Eko’s Happy Place

Eko is a seasoned traveler, so when we hit the road he usually sleeps until we reach our destination.  There is however one notable exception to this rule.  Eko knows EXACTLY how to get to the beach and if he sees that’s where we’re going he fidgets and wags his tail like crazy for the …

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Pets Can Be Lazy Too

Yesterday’s post about Eko oversleeping reminded me of another of his infrequent but hilarious habits.  You might never guess it but Eko has a serious lazy streak dating back to his puppy days.  From the beginning,  Eko’s lazy-bone ways have always been strongest when sunbathing.  Sometimes he just can’t be bothered to move an inch. With …

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Happy Fourth Of July!

The sweet smell of freedom!  Or maybe that’s dog treats. Wherever you are in the US, I hope you have a wonderful day with your two and four-legged friends and family.  Eko will be celebrating his freedom to run wild at the dog beach.  Happy Fourth!