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April 9, 2015

Say Hello to My Little Friend

On account of the Canine Influenza epidemic, Chicago’s dog scene is currently the anti-social network. We can’t hang at our usual haunts but the weather is gray and rainy so at least we’re not missing out on beautiful days. While we can’t be social, I’ve been thinking about all
On account of the Canine Influenza epidemic, Chicago’s dog scene is currently the anti-social network. We can’t hang at our usual haunts but the weather is gray and rainy so at least we’re not missing out on beautiful days. While we can’t be social, I’ve been thinking about all the socialization the pups do get from our usual trips. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how Eko and Penny prefer to introduce themselves. Not surprisingly, Eko and (especially) Penny are both quite direct. 9.1

“The name’s Penny. Nice doing business with ya.”ย 


“Good to see you again, Doc!”

Eko likes to sniff hello to all the pups in our area of the beach, but if Penny sees a new dog enter the park half a mile away she dashes off to introduce herself. Even if they’re otherwise engaged.


“Hey, I know you’re playing fetch, but do you have a minute to talk about being friends?”

And sometimes she’s so eager to say hello that other dogs never even see her coming.


Penny-hug incoming in 3…





Luckily Penny hit the skids and her new friend (and your brave photographer) were able to jump out of the way. Penny can’t help it, she just loves making new pals.


“Hi, I just have to say I love your jacket.”


“And your hair, my gosh! You must tell me what conditioner you use.”

As a young puppy, Penny was convinced every dog was her best friend. Thankfully she’s learned that not all dogs are extroverts like her.


“Fine then, I’ll go find other friends.”

Eko was a wild extrovert in his youth too, so I suspect Penny will also settle down from “life of the party” to “social butterfly.” Or at least that’s my hope.

But there is certainly more than one way to make friends. Does your pup like to chase? Be chased? Wrestle? Play fetch with pals? Or do they just prefer to do their own thing?

Comments for Say Hello to My Little Friend

  1. Elyse says:

    I love the 321 photos!

    Duncan is a wild and crazy guy, except at the dog park. We let him run in the woods at a park near our house, and he runs and plays. But the dog park intimidates him. That’s just as well as far as I’m concerned. The dog park is nothing like your dog beach!

  2. This post is just too cute! Awesome pics ๐Ÿ™‚ My 1 year-old rescue pup is definitely a social butterfly, too . . . we can never meet too many new friends.

  3. It’s amazing to see the different pawsonalities of dogs… Easy could be Penny’s twin, I sometimes wonder how careful he can be when he meets smaller pups, I wish he would act that way too when he says hell-o to me every morning :o)

  4. Victoria says:

    we (Muffing & Rigs) start with behind sniffing and then move on to watching the newcomer to see if its friend or foe, then a bow and a bark and then we run and judge their response

  5. meANXIETYme says:

    I love all the pictures and your corresponding captions! Your pups are so lucky to have a great place like that to romp, as well as lots of good-natured dogs to romp with.
    We don’t do dog parks and our social circle is kind of small, so we’re not sure how our dogs would great stranger-dogs in a space like yours. I’d like to see how our dogs would respond (they are both good-natured), but probably not going to happen for us. ๐Ÿ™

  6. dashlilly says:

    My Dash is a wild greeter! Even now at his ripe old age of 8. All dogs at the park are greeted by Dash. “Hi guys! Welcome to the park!” Even when he is on leash and we are walking along he has to stop to say hello to all humans and canines. So funny! The RRs that are at our park aren’t quite as greeting friendly — bet they are far too mature!!

  7. KarenS says:

    All but fetch. RR’s simply do not understand why chase, bring back to chase again. Keep away is a favorite. Get the ball. Run with the ball until bored with the ball. Drop the ball for an opportunity to enjoy a game of chase. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Emmadog says:

    Bailie hasn’t slowed down yet, we think she may be a social butterfly forever at this point. It is fine, she is my PR dog and it suits her well. I’m way more reserved and laid back.

  9. Kismet says:

    Penny would have a lot more friends if she didn’t have to suffer the “big snip”.

  10. KDKH says:

    My (much smaller) dogs mainly hide behind my ankles when they meet other dogs. We aren’t a fan of the (imagined toxic pit of contagions) small dog parks. Our dogs are a bit more cat-like introverts.

  11. Mine do there own thing. Great friend photos.

  12. she just cracks me up. sorry my friend, she is a fire sign, I am fairly certain she is going to continue to be super exuberant and gregarious!!! Dakota is more of a “do my own thing” kinda guy….he would probably be afraid of Penny! lol

  13. Shana and Hobbes says:

    Hobbes, our Vizsla is definitely a greeter like Penny. He is anxious to go see everyone as soon as his feet hit the sand at our dog beach and not just the dogs, well initially the dogs but then the people too. As soon as the leash is off he is off like a shot, zooming up and down looking for anyone who will run with him. Not too many dogs are faster than him so it is typically him being chased at first. He will also do the play bow/play bark to get things going and has resorted to stealing toys to get other pups to chase him. Funny his favorite friend on the beach is a RR pup named Louis and they have a blast together running, wrestling and playing tug!

  14. raisingdaisy says:

    Haha I love the way Penny introduces herself to new friends! If you can believe it, Daisy may be even a touch crazier than Penny in her introductions – she pounces and jumps all over even BIG dogs and usually they’re not too impressed. Maybe Daisy and Penny have a soul connection somewhere… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Good luck with the settling down from โ€œlife of the partyโ€ to โ€œsocial butterfly.โ€ Sam is 9-1/2 and still the extreme social butterfly though more like Eko with his exuberant greetings but they are less sustained than when he was younger (plus he’s easily distracted with the next thing on his travails-usually by any accompanying biped). ๐Ÿ™‚

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