Dog Friendly Montana: Yellowstone Park

My camera was sorely missed during yesterday’s trip to Yellowstone.  No camera can do justice to how beautiful and amazing the park is, but my cell phone camera couldn’t even begin to capture the majesty of what we saw.  Just know that you should never pass up the opportunity to visit Yellowstone, it is one of the most incredible places I have ever been.

dog friendly montana

And for the dogs, don’t forget the dogs!

dog friendly montana

Eko and I decided we’d flip a coin to see whether to head north or south

dog friendly montana

Even Eko knew better than to jump in the rapids.  Much better to enjoy the view from the bank

dog friendly montana

We saw Elk, deer, buffalo and a number of other animals roaming throughout the park. Have I mentioned that I really missed my camera?

dog friendly montana

We made it as far south as Old Faithful and arrived with perfect timing.  As we walked down the path a cloud cracked with thunder and the geyser erupted.  It felt like Eko and I were in the final scene of a movie and about to battle the devil

If you look up Yellowstone’s pet policy it seems restrictive because pets aren’t allowed on the trails or up at the hot springs.  However, our trip to the park was amazing and we found plenty of other pets enjoying Yellowstone.  Pets are welcome in all public areas and can hop out at all stops along the road as long as they’re leashed. And in my opinion, the best part of the visit was when we were in the car.  I rolled down the windows, put on some tunes and we cruised through one of the most beautiful parts of the country.  I enjoyed the views while Eko enjoyed the breeze coming through the windows.  One buffalo decided to cross the road two feet in front of us and it was hilarious watching Eko trying to make sense of what to do.

After an incredible few days in Montana it is time for Eko and I to get back on the road.  I know Eko doesn’t want to leave the good life on the ranch, but I’m pretty sure the chickens and cows will be happy to see us go.  During our stay I noticed that all the animals moved to the far side of the field and I have a hunch it had something to do with the Ridgeback pacing back and forth along the fence.  Eko’s really going to miss Montana but at least he’s not leaving empty pawed.

dog friendly montana

We found a deer antler on the property and Eko has been happily munching on it ever since

I had no idea Montana would be such an amazing place and I’m just glad we got the opportunity to explore such a unique part of the country.  If you’re ever debating between a flight or road trip in the northwest part of the country, forget the plane and bring your pup along for the ride.  And don’t forget to bring your camera!

America’s Largest Off-Leash Park?

Fate, karma, luck, call it what you will, but we had driven over ten thousand miles without a single bit of car trouble.  That all changed on our drive out to Montana.  I guess it can’t officially be a road trip unless you break down at least once.

dog friendly road trip

The drive started off great, the entire countryside looked like a background from a computer with Windows 95 

We came around a turn about eighty miles east of Montana and drove right into a huge piece of scrap metal that took out the driver side front tire and did some damage to the undercarriage.  Like any good horror movie scene, the sun was setting, the car was perched precariously on the shoulder of a bridge and I had no cell phone service.  I did my best impression of a one-man NASCAR pit crew and changed the tire as fast as humanly possibly.  The car got us safely to MIssoula, but unfortunately it would go no further, so Eko and I had to say goodbye to our trusty steed, Clifford.

road trip with dog

Clifford (left), we thank you for your service. Clifford Jr. (right), time to bring us on home.

road trip with your dog

Clifford was kind enough to forgive Eko for some youthful indiscretions 

With Clifford Jr. loaded up, we made our way out to Emigrant, Montana where one of my friends has a ranch.  Since we got here I haven’t had to put Eko’s leash on once.  In Emigrant, your neighbors are miles away and there’s nothing but beautiful wide open spaces.

dog friendly montana

Eko, unfortunately our backyard in Chicago is not going to look like this

dog friendly montana

Eko liked relaxing in the long grass, but as always, his favorite activity was…

dog friendly montana


As far as Eko is concerned, we never need to leave the ranch – the world is his dog park right now.  But I know that just a short drive south is Yellowstone National Park and there is no way I’m going to miss that.  If anyone has ever visited the park, shoot me an email at and let me know where we should go.

Also, just want to say thanks again to everyone who has followed and supported us on this journey – you guys are the best!