Why I Purchased My Rhodesian Ridgebacks From A Responsible Breeder

On the day I picked up each one of my dogs I handed over a check for nearly two thousand dollars. That is a lot of money.

My decision to pay a large sum for a puppy is a contentious one amongst dog lovers. For many, a line has been drawn and anyone who does not acquire their dog from a shelter or rescue is the on the wrong side.

But I don’t see my decision to purchase my dogs from an ethical breeder as oppositional to rescue efforts, I see it as complementary to them. I think it’s worth explaining why.

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Slack Friday

We certainly had plenty to be thankful for this year, but two big moments stand out. One, marrying the love of my life And two, moving from a crowded rental apartment… To a much larger condo we bought. Although sometimes I’m not sure what the point of the extra space is If I had to …

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[VIDEO] Eko The Camera Dog

Automation is the future. That’s why I’m slowly training Eko and Penny to take over the blog. For starters, Eko took over video duty for our trip to Prairie Wolf Dog preserve. Check out the trip from his point of view:

Fired Up

We’ve enjoyed unseasonably warm weather this week, but a couple chilly evenings last week prompted the pups to take extreme measures to stay cozy. There were dog piles And piles of blankets One particularly dreary day left the pups wet and cold It seemed like the perfect time to test out our favorite wintertime amenity – the …

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[VIDEO] Slumber Party!

We’re headed out of town for a wedding, so Eko and Penny are hosting a slumber party at the apartment while we’re away. Time to let loose and see how many treats they can connive out of my brother while Emily and I are gone!