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October 19, 2012

My (Nearly) Fearless Dog

Eko has just about seen and done it all in the past year, so there’s not much that fazes him.  However, there is one giant exception – ear wash.  Eko HATES it.  Just the sight of the bottle sets him off.  I have tried the same positive reinforcement techniques that
Eko has just about seen and done it all in the past year, so there’s not much that fazes him.  However, there is one giant exception – ear wash.  Eko HATES it.  Just the sight of the bottle sets him off.  I have tried the same positive reinforcement techniques that helped Eko get over his dislike of baths and nail grinders, but to no avail.  See for yourself. 
 As it stands, 75% of the ear wash usually gets on my pants.  Eko has a minor ear infection, so it looks like I am in for a looong weekend.  It’s back to square one as I will attempt to bribe Eko into accepting that it’s best to just get it over with quickly.  I’m open to suggestions.  Anyone else have the same problem or any training tips? Eko and I would be eternally grateful!

Comments for My (Nearly) Fearless Dog

  1. hahahahaha I love Eko! Mohave had the same problem and I never did come up with a good technique to get him over it. The only thing I can suggest is hot dogs. Yep hot dogs. Now the way this works is the only time he gets this tasty treat is when the ear wash comes out. We did this with the bath and that big 106 pound lab would get in the bathe tub his self because he wanted the hot dogs. He hated baths but his love of hot dogs was more than his hate of the bath. Good luck!

  2. Very funny! Reminds me of my cat when he has to have his nails clipped! I loved when Eko shook his head (when he was thinking of the ear wash?).

  3. Victoria says:

    Ok – lets make a deal – i’ll do Eko’s ear wash if you can trim my dogs nails – both of them hate the trimmer.

  4. aud says:

    I used to do thisfirst thing in the morning while my lab was still in his sleepy mode, of course, I hid the ear wash out of sight, and acted very nonchalant walking up out of his eye sight (behind him), sat down and pretending doing some very normal and routinely, then I scratched his ear…Voila, I usually can get one ear done smoothly with not much resistance, the 2nd ear was a different story, but since he was still groggy and with my body flung over him, I got the 2nd ear done too. The trick is NEVER LET HIM SEE THE BOTTLE.

  5. Oh poor Eko! He sure is scared…I wish I had tips but I am sorry that I don’t. Did you google it? 🙂

  6. Our puppy trainer gave us a great hint. When we have to do things like this, I use peanut butter. I smear some on a cleanable surface (like the fridge) at Lola’s eye level and then I take care of her medical problem while she’s busy licking.

  7. Luckily for us our two Cockers don’t mind the ear wash, probably as they have it so regularly. Now, try doing anything to their nails…!

  8. Congratulations Eko, Bold, Fearless and Daring is better than most! Soooo, you spill most of it you say? Excuse me, I need to call my Stock Broker and have him invest in that company…I think sales must be brisk.

  9. Will: Practice by capturing Dr. Emily in a headlock. Rinse her ears. Transfer this experience to Mister Eko. Clean ears . . . voila, for everyone in the apartment. Give Dr. Emily and perhaps Mister Eko a Purina puppy treat. Problem solved. Have the Purina Suits in marketing give me a call. I shouldnt be giving out these gems of sales for free. A small six figure stipend should cover it.

  10. Themba used to try to bite me when it came to ear cleaning as a puppy. Then I threatned him with a muzzle which solved that problem. As the ear cleaning goes now he runs just like that. I usually leave it in the bathroom. Trick Themba into coming with me and close the door behind and he’s trapped and has to give in. Then he gets his biscuits.

  11. Poor Eko. We once had a dog who LOVED getting her ears cleaned. When she heard the clink of the lid to the cotton ball container, she would come running.

  12. coevertapril says:

    Catch him laying down for easy access. Dont let him see the bottle. Sqeeze the bottle gently and give him a nice ear massage and a treat. It probably hurts a little because of the infection. Poor eko.

  13. Marie Legere says:

    try grabbing him when he is sleeping ……… it starts with you having the upper hand oh and close the doors to the room he in …… I do it to my dog she hates her ears done and no suggestions to curing this fear sorry.

  14. Djinn says:

    I would suggest warming the drops slightly using hot water in a bowl, like you would a childs drops. I tend to give my girls lots of snuggles and love during the medication process, as their not fond of it either. Try and get him to lay down and relax before hand. Dont show him the bottle, as that is traumatic. Just heat, love and gently apply. Then.. always give a treat for enduring the medication.

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