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November 8, 2012

My Wounded Warrior

As is often the case, our day started with Eko hamming it up at the dog park with his buddies. The usual shenanigans Unfortunately, while racing across the park, Eko slipped on some wet leaves and fell awkwardly

As is often the case, our day started with Eko hamming it up at the dog park with his buddies.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet friendly blog

The usual shenanigans

Unfortunately, while racing across the park, Eko slipped on some wet leaves and fell awkwardly on his back paws.  He came up limping, but like the knucklehead he is, Eko still attempted to continue romping.  I quickly caught up to the hobbling maniac and corralled him back home.  I gave Eko a quick look over and it seems like he may have sprained/broke/fractured his outside toe.  Thankfully, Eko does not have to rely on me for veterinary care.

As a newly minted Chicago resident with a clean bill of health and all shots up to date, Eko has never visited a vet here.  However, he has charmed his way into the heart of our hometown vet who I just got off the phone with and who was happy to provide her expertise.  Based on my description, Dr. Knight doesn’t think there is anything to be overly concerned about, but since she can’t examine her favorite patient herself, she of course recommended we visit a local vet to check things out.  We have a local vet appointment shortly, and until then the good doctor has prescribed lots of rest.

rhodesian ridgeback, pet blog

The bummed out patient

rhodesian ridgeback, dog blog

Comfortably resting

There is a chance that my little wildman might be sidelined for longer than expected, but hopefully he’ll be back to full strength soon.  And there is nothing worse than when your pet is sick or injured and you can’t take care of them yourself.  Luckily there are awesome vets like Dr. Knight who are there to help! I will be sure to post an update about my patient once we visit the vet here in Chicago.

Comments for My Wounded Warrior

  1. Those long legs ending in all those delicate bones 🙁 Hope it’s just a sprain and bed rest will do the job. Suspect that treats are the only medicine Eko will swallow 😉

  2. aud says:

    Oh, poor Eko and Will, my beloved late yellow lab had gone through bouts of cancer and numerous tumor removal, so yes, I hear ya, there is nothing worse then feeling helpless when your dog is down. We all would be very anxious to read the update, but it looks from the pix you’re taking good care of him.

  3. Victoria says:

    poor little thing – take care of the big guy!!!

  4. Poor guy… it’s no fun to have a gimpy foot… we’ve dealt with that one too many times here. I hope he gets better quickly!

  5. Evelyne says:

    I hope he’ll get better soon, poor Eko! 🙁

  6. Oh no! It is always hard to have an injured wingman. We will be waiting to make sure he is ok!

  7. Oh poor Eko! I am hoping that it isn’t anything serious. I know how hard it is to move to another city and then have a sudden reason to see a vet and you don’t have one! I am sure that living in Chicago they have some great ones and Eko will get some superior care. Please give him kisses from me, Dakota and Cody

  8. Jess says:

    I have just found this blog and Im already obsessed. I love Ridgebacks, and cant wait to have one of my own! I think this is a wonderful idea and cant wait to read more about your adventures 🙂

  9. It’s so hard to see an animal in pain. Poor pooch. Best of luck with the vet visit. I hope he’s back on all fours soon.

  10. Jorie says:

    Oh, no! Get better, Eko! Lots of treats and belly rubs headed your way, I’m sure!

  11. crossing fingers and toes, that you’ll be up and about soon Eko. Do what I do when I’m sick, milk it all you can.

  12. I hope your leg is better soon . Think you need tons of treats and hugs now :o)

  13. Poor Eko! I hope you find a good vet in your new city and that Eko is his wild ol’ self again soon. 🙂

  14. Arri said to tell him to get better quick!!

  15. LuAnn says:

    Get well soon Eko! 🙂

  16. Mollie says:

    Oh poor Eko, hope you get better real soon. Popped over from Easy’s my mate’s to say Hi xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. nerdgrl says:

    Steffi sends delicate little kisses to Eko. She broke a toenail a year ago (still havent figured out how) and $300 later, she was drugged up (it really was too funny) with a bandaged paw that was good as new in no time.

  18. onebluedog says:

    Oh no, poor Eko! I hope he will not take too long to heal! Getting hurt at the dog park is the worst; it always means having to leave all the fun early 🙁

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