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February 1, 2017

Meet Zero!

So remember when I said I'd be returning from my roadtrip with "a tail or two?" Well, turns out it was two! Ladies and gentlemen, this chunky puppy is no house guest or visitor. Zero, a nine-week old male Rhodesian Ridgeback, is the newest member of our family! There are many stories and many emotions which led to this decision – all of which will be shared in good time. But on this day, and for this moment, we’ll simply savor the unmitigated joy of our big-headed wrinkle monster.
Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, zero, marking our territorySo remember when I said I’d be returning from my roadtrip with “a tail or two?” Well, turns out it was two! Ladies and gentlemen, this chunky puppy is no house guest or visitor. Zero, a nine-week old male Rhodesian Ridgeback, is the newest member of our family! There are many stories and many emotions which led to this decision – all of which will be shared in good time. But on this day, and for this moment, we’ll simply savor the unmitigated joy of our big-headed wrinkle monster. Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, zero, marking our territory Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, zero, marking our territory Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, zero, marking our territory Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, zero, marking our territory Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, zero, marking our territory No hiding from this adventure, Penny!

Comments for Meet Zero!

  1. yes… today I only want to look in your eyes zero…while wiping away some tears… you are a beautiful baby… welcome in your new home and welcome in your furmily…

  2. Connie Taylor says:

    This is such great news Will!! I bet Penny will be a great “big” sister and show him the lay of the land, like Eko showed her. Please tell us how he got this name. Can’t wait to see your new adventures. p.s. you need to get Penny a t-shirt that reads “Big Sister”

  3. Cupcake says:

    GAH!!! I knew it. Great choice, Eko! Now every kiss from Zero is a kiss from you. Help him be a good boy, like Mom’s old dog Smoki helps me be a good girl. Welcome home, Zero! Teach him well, Penny. Congratulations, all of you! This is AWESOME!

    Love and licks,

  4. Dashlilly says:

    No hiding Penny! This is awesome news. Congratulations. Enjoy! Snuggle! Laugh!

  5. Shannon says:

    Woo hoo!! Congratulations! He will help heal your heart.

  6. Sue says:

    Congratulations on your new family member. He is adorable. I love that sweet face! Penny will be a great big sister to him.

  7. Kali and Max says:

    Congratulations! Perhaps Penny can teach him how to play “Bang, you’re dead” at meal times, since she is so good at it.

  8. Laurie says:

    So happy for you guys!!!! Nothing fills a dog shape hole in your heart like a dog!!!

  9. There’s nothing like having a new baby in the house. Keeps you balanced and on your toes and ever cognizant of how much you are needed and what an impact you can and will have on this precious creature only 9 weeks from the womb. Congrats and good luck. I’m confident that moving forward you will have Zero tolerance. 🙂 Cheers!

  10. Piglove says:

    Squeals and tries to jump with piggy excitement (jumping is hard on this miniature piglet’s legs-LOL). Conpigulations on your newest addition sweet friends. We are so excited for your family. XOXO – Bacon

  11. Kathy Drosdick says:

    Congratulations to you, Emily & penny! Look at the size of his feet, thinking he may be a bruiser, but a sweet 1! Best wishes.

  12. Anne says:

    I KNEW IT! I had a feeling Zero was going to have a tail, and from the looks of those paws, he’s going to be a very big boy.! Congratulations … I can imagine that Penny has already been showing him the ropes.

  13. Ginny Manzione says:

    Happiness is a warm puppy! I knew you would love another pup although Miss Penny isn’t sure! Looking forward to sharing in the adventures of Penny & Zero!

  14. KarenS says:

    Too stinking cute . So glad you found a place in your heart to welcome this little guy in. Looks like he’s also melted Emily’s as well.

    Congrats on the new addition to the pack. And Penny’s graduation to Big Sister.

  15. fran welch says:

    Uh oh, payback Penny. All the mayhem u gave Eko may be coming ur way like karma when she picks on u n u cant get away, n maybe u wont want to. How did miss mayhem take it. Love u Penny n Zero. Yay, yay, yay it will be a good day for me.

  16. fran welch says:

    Sorry guys, i meant he not she.

  17. midge says:

    The paws ! So happy you have a new family member, nothing will ever erase the loss of Eko, but you definitely have started on the journey to fill a Rhodesian Ridgeback sized hole in your heart. Congratulations!!

