little bit too hard! 19. Meet a famous dog

rhodesiand ridgeback, dog adventure

At the National Dog Show we got to meet Eli, a famous 9/11 therapy dog

20. Try your paws at dancing – Another one for our list. 21. Convince your owner you can howl English words – A couple times I’ve sworn that I could hear Eko whine “coommme onnnn” when he was hungry… 22. Get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath – Another requirement for all dogs. 23. Howl along with your favorite song – Eko doesn’t usually howl, but he wailed along with this harmonica player. 24. Ride in an open top car – Not yet. 25. Learn to skateboard – Already on our list!  We’re working on it. 26. Have a personalized Christmas stocking – Another one to take care of. 27. Show the postman who’s boss – Can’t we all just get along? 28. Be a ring bearer at a wedding –  Easyyy.  We can kick this one down the road. 29. Try to follow a squirrel up a tree – What’s the fun of being a dog if you don’t rip out your human’s shoulder while chasing after a squirrel. 30. Go to work with your owner

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

Another day at the office

31. Have your own social media page – Yup, check it out here. 32. Bound through a forest 33. Have a personalized kennel –  Nope, but Eko can’t read that well, so I don’t think he minds.

34. Go on a boat and get your sea legs

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

Ready for adventure on land or sea

35. Play frisbee on the beach

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

A little frisbee and a lot of romping – Eko loves nothing more than a trip to the beach

36. Receive your own birthday card

rhodesian ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko had a rocking birthday in Memphis

37. Steal someone’s lunch when they’re not looking – Never!  Well… he may have tried when he was a puppy, but luckily I always caught him.  I think.

38. Watch an entire episode of ‘The Washing Machine’ –  British people, you’re up!  What the heck is The Washing Machine? 39. Eat doggy ice cream

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

Frosty Paws are Eko’s favorite!

40. Create a diversion and steal another dog’s dinner – My mom’s dog, Scout, has fallen victim to Eko’s thievery more than once. 41. Rug a doggy marathon – Not sure what this one is exactly.  Any ideas? 42. Receive a doggy birthday cake – Guess I know what I’m getting Eko in February. 43. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion – I have a small graveyard of cushions that Eko got to as a puppy 44. Unwrap birthday presents

pet friendly blog, dog blog, rhodesian ridgeback

It counts if he unwraps himself, right?

45. Watch Lassie on TV – Haven’t seen Lassie but we just watched an awesome dog documentary.  Check it out.  46. Be in a family portrait – We have plenty of photos together, but not a family portrait. Yet! 47. Have a stand off with your own reflection

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

“Hello, handsome.”

48. Have a favorite local pub – Of course!  Eko loves our trips to Wrightwood Tap. 49. Star in a YouTube video

Just one of many!

50. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel – 

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

It doesn’t get much more boutique than a hotel with a pet-friendly wine tasting!

Eko can check off most of this list, but it gave me a few great ideas to update our own bucket list.  What do you guys think of the Telegraph’s list?  Are there any additions you would make?  I’m always looking for new adventures and challenges for Eko and I to tackle, so let me know!

Comments for Has Your Dog Done These Fifty Things?

  1. Shary Hover says:

    Lola has managed quite a few on that list, although her favorites are still the ones that involve going to the beach. You should definitely try out #20. We had a blast taking a Canine Freestyle class.

  2. catchatcaren says:

    I think #9 should be “bag” a date as in GET a date!
    I chase a cat EVERY day cause I live with one! But I love him
    These are great! I have done some of them but not nearly as many as you have!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. I have lots of things still to do!

  4. Uncle Austin says:

    More bucket list items. Chopper into Abbottabad, Pakistan with SEAL Team Six to get Bin Laden. (Sorry, thats been done.) Eat a two pound box of Godiva Chocolates, wrapped and left under the Christmas tree AND LIVE. a la Shannydog. Invent and play a game of shove all the floating tennis balls into the pool skimmer a la Farley.

  5. LuAnn says:

    That’s quite a bucket list and I’m happy to see that Eko really gets around! 🙂

  6. Here are a few to add that my ridgebacks have done:
    Lick someone’s tears and make them smile.
    Help birth a human baby. Really, my first ridgeback did that with help from a great dane.
    Open a peanut butter jar and consume the contents.
    Go for an overnight canoe adventure.
    Go winter camping (bring extra thermorest just for the dog)
    Forage for wild food (she eats berries and cattails and many other wild foods)
    Garden (Nala picks her own tomatoes, peppers, corn and kale).
    I’m sure there are more, but those come to mind right away!

