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December 11, 2014

Queen of the Hill

These are the very unremarkable stairs at my apartment. They go up! They go down! They are stairs! For Eko, Emily, me and most of our guests, the stairs are a forgettable incline between the front door and our unit. Penny, however, has quite the puppy-imagination and dreams
These are the very unremarkable stairs at my apartment.11.1

They go up! They go down! They are stairs!

For Eko, Emily, me and most of our guests, the stairs are a forgettable incline between the front door and our unit. Penny, however, has quite the puppy-imagination and dreams the stairs are some sort of mountain kingdom she must defend.

After our walks, Eko just wants to head back up to our apartment in peace. Penny has other ideas and dashes by him in order to achieve a tactical advantage.


“Penny, are we really doing this again?”


With a sigh, Eko trots up the stairs while Penny springs her attack from the landing.



Eko good-naturedly suffers Penny’s theatrics for a short time before letting her know she’d better get her butt in gear.


“Penny, it is not wise to get between a Ridgeback and his breakfast.”


Penny flees up the stairs in haste, but by the time she gets to my door she’s regained her mettle and turns to face the invader.




The battle rages for five to ten seconds but the only casualties are a couple of shoes knocked loose


The show ends as quickly as it begins and the actors await the curtain to let them backstage

Never a dull moment with these two. Even walking up the stairs is an adventure!

Anyone else have pups who like to play king of the hill?

Comments for Queen of the Hill

  1. fredrieka says:

    Old Cissy and I maneuver hip check to get out the door we left hair and other things attached to the door frame so momwithoutpaws put a stop to it and makes us go out one at a time, old girl first. Woof not fair

  2. meANXIETYme says:

    Yup, with the steps on our deck and the steps up to the deck on my parents’ house (with their yellow lab). Someone is always chasing someone off the deck as if she were Queen of the deck. Funny thing is, it’s usually Butthead being chased off, no matter whose deck it is! Guess she knows where SHE stands. 🙂

  3. We have stairs that lead down to our front door (or up to our cars), and Sammie can’t seem to take them SLOWLY. It’s always a race and we must sprint up or down them as fast as we possibly can!

  4. Mindy Cromwell says:

    Our girl the Monsta is the same way, she has to beat the other 3 up the stairs, or into the house or garage and then hides around the corner to pounce on the next one in line!

  5. coastingnz says:

    after very beach walk from home – we have our own track down to the beach from our house and it is always the same nearing the top – Ziggy is waiting around the corner or at the top of the steps and the game is on. As Eko, Nico also just looks as if to say “really” but he plays the game never-the-less.

  6. Cody just used to like playing the I’m Claiming The Pillows for a Nap game.

  7. That is too hilarious and beyond adorable! Penny is a trip! The only battle for supremacy here is Cody and he ALWAYS wins!

  8. T&S says:

    Its funny how you learn to walk on stairs without falling down when you have RRs… our guests walk carefully with fear 🙂

  9. raisingdaisy says:

    This was hysterical, Will!!! My daughter is going to LOVE these pics. She just loves Penny’s antics and the expressions on her sweet little face!

  10. dad2paisley says:

    Our dogs love going up steps and the go in the bedrooms and jump on the bed and then back down.

  11. Emmadog says:

    We have a landing on our staircase that Bailie has adopted as her “spot”. Sometimes when I want to pick a fight or irritate her, I will go and lay there and refuse to move. That is as far as it goes, though. She retreats and goes to Mom who tells me to knock it off.

  12. I’m always afraid my gang is going to go rolling down the stairs, ok I’m more worried about me.

  13. scarlybobs says:

    I thought it was just my crazy pups who did this!!

    Our two are obsessed with fighting on the stairs, to the point where Kasper has knocked Zoey down them! We had to get a stair gate to block them off completely, so no more stair antics for them 🙂

  14. Cathy & Banjo says:

    It is so hilarious how Penny spreads out her airplane ears to full wingspan in order to more fully defend the passage!

  15. Bravo! Bravo! What a splendid play, we could watch it all day.
    Wally & Sammy

  16. Awwww whee love that last pigture. Butter wouldn’t melt, right?! ^_^


  17. I wish all battles would end that way…. we can learn a lot of things from dogs :o)

  18. Gotta love Penny…everything is a game.

  19. Hee, hee-love it. When my Old English Sheepdogs were still alive, they used to ‘engage’ in a game we called “King of the Trampoline” and who ended staying on it. My female would loudly bark non-stop at me if I tried to use it so I just ended up putting a dog bed on it. She’d bark at the male if he was on it and act like she wanted to wrestle with him but inevitably as soon as he got down to play with her, she’d hop up and lay on it and give him the old stink eye like ‘what do YOU want?’ It was hilarious and she duped him regularly until they both crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Like you said, never a dull moment with a pair and these canine comedians always made me laugh. While Sam is totally goofy, he never had deliberate comic delivery that those two had! 🙂 After your post about losing a dog, I’ve thought about them a lot (and cried even more) but this gave me a reason to smile about sweet memories. Loved those crazy sheepdogs and all those King of the Trampoline episodes. Thanks for triggering a sweet (and funny memory) of those two clowns. Have a ‘pawsome’ weekend!

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