  18. Jan & Rusty says:

    ❤️❤️Zero is so cute!!! I’ll admit it .. I didn’t read between the lines in yesterday’s post that Zero is a new member of your pack. I agree with the others, he’s going to be a big boy based on the current size of his feet. And I’m intrigued with the idea of Penny Mayhem being a big sister. Oh, what fun is in store for us!! And you!! And Emily!! As always, great pictures. Great writing. You’re just great, Will.

  19. TheRidgebackLife says:

    Congratulations Will! Zero is adorable, but what Ridgie puppy isn’t? It looks like he loves his blankets already. And he has obviously stolen Emily’s heart. Still working on Penny’s though. Can’t wait for video!!

  20. This makes me so happy

  21. jlock536 says:

    Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable. I am so glad you didn’t hold back on getting another one. Remember Echo will always be in your heart and never forgotten. Love, Jen and Zoey the Golden Retreiver.

  22. Victoria Coleman says:

    yeah – how dog gone adorable – can’t wait for adventures with Zero and Penny! congrats on your new little guy!!!

  23. Andrew says:

    Wow! Great news Will!

  24. What a complete cutie! Love the photos……….”Ground Zero” has a new meaning now!

    Hugs, Pam

  25. Emmadog says:

    We had a feeling you were getting a puppy but didn’t want to say anything. Congratulations! Poor Zero will have his paws full with Penny, but they will be like Bailie and Madison, a wild pair to reckon with. Enjoy. Eko would be happy for you and want you to move one. Zero is not a replacement, but a new life to add a new dimension to your family! Some people can go forever without getting a new dog after losing one. We had a huge void to fill and adding in Madison was such a natural thing to do.

  26. Jesse says:

    Can’t handle the cuteness! Look at the size of those paws! Congrats on the new addition.

  27. He certainly will have his paws full, so luckily they’re big paws! Thanks so much for all the encouragement – watching you guys bring on Madison reminded me how important it is to keep on putting new love into the world.

  28. I have a feeling Zero isn’t going to be a “little” brother for very long.

  29. T&S says:

    Congratulations, he is beautiful
    We are looking forward watching him grow up!

  30. Jesse says:

    I think you are right lol.

  31. meANXIETYme says:

    I knew it! So happy for your whole family. What a great gift to return home with. I’m sure Penny will fall in love soon enough. Her heart is as big and expansive as your Chicago beaches, so there will be plenty of room for Zero once she figures out he’s staying. LOL

    The pictures of Zero are highly adorable. I am sure there will be tons of fun in your household in the coming days…I just love puppies in other people’s houses! I get all the fun and none of the mess. Pictures, videos, give ’em to us now! Also, did Zero meet Auggie? Or Doc? Spill, spill!!

  32. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy that I could just BURST!! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT YESTERDAY!! I was going to say something yesterday but was afraid I might be wrong!! I am sooooooooooooo happy!! Welcome “Zero” OMG that name is GREAT!!! He is ADORABLE!!! Woooo hooo!! I am so happy Penny will have company and you and Emily have a sweet baby to give even more love to!! Soooooooooo happy!!! xoxoxo

  33. Ellen Quilty says:

    This is the best news ever!I was hoping this was what you were being so coy about.Underneath all that loose fitting clothing lies a gorgeous male Ridgeback!What a sweetheart he is.He will not be lacking in love and attention in your household that is for sure.You are not replacing Eko but honoring him by welcoming Zero-rhymes with Hero?-into your lives.I am so happy for you all.

  34. Kims S. (nerdgrl) says:

    Like everyone else I KNEW IT!!!!! He is adorable! Penny’s the big sister now…which will be interesting all on its own. So happy for all of you. We waited a year to get another puppy (hubby wasn’t ready; he says he still isn’t ready almost two years later) and Amara certainly is her own dog…we call her our wild child. Have loads of fun with Zero!

  35. I just KNEW it. Adorable <3

  36. Pat says:

    Yay! New adventures happening now. Zero will fill out his skin and the love will grow with him. 😀

  37. Deena Sadek says:

    After reading yesterday’s blog, I had a feeling a new pup was on the horizon. He is just adorable and rolly poly just like he should be! Rhodesian Ridgebacks love being a pair; I think Penny is going to love having a little brother around. I have always had 2 RR at the same time, and they have such a special bond with each other; they really thrive when they are together. Congratulations! and let the potty training begin.

