The Evil Elf

This may not come as a shock, but for the majority of my childhood I did not pay much attention to what was going on around me.  Therefore, it was an annual tradition that I had no idea when picture day was at school.  Each year I would show up at my elementary school and …

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Dog Mountain

Eko and I have visited tons of interesting and fun pet-friendly destinations, but we have never come across a place as unique and moving as Dog Mountain. Dog Mountain, located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, is the realization of the dream of artist Stephen Huneck and his wife Gwendolyn.  The property includes open fields and trails along …

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Behind The Scenes – A Day In The Life

Eko and I are headed up to Dog Mountain for the day, but before we go we thought we would answer a question we get asked pretty frequently – “What do you guys when you are not exploring and going on awesome adventures?”  This video has all the answers:

All Aboard!

I’m fairly certain that the majority of my life goals are based on the exploits of heroes from children’s books.  I love(d) Where The Wild Things Are and I always dreamed of going on adventures with wild creatures.  Now here I am traveling the country with Mr. Eko. On Sunday night I got to check …

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Life On The Farm

Just up the road from the Inn by the Sea, I saw a flag welcoming visitors to Alewive’s Brook Farm.  I took the dusty road back to the farm and found a very cool family farm shop. The farm carries on the Maine tradition of unique signs Alewive sells tons of fresh fruits and vegetables …

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