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December 29, 2015

One Foggy Christmas Eve

Like much of the country, we had some strange holiday weather in New Jersey. On Christmas Eve we walked outside in shorts and stepped into a deep fog. Emily, my brother and I took all the dogs out for an unseasonably warm romp in the woods. The fog made it feel more
Like much of the country, we had some strange holiday weather in New Jersey. On Christmas Eve we walked outside in shorts and stepped into a deep fog. Emily, my brother and I took all the dogs out for an unseasonably warm romp in the woods.

The fog made it feel more like Halloween than Christmas

Undeterred, the dogs dove headfirst into the mist

The pups moved like ghosts through the fog, ducking in and out of view. We often heard them before we saw them

And sometimes, we barely saw them!

Penny dashed across the trail and Eko took off in hot pursuit

We tromped through mud which should have been dirt

And crossed rushing streams which should have been long frozen

The dense fog provided quite a surreal backdrop 

They don’t have bright noses, but Eko and Penny were quite happy to guide us through the trails

It wasn’t quite the winter wonderland adventure I’d planned for, but it was certainly a lot of fun nonetheless.

Anyone else deal with some wacky holiday weather?

Comments for One Foggy Christmas Eve

  1. wow was there chocolate ice cream in that forest Penny? …the forest looks a little scary with the fog… reminds me of sleepy hollow :o)

  2. Kismet says:

    My male peep remembers driving comfortably with the top down on New Year’s Day near the Tappan Zee Bridge, north of NYC. He’s also seen it snow on August 1 (Lake Tahoe). Unpredictable weather isn’t new, just ruled predictable by the Nat’l Weather Disservice.

  3. KDKH says:

    I love your first photo! How apt. Sounds like you all had fun, and the dogs led the way! Good times….

  4. Victoria says:

    yep week of christmas was between 65-77 degrees in WV – normally it would be cold w/snow. Muff hates its because she loves cold weather and snow but Rigs is a sunbather so he loved it.

  5. coastingnz says:

    looks very moody – you could be on a film set. But yes unusual to see you posting at this time of the year with Emily in shorts! Great action shots of the pups though – and great seeing Doc in there amongst the mayhem too.

  6. YEP! It’s been equally “wacky” here in Michigan….crazy!

  7. That mud-face – yikes! I’m pretty sure I’m afraid of mud….

    Love and licks,

  8. Whacky weather to say the least. Two tornados touched down about two miles away from our home….in the foothills of the Sierras….on the California side. If I wasn’t so busy with Christmas dinner prep, I would have been out at the lake with Neeka and Khoi and had a front row seat. Hail dumped thick layers that still looked like snow three days later. It’s been so cold here, even the Canada geese are huddling in tight gaggles. And then the stunning full moon. It feels good to finally have a winter.

  9. Connie Taylor says:

    We broke our old heat record in Alabama, 84 Christmas Day and 13″ of rain so far with more to come. Crazy! Love Penny’s hunt for the best mud-pies on the trail and Eko staying clear of the muddy Penny

  10. What a fun walk and just beautiful photos.

  11. Thankfully, about a week ago it dipped below freezing and has stayed there. We had about 2″ of snow for Christmas which is better than 0″. Today we are basking in our fresh 8″ of white fluff and hoping the winter is here to stay for a couple months finally. That would just be too weird romping in shorts on Christmas unless you are in Florida or something.

  12. Alex says:

    Hey Will, whereabouts in NJ are you? I grew up in Flemington and now I’m across the river in PA…so I’m experiencing the same bizarre weather! My RR refuses to go out in the rain, so the last couple of days have been tons of fun!

  13. We were in Palm Desert with 40 degree mornings! Hope you had a great holiday.

  14. Tietser says:

    Here in the Netherlands we now have Mediterranean temperatures wich suits our Greek rescue pup just fine. When she just got here she was not familiar with any weather other than sunny blue skies. Actually just after she arrived here in Holland she would carefully inspect puddles of water the rain had left, question the existence of these weird phenomena until her curiousity took over and make her jump right in. She would then attempt to wrestle the water to the ground in order to kill it leaving her very dissapointed because her wild attempts to do so made no difference. The water wouldn’t die. Biting it didn’t help either. In her teens she preferred to dance with the puddles instead of trying to kill them. Now as a (very sophisticated) senior citizen she firmly belives that she is able to walk between the raindrops and just cannot understand they somehow always seem to find her.

  15. We had wonderful warm weather the week before, followed by a day of rain.then we woke to an unpredicted 8 inch snow fall Christmas Eve! Who can say what is going on with Mother Nature?

  16. Geri Zeibert says:

    Why is Doc the only dog on leash? Great photos and lovely to have the whole extended family enjoying the outdoors togetherness!

  17. fredrieka says:

    you were in shorts, on Christmas it was real foggy here in Michigan and Riley was here we played like crazy, it was a little colder but not so bad that we did not have fun playing outside

  18. How fun! The woods look very atmospheric.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  19. Bet you’ve been missing those warmer temps since going back home? Yeah, thought so. 🙂

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