First Comes Dog, Then Comes Marriage

I’m not entirely sure why Emily agreed to marry me, but at this point it’s probably best I not ask too many questions. What I do know is that none of this – this channel, this blog, or this man – would have been possible without her love.

If someone you love wants to get a dog, I hope this video gives you a reason to hear them out!

Spring Loaded

Spring is less a season and more of a state of mind for Zero and Penny. The weather has been slow to adopt that state of mind, but we’re savoring every brief glimpse of the sun we can get! Side note, if you’re wondering why the site currently looks like an idiot designed it….mystery solved! I’m trying to make some updates, but as always, I have no idea what I’m doing so things may look wonky for a bit/forever.

Five Years of Mayhem

Was Penny the dog of my dreams? Absolutely not, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Ever since her ship crash landed on our planet five years ago, Penny’s infused our lives with her cosmic energy.

Sure, we may have lost pieces of our sanity along the way, but I’ve never had more than a tenuous grip on those to begin with.

“Watch Out For That One. She’ll Test You.”

A few gray hairs huddle together on the underside of Penny’s cheek — wisely hoping to escape her notice, I suspect. The first and only scar Eko gave her, a nick across the nose during an ambitious foray into his dinner, has faded to all but my own eyes. Past her signature neck whorl is a patina of scrapes, scabs and well worn paw pads. The crown of the ridge running along her back, like the girl herself, remains as reliably off kilter as the day I carried her home.

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Making A Moment Count

I used to think meaningful moments in life were a discovery trekked to or stumbled upon. But Lincoln, Penny and Zero remind me that these moments must be purposefully crafted. Not because a particular time or place is special, but because we decide to make it so.

Better Versions of Ourselves

Whoever we are, we are better for having a dog. While we can often hide from ourselves, there’s no hiding from our pups. They need our love, our care, and our best effort.

In the moment, I’m not always excited to go out in the freezing cold in the morning, but I’m always grateful Penny and Zero get me out there. I am unequivocally better for it.

A Collar Worthy of Your Dog

In one of my most vivid memories from childhood I am holding Indy, our aged and infirm family Dalmatian, on the floor of the veterinarian’s office with my mother. Suffering from interminable seizures, and nearly unable to walk, Indy is past the point where we can convince ourselves that even the most dedicated and loving care offers him comfort.

The vet speaks to us kindly in a hushed voice and we soothe Indy while I watch the viscous pink fluid push through the IV. I’m shocked by how quickly Indy dies. One moment I’m holding my dog, and in the space between breaths he is gone.

What sticks with me most about that moment is not Indy’s death. It is the strange feeling I had that the lifeless body I held afterwards was not him. A feeling that the spotted coat in my arms was just that, a coat Indy left behind as he flew away with the air of that last breath.

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The Love We Share

I used to believe love was a spark. That feeling when the steel of my soul struck against the flint of another’s and set my heart on fire.

We remember sparks vividly. The electricity of a first kiss. The awe of holding your child for the first time. The serenity of first meeting your dog and realizing they were always your dog – it just took a bit of time to find each other.

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