  38. Shirley Andonie says:

    So HAPPY for you! Congrats! Can’t wait for the adventures to begin. Look out Penny, that pup has some HUGE paws! Welcome Zero!! ❤️

  39. Oh. my. gosh. The cuteness factor is off the charts. Guess the worm will be turning, Ms. Penny.

  40. Ogee says:

    Adorable, little Zero – you have a big and important job to do. To play, tease, surprise, confound, exasperate, snuggle, and delight as you fill the days with joy for Emily, Penny, and Will. Welcome sweet puppy. 🙂

  41. Cindy Delgatto says:

    Yeah, Zero is a wonderful thing.
    In fact, Zero is my hero!

    How can Zero be a hero?

    Well, there are all kinds of heroes, you know.
    A man can get to be a hero
    For a famous battle he fought…
    Or by studying very hard
    And becoming a weightless astronaut.

    And then there are heroes of other sorts,
    Like the heroes we know from watching sports.
    But a hero doesn’t have to be a grown up person, you know,
    A hero can be a very big dog
    Who comes to your rescue,
    Or a very little boy who’s smart enough to know what to do.

    But let me tell you about my favorite hero.

    My hero, Zero, such a funny little hero,
    But till you came along,
    We counted on our fingers and toes.
    Now you’re here to stay
    And nobody really knows
    How wonderful you are.
    Why we could never reach a star,
    Without you, Zero, my hero,
    How wonderful you are.

    >>>>>Schoolhouse Rock: My Hero, Zero !!!

  42. Michael Bondor says:

    Congratulations! This is a perfect counterpoint/conclusion to your previous Zero essay! I did not suspect at all and am very pleasantly surprised. Good luck to all of you!

  43. Debra Brescia says:

    He’s GORGEOUS! I am so happy to see this post and so happy for you all. We just picked up our new 8 week old boy on Monday. New adventures for everyone!

  44. Rose says:

    Beautiful baby. Congrats and enjoy.

  45. HobbesMom says:

    Oh my gosh! He is adorable and I think he will help heal that hole in your heart! I am sure that Penny is going to be SO happy to have a little buddy to play with. Congratulations to you all!!

  46. Melody says:

    Adorable!!! So very happy for you and your family. Those paws and eyes…the wrinkles…oh my!!

    Penny look out!

  47. Franca says:

    Ooooh NO more pictures of puppies. This is “killing me!”

    You should take 4 months of from work to enjoy the puppy….

  48. Gretchen Frank says:

    Omg the last picture with penny curled up and his little head popping up next to her! Love! My new guy is almost 6 months and he was so wrinkly when I first got him! I call him Red Baron von wrinkle face. He’s a liver nose ridgeback and very red. Congrats guys. Looking forward to all the new stories, pictures and videos.

  49. Nicole says:

    Oh, I had a sneaky feeling about yesterday’s post…
    I’m so happy for you guys. What a little pudge-bucket.
    Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to.

  50. donny cruz says:

    where do you get your ridgebacks from whats the breeders name

  51. Elyse says:

    Zero is adorable. I bet he’ll give Penny a run for her money — and that you will share those adventures with all of us! Congratulations on your expansion!

  52. coastingnz says:

    oh my oh my – A D O R A B L E – love those wrinkles. This is going to be fun……

  53. Geri Zeibert says:

    Bravo, Will! It is wonderful that you have been able to open your heart to this little guy. Many happy trails and tales to you!

  54. Lisa Cueman says:

    So this is the “who” of “who is Zero”. Very clever! I did pause upon reading that. 😀 Such great news and look forward to the discovery tales as we all learn about Zero. Yay!!!

  55. Tiffanie says:

    So very happy for your family! With each pet, our heart expands (said someone brilliant somewhere! )

  56. How exciting! I can’t wait to hear about what Penny thinks of this addition (and what Zero thinks of Penny Mayhem!). Congratulations!

