The A.W.E.S.O.M.E Awards – Dallas, Texas

dog friendly dallas

It is good to be a dog in Texas.  Over the past three weeks we have found some of our favorite destinations in the whole country and it was tough leaving those places behind.  Here are some of the awesome places we’ll miss in Dallas:

dog friendly dallas

Eko will definitely miss his steer buddies

A.W.E.S.O.M.E Dog Park Bark Park – We visited Dallas’ three most popular dog parks, and while each one had something going for it, Bark Park won us over with it’s unique design and atmosphere.  We always love it when dog parks can help make the community   come together – even if it’s under a freeway.

A.W.E.S.O.M.E Tour – M-Line Trolley– Kick up your feet/paws on a ride in one of Dallas’ historic trolleys.  There is no better way to get a (free!) tour of Uptown and your pup will enjoy cruising the streets in style as much as you do.

A.W.E.S.O.M.E Time Travel Trip – Heritage Village – For nine bucks you can take a stroll through time to see how Texans lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The grounds are a great place for a walk and you can check out some really cool historic homes on the way.

A.W.E.S.O.M.E Park – Pioneer Paza– It’s worth the trip just to see the bronze statues, but the plaza also has a Civil War era cemetery and plenty of green space.  If you’re downtown, you should definitely swing by.

A.W.E.S.O.M.E Hotel – Aloft – One word: perch.  Thanks to Aloft, I may have to build a permanent perch for Eko when we aren’t living in a car anymore.  Aloft is a cool hotel in the heart of downtown and it puts you close to Bark Park and tons of other great spots.

In sum: Texas you have a special place in our hearts and you have set the bar for the rest of the trip!

We dodged some flash floods getting to OKC and it now looks like we may have to contend with Thunderstorms for the week.  But if Ben Franklin and his key could handle it, then Eko and I got this no problem.


Aloft In His Perch: Eko’s Favorite Spot In Dallas

The Aloft Hotel in downtown Dallas has a lot going for it – great location, easy parking, no weight limits for pets and a bunch of other nice perks.  But as far as Eko was concerned, there was only one amenity he cared about – the perch.

Aloft was converted into a hotel from an old warehouse, so between the desk and the wall there was a small ledge at window height.  Eko fell in love with that little nook and basically spent the entire week there sunbathing and watching the world go by.

dog friendly hotel dallas

Eko watched over the city like Batman

dog friendly hotel dallas

And checked in with me to see how the posts were coming

dog friendly hotel dallas

“Hey Will, are there any treats left?”

We had a great week at Aloft for a lot of reasons, but Eko would like to personally thank whoever decided to build that ledge.  It really made his week.

The only thing I know about Oklahoma is that the state borders were designed in tribute to the “We’re #1” foam finger, so this week should be full of discoveries.  We had an amazing three weeks in Texas so a big tip of our imaginary cowboy hat to Houston, Austin and Dallas.

See you in OKC!

Dog Friendly Dallas: A Dog Park Urban Oasis

As a general rule, you usually don’t want to be hanging out underneath the freeway.  However, some brilliant minds in Dallas turned one of the most undesirable urban locations into a really great dog park.

dog friendly dallas dog park

I give you, the Deep Ellum Bark Park

The park isn’t huge, but it’s plenty big enough for your dog to get in a good run.  Each pillar in the park was painted by a different artist and the portraits and graffiti are definitely worth checking out.  During our trip to Bark Park this afternoon Eko made fast friends with a German Shorthaired Pointer.  The two wasted little time before turning into side by side blurs bouncing around the park.

dog friendly dallas dog park

Runners on your marks

dog friendly dallas dog parkGet set

dog friendly dallas dog park


We’re headed to Oklahoma City tomorrow, but Eko had so much fun at Bark Park that we may just have to make one more stop before we get on our way.

Lastly, one of our readers from Oklahoma named Sara wanted to meet up with us at her favorite park in OKC, but unfortunately she didn’t leave any contact info.  Sara (and all other OKC residents) drop us a line at so we can set something up!

