Best Beach Buds

Winter isn’t making it easy, but Spring is waging a desperate struggle to shake off the cold and gray skies. Yesterday the sun peaked out just long enough to remind us to keep hope alive. And what better way to enjoy the moment than to hit the beach with your best friend?  For the first …

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[VIDEO] I’m One Lucky Dog

It’s St. Patrick’s Day (weekend) here in Chicago, and that has me thinking about luck. Hard work, effort and planning are all an important part of life, but often you need a bit of luck to make it all come together.  And when it comes to Eko, I certainly owe lady luck a debt.

Life In A Snow Globe

Ever wonder what life would be like inside a snow globe? Me neither, but Mother Nature decided to show us anyway.  A swirling snow descended on Chicago yesterday, so our afternoon walk became an afternoon arctic expedition. After just a few minutes outside Eko and I were both blanketed in snow The snow caused a …

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Happy Birthday Eko!

Today is Eko’s third birthday.  The past three years of my life have been the most exciting, fun and adventurous years of my life.  Coincidence? I think not.  We invited Riley over to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately the lackwit Master of Ceremonies purchased a birthday hat that was just a bit too large for the (displeased) …

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