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June 23, 2015

Let’s Play Tag

When it comes to playing tag, Eko and Penny are experts. Whether it’s one on one Two on one Or sibling on sibling But today we’re looking for help with a different type of tag – a dog ID tag.
When it comes to playing tag, Eko and Penny are experts.

Whether it’s one on one

Two on one

Or sibling on sibling

But today we’re looking for help with a different type of tag – a dog ID tag.

Between rabies tags, dog park tags, microchip tags, and name tags, the pups sound like they’re playing jingle bells every time they run

Both Eko and Penny have old, cheap and beat up ID tags that I’d like to replace. I can also ditch their microchip tag by putting that info on the new tags I get made. I checked around and this stainless steel tag from Amazon looks durable, functional and well-reviewed.

But those tags are also a bit boring. Before I go ahead and buy anything I wanted to see if you guys have recommendations for any other tags. Etsy stores, other retailers or any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.


Comments for Let’s Play Tag

  1. maybe awpaws.com has a tag Penny&Eko would like? Easy is a jingle bell too, I ponder if I buy him a collar where you have the information inside of the collar…

  2. Kim S (nerdgrl) says:

    Those jingles always let us know where Steffi was…and she appeared not to feel dressed after a bath unless her collar with the “jingles” was on. Her expression was always so funny when she’d shake and no jingles jingled forth. I’ll be interested in the recommendations since Amara comes home to us on Sunday.

  3. scarlybobs says:

    We have bought most of ours from Fetch A Passions:


    While their tags are very, very cute, they’re probably not worth the price and we won’t be getting more after these ones. Zoey’s first tags we bought her two years ago, and recently they broke. The circle hole that the keychain goes through had completely worn away, meaning the tag is now totally unusable.

    Whilst two years is a fairly long time for the tags to last, Zoey ONLY wears her tags on walks. At home she is a ‘nekkid’ dog and wears no collar / harness with tags, so they only got used for a couple hours each day.

    The tag Kasper is currently using is a cheap one from a market, just a red circle. It’s not as cute, but it has lasted ages!

    We bought one that looked exactly like this from our local key-cutting place once, years ago. Kasper only wore it for a month and half the diamonds fell out! The one on this site comes with a guarantee…needless to say ours’ didn’t 🙂


    If you find any good tags, let us know. I’m always after new tags that will last for the pups 😀

  4. That jingling can be maddening. I ended up getting a ‘sleeve’ to bunch the tags together and now I can sleep peacefully (unless Sam has crowded me on the bed). Good luck!

  5. Elyse says:

    I got Duncan a collar with an engrave-able buckle from Flying Dog Collars. It looks great and can hold up to 4 lines of info. http://www.flyingdogcollars.com/ — we have this kind, only in boring black: http://www.flyingdogcollars.com/collections/personalized-designer-dog-collars

  6. Emmadog says:

    Bailie and I got SilverPaw Pet Tags last spring and they are the best ever! They never wear out or get scratched, if you move, they will change the address for a few bucs, and they have totally fun designs. We will never have another tag. http://www.silverpawtags.com/

  7. Ellen Quilty says:

    Check out reddingo.com.Their tags are stainless steel and durable enamel.They have many patterns to choose from and you can get all the information engraved on the back.I believe they are also available through Amazon

  8. SandySays1 says:

    No recommendations here – have tried expensive alternatives and they get loose just as easy.

  9. Kismet says:

    Who cares if the tags are boring? It’s not boring if a dog is “misplaced” and the boring tags return it home. No fair having Penny’s tag say “Return to Kismet” with my address.

  10. We have Boomerang tags (boomerang.com) for Neeka and Khoi. With all their ruff-housing and skittering through dense brush, they have yet to loose them. We have two sets; one with our cell numbers for home and another set with land line for the ranch, where there isn’t any cell service. They also guarantee them for life.

  11. lynneplus3 says:

    I have boomerang tags. They attach to the collar. 3+ years and no issues!!!!! And no jingling!!! PLUS, the dog can wreck their ears shaking their head with collar tags- that’s how my greyhound got ear hematoma.

  12. Abbie says:

    We also use boomerang tags and love them! My dog has had the slide on 1″ and the kind you can essentially “clip on” to the collar, and both work equally well. (We got the second kind for his martingale collar, since you can’t slide it on.) For the rest of his tags, he wears a “quiet spot” which is a little pouch that holds the tags so that they don’t jingle. They come in several different colors (we even saw a camo one!), and “quiet spot” is written with reflective stuff on the front. It works really well for us, and each one has lasted about four years. Even then, I replaced them mostly because the reflective part was all worn off and the Velcro was getting a bit sad, but they were definitely still working. Hope this helps!

  13. Genevieve says:

    One of my favorite Etsy shops is CritterBling. The tags are so clever and funny. Cupcake’s newest one says, “I’m Cupcake. Call my mom!” And my phone number is on the back. Other favorites are, “Oh crap. I’m lost!” and “Have your people call my people.” So funny.

  14. realappetite says:

    As soon as Atlas graduates to a 1″ leather collar I will be ordering him a RoadID Scout. My boyfriend and I already use them for running (the human versions) so while I can’t vouch for the dog version yet, I’ve been very pleased with ours and highly recommend them to runners of both species!

  15. Fenella Cochrane says:

    Red Dingo tags are great: my guys have Aussie flag tags in honour of our Australian heritage. They are actually flying back to AustrLia tonight, and I got my Kansas City rescue a U.S. Flag tag for when we are back home so he doesn’t forget his heritage!

  16. fredrieka says:

    woofing up in the water a splashing we will go smiling all the way

  17. Jess says:

    Check out The Sterling Pet. They offer tungsten tags as well as titanium tags that have a lifetime warranty. I have a Ridgeback myself and the Ti tag held up extremely well compared to all other tags I tried. I went through three stainless tags before finding the Ti tag. http://www.thesterlingpet.com.

    If you don’t already have one, you might want to look into a Rubit tag clip. 🙂

  18. This was a great intro leading into asking about tags. Pinning this post in case I need a tag. I don’t keep collars on my dogs so I don’t have tags on them. I have tags for my therapy collars thou.

  19. Eann says:

    We have used Quiet Spot, which someone else mentioned in a comment. It works well for holding a few tags and keeping them from jingling. Though if Penny likes to chew on Eko’s collar, it may not last very long. Ours eventually lost their velcro stickiness. We now have their tags on a ring that’s attached to a tiny carabiner-like clip so we can remove the tags when the dogs are at home or easily put them onto a different collar.

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