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January 23, 2013

Puss In Boots

I’m posting a little late today because I only just caught my breath from laughing so hard.  A biting cold has set in here in Chicago, so I decided that today would finally be the day I picked up Eko a pair (a quartet?) of boots for his paws.

I’m posting a little late today because I only just caught my breath from laughing so hard.  A biting cold has set in here in Chicago, so I decided that today would finally be the day I picked up Eko a pair (a quartet?) of boots for his paws.  Our daily urban adventures really take a toll on Eko’s paws and the cold weather makes it much more likely he will injure himself.

Rhodesian Ridgeback blog

Eko can always tell when something strange is afoot (apaw?), and as we got to the pet store he gave me his patented “I know you’re up to something” look.

Thanks to lots of reader feedback, I knew it was crucial to get Eko fitted in person/dog so that we got the right pair.  Luckily, the Ruffwear box had a handy measuring chart just like at the shoe store.

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When lined up properly, Eko’s paw size meant he needed a large boot

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos from putting the boots on Eko because I was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady.  Eko was amicable about getting the boots on and I made sure he was well rewarded for his patience.  The true joy was watching him awkwardly dance around the store as he walked in boots for the first time.  Eko did not find the boots quite as funny as I did.

pet adventure

“Excuse me miss, you are going to take these off now, right?  Right?”

I couldn’t help but remember the first time my parents stuck me in a dress suit.  I fidgeted and awkwardly struggled to get comfortable while they just laughed themselves silly.  Like Eko, I didn’t find the occasion funny either, but I’m hoping that just as I came to appreciate a good suit for the right occasion, Eko will appreciate the boots for their protection.  For the moment however, his appreciation levels are hovering somewhere around zero.

Rhodesian Ridgeback photo

“Do you see me laughing, Will?”

Our ten minute walk to the pet store turned into about a thirty minute trek home.  Eko huffed and puffed the whole way home, but in between giggles I did my best to heap lots of praise on him.  Eko is currently sleeping off the trauma of being forced to wear boots, but we will give a full test-report on the boots tomorrow.

Anyone have any particular tips about acclimating their pup to boots or any other related tricks?  I may need all the help I can get on this one!  Eko and I have a winter adventure in the works for the end of February and I want to make sure he is comfortable with the boots by then.

Comments for Puss In Boots

  1. aud says:

    have him wear them for 10 minutes every other day throughout the day (in and out of the house) and each time give him treats, do this 1 week before your trip.

  2. Tiffany F. says:

    He does not look impressed. Haha

  3. Awwww, these doggy boots are so stylish 🙂

  4. Victoria says:

    oh my – as always you sure make me laugh – poor Eko – let me know how it goes – i need to get boots for my dogs but haven’t yet because i don’t think i can get them to leave them on.

  5. Is he doing that thing where he picks up his foot and sort of lurches into each step? Sort of like he’s stepping over something really high? That’s what Dottie did when she had to wear boots when she hurt one of her paws. I hated to laugh but it was really funny.

  6. Marcela says:

    Lol. Omg, Eko looks mad at you. The very first time I made my first dog wear a sweater, I had to ask my girlfriend to put it on him because I could not stop laughing just like you. And Casey, just like Eko looked pissed off, but complied with Cynthia since she was the only one not laughing. Eko looks so cute with those boots:)

  7. hahahahahaha I can only imagine and that is why I am laughing so hard! You must share a video!

  8. Come on Will, number one is not to laugh… erm… at all.. at your… erm… ha ha ha! Poor Eko, he’ll get there 😀

  9. Evelyne says:

    I don’t even need a video to laugh here (I’m crying from the laugh, actually) LOL I’ve been there, done that and can picture the scene in my mind!!!

    Trying to make cats wear any kind of footwear (‘paw-wear’? ‘pawear’?) is even funnier (to us, they do not like it at all!) They remind me of Charlie Chaplin, when he makes that scene when he tries to shake some dirt off his foot….. LOL!

    Good luck with that, dogs or cats do not like any thing on their paws, whatsoever. I could not succeed with mine, sorry… I’ll be cheering for you both to manage it, though.

    Here the problem is excessive heat, it can hurt their paws badly too.

  10. Jen says:

    I have 4 dogs & I usually just put the 2 front boots on for a few minutes each time to get used to them. Naturally Eko won’t like them at first but will slowly get used to them. There’s a slightly newer kind & slightly less expensive boot from Muttlucks called Hot dogs. It’s a bit easier to get on them. Don’t forget a dog coat since your in Chicago. Good luck in your travels.

  11. catchatcaren says:

    I REALLY have to think about this one. For once, I am speechless!

  12. hahahahahaha
    I tried socks on Doggy, I couldn’t stop laughing.
    You should have recorded it.

  13. Dawn says:

    Way too cute!!! My dogs would hate me if I made them wear those. Youre a good sport Eko. I cant believe Will laughed at you. )

  14. onebluedog says:

    Eko looks very smart in those fancy new shoes! I bet if he wears them for a few minutes at a time and gets lots of delicious treats for it he will learn to like them just a little more 🙂

  15. Uncle Austin says:

    I think Eko is wearing the puppy version of Air Jordans. Its tough for a dog to dunk a basketball with all four paws covered.

