The Other Don Quixote

A little over four hundred years after Miguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, I pulled into a small farm outside of Austin, Texas looking for a new story. At the time, I was six months, thousands of miles, and tens of thousands of words into a narrative which felt old and plagiarized.

A man, a dog, an adventure. Travels with Charley. A Boy and His Dog. Where the Red Fern Grows. Lassie. Take your pick. This same story has been told countless times. As I toured with Eko, writing about our time on the road, I worried my journey was a tepid imitation of a familiar tale.

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Just A Dog

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, adventure, travel, marking our territory

For the past five years, five days a week, I’ve written about dogs. About the love, loss, joys and frustrations we experience with our pups.

To commandeer the famous Lou Holtz phrase, I believe that for those who know dogs, no explanation is necessary. And for those who don’t know dogs, no explanation will suffice.

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Road Trip!

Despite numerous letters to the President and both houses of Congress, my petition to reduce the distance between Chicago and New Jersey fell on deaf ears. I checked again this morning and the map still says we have a thirteen hour drive ahead of us. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Vote Will/Eko 2016! We’ll …

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