    By the way, Nala was also a fine judge of character while I was dating. If she rejected the guy, she was always right. She loves the man I’m with, and approved him within minutes. Saved me a lot of time and hassle to have her expert opinion!

  7. Boomdeeadda says:

    Awwww, what a good pal. I love that nose on the bed photo. You guys could try and be walk ons in the next big blockbuster filmed in Chicago….I’d buy a ticket.

  8. I believe The Washing Machine refurs to the front load washers with the glass door where you can see the wash spinning.

  9. Jorie says:

    This is so cute, and you are such a good owner, Will!

  10. Jennifer Stahl says:

    On our list.

    Catch a bird mid flight, just to play.

    Get over excited and wrap my owner and myself around a tree.

    Chase a squirrel without paying afternoon to the charging fence. Ouch.

  11. M.A. says:

    I think thats a typo bad = bag ) … the washing machine just refers to the fact that most washers are tiny front loaders with clear fronts over here (no dryers … my least favorite thing about living here!!) and most dogs find them entertaining (Wyatt didnt like the noises it made so hed run and hide ) and finally I vote you come visit me!! International travel should definitely be the next thing you cross off the list!!

  12. Whitney B. says:

    Absolutely love this post (and your blog!). I’ll definitely be linking this up for Sarge’s list. Thanks for sharing!

  13. […] recently read a blog post by a kindred dog-loving spirit about the 50 things every dog should do. I loved reading about all […]

  14. Jean says:

    What about going hang-gliding in Hawaii with Eko? Bet he would love that!

  15. Stephanie says:

    I love it! Always looking for dog-friendly things to do with the little furbabies!

  16. Ana Cuebas says:

    Eko looks mature by now. Lets remember dogs get old fast. I know Eko is full of energy, though. How about a little bit more relaxing activities for Eko. Anyway, I LOVE EKO.

  17. Leslie says:

    Maybe they just mean watching the washing machine go. When I was a child,we had a front loading washer, and my sister and I would sit in front of it while it washed, like it was th TV or something.

  18. xXKittysoftPawsXx says:

    I love Mr. Eko he is so cute!!!!! can u put more pics up? he behaves so well. my our will never act so well.

  19. Annette Hadley says:

    Its good to see you and Echo in your activities. I enjoy doing some of these things with my pet buddy. Please continue updating us on your adventures. Life can be good.

  20. xXKittysoftPawsXx says:

    which is next place your going Mr.Will? and which country are you in?

  21. xXKittysoftPawsXx says:

    I just wanted to know how old Mr.Eko is and what type of dog he is? is he trained?

  22. Lori Sanchas says:

    I really enjoy reading Ekos stories and watching his videos. Always puts a smile on my face. Thank you.

  23. Dave says:

    Hi Will,
    Its amazing how much my dog Reese looks like Eko. Reese is a hound not a Ridgeback but the similarity is amazing, down to mine being not yet two also.
    The sleeping positions are identical and the nose on the bed to wake you is the same.
    If you contact me Ill send some pictures.

  24. Hi! I found your blog because I had the same question as you regarding question nº9 =) So I asked one of my best friends who’s English but… he was clueless too! after some research we discovered the UK National newspaper website had a typo and found the original list =) The question nº9 says: Help your owner bed a date (obviously as in sleep with whoever they are dating). I hope it helps! and what a lovely dog you have! Best wishes from Ireland and a high five paw from my dog.

  25. xXKittysoftPawsXx says:

    I cant wait till you post the next place. when im older, I so want to go on adventures with my dog. Do u know how to train a cocker Spaniel?

  26. Thomas says:

    Hey. I have a 5 year old ridgeback named moya. She is exactly the same as eko. Sleeps the same way on the couch, comes with me everywhere, also asked for food in a language similar to English, chases those dam cats in her dreams, and has made friends with every dog she has ever met. Just found your blog and love it. Keep up the good work, and posting those pics. Going to start crossing off things on the list as well. Once you get a ridgeback it’s the only dog you can have ever again.

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