  16. Steven/Buddy says:

    I feel you guys here!
    When I tried to put boots on Buddy, the cat and mouse chase was on for us. Buddy did not like them at all. I even tried socks for Buddy to see if that would help and make it more comfortable for him? Nope!
    Then after Buddy and I checked out the internet we found Musher’s Secret its a Paw Protection that’s 100%a Natural Waxes also non toxic, non staining and safe and easy to use.
    It prevents build up of snow and ice on the paws, excellent protection from salt burn caused by ice melting chemicals also sandburn from the beach, hot asphalt in the summer. Keeps raw pads supple and helps prevent old calloused paws from slipping on smooth surfaces.

    This stuff is great for your dogs paws, plus your own hands to.
    I have been using it now for about a year and love it.
    Check it out.

  17. raisingdaisy says:

    We never could get Daisy to wear boots either. It’s hysterical when we put them on her though – she takes these HUGE steps like she’s stepping over giant rocks and spreads her legs out too. After about 5 steps she just stops and freezes completely until we take them off her. LOL!!

  18. Gizmo says:

    I’m afraid this problem is outside my realm of experience but I ask you to puhleeze take a vido tomorrow cause I’m sure it’s even funnier than I’m imagining…Pssst Eko we’re laughing with you, not at you I promise

  19. Teju says:

    hahaa! loved Eko’s expression with his boots on! 😀

  20. Eko certainly looks one very sporty dog! We have often thought of boots for our dogs but for the opposite reason – very hot footpaths and bitumen, and we also had a problem with ant bites on some of our walks. Good luck with getting him to keep wearing them – I think I would have a lot of trouble convincing mine to keep them on!!!

  21. harrispen says:

    Poor Eko! We’ve only needed to put booties on our dogs when the temps get near zero, but while they would walk around the house all funny as soon as they hit the back yard full of snow they totally forgot they had boots on. Good luck.


  22. Duncanymama says:

    Awwww hahahaha. My boy was “no way am I gonna wear those” even though he cries when hims paws get too cold.

  23. Mandy says:

    Love Eko.
    Don’t worry he will get use to the boots

  24. Zena says:

    They look very cool boots from here. The Help threatened to put me in boots once to stop me scratching but fortunately she chose to put me in a coat instead – not that I liked that either!

  25. Boomdeeadda says:

    quite the fashion statement. I love the red…very sporty looking. Sorry, I haven’t any tips. I don’t know about Chicago, but they throw rock salt all over the sidewalks here and I can only say I got some on my fingers one day and it hurt and stung like mad. So very good idea on the foot wear.

  26. Ooh, he might never get used to them…but as a protection from the salt it may still be a good idea. When I lived with my dogs in NYC the winters were horrifying because of the salt on the street. Now we are in the country side in Sweden and it gets really cold, today it is 9F, but the dogs are ok. I just need to make the walks shorter and more frequent. Today we were joined by their friend and they were running in the deep freezing snow together! If we are just trekking along and they get bored they definetly feel it more and will start to get cold paws. Taking their mind off the paws and having some play fun helps. Yet with the salt I find that nothing helps except boots! Good luck!

  27. Clowie says:

    They look good! I’d agree with the people who are saying wear the boots for a short time and lots of tasty treats. I hope it goes well.

  28. Emmadog says:

    Well, I have NO time for boots or shoes, but my Kuvasz sister does not seem to mind wearing them at all. She only wears one usually when she has an injury. It takes about 2 minutes and she forgets all about it. Poor Eko, we forgot that you Ridgebacks like to stay warm…we are freezing here in MN with below zero temps but we have enough fur so we are ok with it, just taking shorter walks.

  29. I didn’t catch that you are in chicago (my hometown)!!! Awesome. Love the pics/story. Our dog love his booties soooo much that he ripped them to shreds 🙂

    But there is nothing funnier than the first few steps of a dog with booties on. Hahahaha

  30. We have never been successful at getting our dogs to wear boots. Good luck with getting Eko to wear them!

  31. I can’t believe you are wearing boots ;o) I tried this – but now one of this thingys rests in pieces ;o)

  32. Steven/Buddy says:

    Will & Eko
    I forgot to let you know where I found Musher’s Secret for a great Low price. Just for anyone info, I do not work for, get a discount or get anything free from this company, I just like to shop around to get the best Value for my dollars and the more i can save on items , the more I can buy for Buddy . So I shopped around for Musher’s Secret and found the 1lb container is the best price, they go for $28.50 for a lb container , But at EntirelyPets.com it is $17.99 for a 1lb container.
    So just want you guys to know this great ideal if you ever going to try this?
    I use it on Buddy and his pads are in great shape and no more drying or cracking in the winter months for him any more !
    So this is up to Will and Eko if you guys want to post this ? Just wanted to help you and everyone save some money.
    Thanks for a great Blog

  33. caitlin says:

    Loooove the boots!!

  34. Maikai says:

    Cold in CT, too – my 13 yrs young Lab (with us a year now, yay) got his first set of booties a fleece jacket yesterday. He was a bit wobbly on 3 legs as I got the boots on him, but hes always so excited to go out he never tried to shake them off. Didnt slow him down at all, think he even figured out they were pretty darn practical. I did watch closely that they stayed on his feet as he walked into snow, but they worked great. Good luck to you Eko!

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