Marking Our Territory Goes International: Part 1 –Crossing The Border

“So you just travel around with your dog? That sounds awesome, do you have a card?” -United States Border Patrol Agent   Info tour is me? That is some terrible English right there Wednesday morning I spread a map across my desk at the hotel in Burlington, saw how close we were to the border …

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The Marking Our Territory Thanksgiving Commercial

If you missed the National Dog Show yesterday then you missed seeing your two favorite pet-friendly adventurers on National TV!  Never fear, you can see our promotional spot here. Check back later this afternoon for a recap of a top secret international excursion Eko and I undertook this week. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

The National Dog Show

There are plenty of things I don’t understand in this world – simple math and how to wear matching clothing are two such examples.   After attending the National Dog Show this past weekend, I added dog shows to the ever expanding list of things I don’t really get.  But unlike math and matching clothing, you …

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Yo, Adrian!

This Saturday is The National Dog Show, the country’s most watched dog show.  The NDS airs nationally on Thanksgiving, but Eko and I are going to get to see all the top dogs up close in person/canine.   There is absolutely no way we are going to show up looking like a couple of slouches, so …

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