Recipe for a tired puppy

Penny’s post-op prison sentence continues, but since she’s healing well I decided to give the inmate a limited parole. It was a beautiful day out yesterday so we took a visit to hang with my brother’s pup, Doc. My brother has a small but sunny backyard, perfect for soaking up rays On her best days Penny can …

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Puppy’s New Bed

I remember the first time I tried a fish stick. “Well, this is the height of what the sea has to offer me,” I thought. Who could have ever imagined there could be any seafood more delectable than the glorious fish stick?? Of course, as I grew up I quickly realized my beloved fish stick …

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[VIDEO] Hope Springs Anew

You can never replace a dog, but you can always find a dog desperately in need of your love. My brother found that dog in his senior adoptee, Doc. In return, Doc has helped my brother rediscover his smile. I couldn’t be happier for them both.