Dog Friendly Dallas: Day Of The Dog Park

Somebody should  call up Guinness, because I’m pretty sure Eko and I have to be getting close to the record for “Most Dog Parks Visited In One Year.”  We added two more Dallas dog parks to our list yesterday afternoon.  We started off with a visit to Wagging Tail, Dallas’ newest dog park.

dog friendly dallas

Eko loved darting through the small groves on either end of the park

dog friendly dallas

And of course he had to check out the new four month old puppy

Next we stopped by White Rock, Dallas’ first dog park.

dog park dallas

Two dog parks in one day?  Even Eko couldn’t believe his good luck

dog park dallas

If your dog likes to swim, White Rock has an area where dogs can hit the river

dog friendly dallas

After the park we took another ride on the trolley, but Eko was a bit more tired this time around

We’re still figuring out our St. Patrick’s Day Eve plans, so let us know if you have any ideas!

Dog Friendly Dallas: Trolley Tour Update

Since our subway ride in Boston, we hadn’t found another city that welcomes pets on public transportation.  Thankfully that trend was broken this week with Dallas’ pet friendly M-Line trolleys.

dog friendly dallas

You and your pup can hop on the trolley anywhere you see this sign

Not only are the trolleys free, but they are also the best way to take a tour of uptown Dallas.  You can hop off to take a walk along Turtle Creek Park, and then catch the trolley at the other end of the park to continue checking out the sights.

dog friendly dallas

Eko assumed the role of the tour guide and welcomed aboard all new passengers

dog friendly dallas

Just your average tourist

There is definitely something relaxing about cruising around in a trolley and we had a great time taking in the sights of uptown Dallas.  Eko enjoyed the trolley and today I can tell he’s looking to do some cruising under his own power. We’ll be checking out two of Dallas’ dog parks, Wagging Tail and White Rock, so let us know if you’re around or if you have your own favorite off-leash spot in the area.

Eko On Board



Eko and I are taking a tour of the city on one of Dallas’ historic trolleys.  It’s a very cool way to see the area and it sure beats driving.  So if you’re in the area, be on the lookout for a Ridgeback with his head halfway out the trolley window.

Dog Friendly Dallas: The Time Traveler Edition

After wrangling steer yesterday morning, we continued our history lesson with a visit to Dallas Heritage Village.  The Village is a grouping of restored structures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Dogs aren’t allowed in the buildings, but they are welcome to join you on a tour of the grounds, which is definitely the best part of the park.

dog friendly dallas

Unbeknownst to me, Eko and a small child had a Wild West standoff

dog friendly dallas

Even Eko might have a tough time chasing down this lion

dog friendly dallas

Thankfully this did not turn into a Ridgeback in a hen house situation

dog friendly dallas

I can also tell you that the fences at the village are very well built and your dog couldn’t wriggle into the sheep’s pen if he tried.  And boy did he try

 We’re going to continue our journey through time with a ride on one of Dallas’ vintage trolleys. If you know any good stops along the way, be sure to drop us a line.  And thanks to @LadyHawk875 for the recommendation!

Dog Friendly Dallas: Rodeo Practice

There is no way we are leaving Texas without wrangling some cattle, but there is no way we have even the slightest qualifications to do so.  Luckily we found a perfect solution right outside our hotel doors.  The Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive is the largest bronze sculpture of its kind in the world and consists of three cowboys and seventy steers.  For the morning at least, it also contained one Ridgeback.

dog friendly dallas

Eko dreamed of steering steer

dog friendly dallas

And leading them across the plains of Texas

dog friendly dallas

No steer would be lost with Eko on the prowl

Pioneer Park is also the large park downtown, so in addition to being a great place to pretend you’re a cowboy, it’s also the best spot in the area to take your dog for a walk.

It looks like the clouds followed us up from Austin, but hopefully the rain holds off while we explore the city this afternoon.

Let us know if you have a favorite pet-friendly Dallas destination we should visit!