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March 3, 2014

How Does Your Pet Like To Sleep?

There are plenty of things you have to teach your pet, but when it comes to sleep they require absolutely no instruction.  While Eko has always had the skill set for sleeping, I have noticed his form and style have changed over the years. As a pup,
There are plenty of things you have to teach your pet, but when it comes to sleep they require absolutely no instruction.  While Eko has always had the skill set for sleeping, I have noticed his form and style have changed over the years.

As a pup, Eko slept in the classic curled-up position

Like most pups, Eko would paw and spin for seemingly random lengths of time until finally plopping down in a ball.  There’s no consensus as to the exact purpose of this routine, but most agree the process is a mixture of digging up a place to sleep, making sure it’s clear, and then curling up for protection and warmth.

However, as Eko grew up his sleeping habits began to relax.

As did his posture and any fear he might be unsafe while asleep

Some might say his posture relaxed just a tad too much

I’m happy Eko feels relaxed, warm and comfortable enough to stretch out.  He’s really turned 180 degrees since I first got him.

Quite literally: turned 180 degrees

Curled up? I understand it. Relaxed? I get it.  But this upside down sleeping? Completely beyond my comprehension

If sleeping is an art, Eko is a modern day Leonardo da Vinci. But despite my best attempts to sleep upside down with all four of my appendages sticking straight up, I just can’t seem to get comfy.  Not sure what the appeal is to sleeping upside down, but Eko seems to have a great-grand-parent that was a bat. Does your pet have any unique preferences when it comes to catching z’s?

Comments for How Does Your Pet Like To Sleep?

  1. I like the same sleeping positions like you, but I prefer to place my butt on the pillow when I sleep in my bed :o)

  2. Victoria says:

    Yeah -muffin either curls up in a ball (which for a newf is a big ball) or lays on her back w/her legs in the air -rigs like to do the same…….only both like to do it on the couch so i get a chair or i am under the dogs on the couch

  3. Brilliant photos one and all.

    This is a bit off topic, but I saw this clip over the weekend and thought of you. http://blog.petflow.com/this-is-hilarious-watch-what-these-two-do-with-ice-cream/

  4. My brother’s Ridgeback mix sleeps exactly like that last picture. He flops over on his back and just collapses. His currently favorite activity is doing it outside in the snow. If I let him out and go do something else for a few minutes I’ll come back and he’ll be legs up in a snow bank, looking like roadkill.

  5. I’ve noticed different sleeping habits depending on where the pups are. Dottie sometimes curls up in her crate but at other times she’s sprawled out on the floor or the couch. Boomer either curls up in a ball in a chair or is upside down on the couch. Odd ones these two!

  6. In my bed and in Mom’s bed, I still curl up into a ball. On the sofa, I also do the upside down bat flip like Eko. Sometimes my ears get all squashed and twisted, but they shake out OK when I wake up.

    Love and licks,

  7. that last photo is too darned funny! Dakota will ONLY sleep on the floor! I have bought him countless beds, won’t use them. He looks uncomfortable but he loves the floor!

  8. Emma says:

    We all seem to keep the same positions we had as pups. Katie is more stretched out and once and a while on her back with her paws up. Bailie and I love to curl in a tight ball and prefer beds with sides to keep us snuggled feeling. We love Eko on his back…such a funny boy!

  9. Marcela says:

    Lol. Great post. Alex just curls up, and since she was a puppy she always wants to have a pillow. Why? Who knows, but she just enjoys it.

  10. Good for Eko. Having many ways to get comfortable makes a content dog. Different sleep positions for different places. He has it all figured out.

  11. All the photos in this post are brilliant Will, but my fave – the one that produced a lot of undignified snorty-laughter – along with your funny comments – was the one of Eko sleeping on the stairs! Hysterical! You two and the lovely Emily are quite a team!

  12. Marty is a curler and Ralphie is a little of everything. Abbe and Anne are both stretchers but Mazie prefers her beds and side curling, she rarely exposes her stomache which I wonder sometimes if that doesn’t come from her early days of abuse. Love Eko! My brother had a Rhodesian mix I adore! Thanks for coming by our blog!
    Marty’s Mom

  13. harrispen says:

    Our pups always sleep curled up. They are young so maybe in time they will begin to stretch out.


  14. Misaki says:

    I like to sleep with my legs in the air too:-)

  15. lexy3587 says:

    Gwynn has a lot of the same sleeping poses as Eko, and I’m so jealous. I wish I could look (or, more importantly, BE) that comfortable in every possible sleeping situation I encountered! Gwynn sometimes falls asleep on hard toys, like “no biggie, there’s a ball wedged under my hip… but I’m too comfortable to change the situation”

  16. Gail Simburger says:

    Leo is a leaner when he sleeps. Likes to lean on the wall of his crate especially. During the day he’ll sleep leaning on a wall. But he’s loosened up a bit recently and I’ve actually seen him sleeping upside down a couple of times, leaning against the wall of course. When he dreams he’ll have a small squeeky bark and his legs will be twitching like he’s running in his dreams and chasing something. It’s so cute to watch.

  17. I guess it’s got to do with the dog slowly getting used to the place? Donna always used to sleep curled up like a donut and I read that that is the lightest sleeping position so the dog is ready to jump up and react to anything. But as Donna get more secure with our home, you can see she starts to lay flat on her side more. The same with the crate, I only recently start to see her sprawling inside, rather than curled up. I’m waiting for the day she actually feels comfortable enough to sleep on her back!

  18. I was going to say the stairs was my favourite till I saw the last photo 🙂

  19. Cathy says:

    My 6 month old pup likes to sleep on his side, or cuddled in my lap. Hasn’t realized how big he really is lol.

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