  57. Tanja&Brownie says:

    Oh my god. I’m going crazy. A sweet little baby boy. That’s great!!!
    Oh oh….Penny has to defend her position as a pup going out of her mind
    That are really good news. I’m so happy for you. Cannot wait seeing more pictures of Mr wrinkles

  58. Helge & Nelson says:

    Tears in my eyes.
    Thank you so much.
    No more words nessecary.
    Kisses from Berlin.

  59. htgerman says:

    Oh .. I knew it! 🙂 Congratulations! Giving your love to a new pup – the most beautiful way to honor Eko!

  60. Penny Ryan says:

    Oh, that’s such wonderful news. Of course he will never replace Eko in your heart but Zero will certainly put back the laughter. I can’t wait to read about all your adventures and shenanigans that he and Penny will manage to conjure up.

    We also have a 11 week old Ridgeback named Holly. She is a handful. She reminds me a lot of your stories of Penny when she was a pup.

    Congratulations !

  61. We picked our boy up on the way home, so no introduction to Auggie yet – but Doc has gotten a quick sniff. Lots of photos and videos to come!

  62. Haha thank you! Excited to share this new adventure with everyone – especially Penny, who was very in need of a friend.

  63. Well said. No better way to honor my pup than to pass his love onto another.

  64. Haha I tipped my hand a bit, I guess! Should be a grand adventure.

  65. Agree. I think Penny has been in desperate need of a permanent sibling to share her day with.

  66. They’re already wider than hers! He’s not going to be her “little” brother for long.

  67. Whoa, this is awesome! How have I never heard this one before?? A perfect theme song. Thanks for sharing it.

  68. The universe owes puppy Penny a bit of payback!

  69. Paybacks are nature’s way of justice. 😉

  70. Thank you – looking forward to the next adventure.

  71. It’s going to be quite the ride.

  72. Agreed. We’re looking forward to helping our hearts grow.

  73. Penny has been desperate for a friend since Eko left, I think she’s going to be pleased with her new minion.

  74. Penny’s in charge now, what could possibly go worng?

  75. Thanks! Should be a lot of fun for all of us.

  76. We’re in this together then. Sending lots of love and luck to you and Holly.

  77. Jo Rhodes says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! We’re so happy for you. See, I told you love just keeps growing. I have to resist the urge to repeat we’re happy for you a million times. Welcome home Zero! You’re already loved!!!!
    Love Jo, Sam and Dean

  78. Karen Boone says:

    Hooray, yippee, I’m jumping up and down with joy! A handsome pup is standing at the rainbow bridge wagging his tail and smiling. Zero has very BIG paws!! I think he will give Penny a run for her money. Bless all four of you.

  79. Mary says:

    Yay! Welcome Zero. Can’t wait to follow these new adventures!

  80. liondogkgosi says:

    Congratulations! I remember the decision to introduce a new dog following a loss feels so huge. Reflecting back, I really think the hole in my heart only started to really recover when our second pup, Darwin starting wriggling and forcing his way into my heart. He’ll never take the place of my first best friend and there will always be a hole in my heart, but I am now able to think of all the amazing memories and be filled with joy and appreciation – it’s literally just what I’ve been writing about, despite not intending to!

    As for this little guy, he’s so gorgeous and little does he know, but he has just entered into the most amazing home with the most amazing family! Can’t wait to watch this little baby grow up!

  81. What a little cutie. Can’t wait to watch him grow up.

  82. Well said! It’s time for us to not only recall memories but to also make new ones.

  83. Haha we’re happy for us, too! And I remind myself to say it every day.

  84. Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us.

  85. Oh Will, he is a cutie! Those PAWS!!!! Congratulations to you all!!!!!!

  86. Monica says:

    I lost my sweet Sophie at the age of 7 two years ago from brain cancer. It was so devastating but now I am finally ready for a new puppy. We will be welcoming our new puppy in about 4 weeks and I am looking forward to hearing all your adventures with the new pup. It has been some time since we have had a puppy in the house I hope you have a few pointers. Enjoy your new baby!

  87. Tina Turner says:

    Congratulations! So very happy for you and your new addition. Can’t wait to see the adventures of Zero!

  88. Kismet says:

    Penny will be alarmed to find out what it is to be on the receiving end of a needle teeth attack.

  89. Welcome to the club! Get your sleep in while you still can!

  90. And I will laugh most maniacally. Karma is real.

  91. coastingnz says:

    Yes I suspect Eko will be laughing his head off from above and looking forward to following this adventure.

  92. Judy Petitto says:

    WOW!!! This is wonderful and amazing.So happy for your family.Adventures. Can’t wait to hear the details..and why the name.Miss Mayhem is in for a wonderful surprise.Man will this be fun to watch!

  93. Elisa says:

    We’re so happy for you!! You made the right decision. Take it from someone who lost our beloved ridgeback Roxy, we thought we would never have another. The pain of loss was too great. We got Abby a year ago, and Tara a few months ago. There’s enough love in your heart for all of them. Enjoy Zero!!

  94. I’m so pleased for you . . . Welcome, Zero!

  95. Eline says:

    So happy for you guys, he’s beautiful! You become richer for each dog you love. Looking forward to all the adventures to come:)
    Eline deJongh

  96. Laura Tafelsky says:

    I am so excited for you & can’t wait to hear of the new adventures. The possibilities are endless. I lost my dear pup of 12 years about the same time you lost Eko. Words can’t describe how you have helped me as you shared your loss & pain with us. I just know Eko is watching over you & is smiling. God bless you.

  97. Look at that cutie-pie! I’m so happy for all of you.

  98. Francesca says:

    Oh my gosh! Zero is adorable! So looking forward to watching Penny be the teacher as your dear Eko was to her!

  99. Petra Bahmer says:

    After a long time reading your blog with great joy and follow you guy’s on Insta, it was and is always fun to watch your pup’s . It was also for us heartbreaking when Eko died. We lost our pup with 9 Month in a tragical accident in July 2016 . Our heart was empty und full of sadness . For us it was clear , we can’t live without a fur friend and family member . So we decided to bring home a furry monster and start all over again, the best decision we ever made. We wish you all a happy, beautiful time with the big sis Penny and her little monster brother Zero. Greetings from Germany Finn (aka Mr. Crazy) and his humans 😉

  100. Shalini says:

    Oh my goodness all the wrinkles!! 🙂 We are so happy for you and your new baby, and for Penny to have a mini-me! Looking forward to reading about little baby Zero. I love the name and what it stands for.

  101. Robyn Brown says:

    CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY!!!! Oh what joy and fun you all are going to have. So excited to hear about all the adventures with your new bundle of happiness. And we know that he isn’t a replacement for Eko–for there is no replacing such a dear sweet pup, but us humans have so much love to share in our time here on Earth that we can’t live without a new four-legged family member to share all of that love with. Zero is adorable. We look forward to seeing him grow and try to keep up with Miss Mayhem. (I bet Penny is ecstatic). God Bless!

  102. Greg says:

    Congrats on zero! Our pup is 12 weeks so three weeks older than Zero. Looking forward to following Zero and Penny and comparing stories !

  103. So we’re on the road together. Always a fun ride. Hopefully this time with a few less destroyed pieces of furniture.

  104. Welcome to the pack Zero. Will, may I ask when his birthday is? I’ve already added Eko and Penny on the AmosTravelingDog Calendar. I’d like to add his. Cheers!

  105. Fittingly, Zero is a thanksgiving pup – 11/24/16

  106. Grant says:

    Congrats! So excited to get updates. I always check your blog frequently, but this news has caused me to up my check-ins!

    I have been researching RR’s for a couple of years now and we have an application in for a potential pending litter, to be bred later this month. Fingers crossed!

  107. Samuel B Ingle says:

    Hi Will,
    I’ve been watching your videos for the last year now. I am so happy that you found a new friend after your loss of Echo. I was wondering if I could get your advice on Ridgeback breeders? And possibly some other questions like what is a reasonable price for purchasing a Ridgeback, etc.



  108. Awesome! Good luck – hope you find the perfect pup.

  109. Happy to offer whatever help I can. Probably easiest for you to shoot me an email at [email protected] with specific questions and I can respond to you there.

  110. DZ Dogs says:

    Congrats on your new addition! I hope Penny is enjoying him too!

  111. OMD! OMD! OMD! Will, Emily, Penny! Zero! We are so happy for all of you! *ear licks* Noodle

  112. […] lose yourself. The person you are will be gone. You will learn to face your fears, name them, and love them. The person you find will be me. It’s not fair, but the world is not fair. The world is […]

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