Taking Better Photos of My Dogs

Our photos are not our stories, but they are invaluable tools in telling our stories. Better photos help us tell better stories. I don’t make specific New Year’s resolutions, but each January I like to check in on my continuing resolution to be a better photographer. In January of 2012 I was armed with a …

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Penny’s Home!

I dropped Penny at the vet yesterday morning around 8:30 am for pre-op care for her spay. Around noon I got a call from the vet. “I’M ON MY WAY!” I said, bombing down my apartment steps. “…uh, the surgery hasn’t started, we’re just calling to double check Penny is microchipped…” Ok, so maybe I …

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The Doggone Data

I love dogs. I love science. And I especially love how science helps me love my pups better.  It’s incredible how far we’ve come in terms of nutrition, veterinary care and training for our dogs thanks to new data from a variety of fields. Officially, dogs haven’t led any of these scientific studies. After he goes to …

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My Birthday Gifts

I don’t personally remember the day twenty-nine years ago, but I take my parent’s at their word when they tell me today’s my birthday. “Birthday? Let’s party!” As a kid, birthdays were about the excitement of gifts and presents and things. The great part about getting older is realizing it’s not the things, but the things …

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When Pigs Fly

A number of people have asked about the popper treat I used in this video to teach Eko how to walk in his boots.     I picked up the poppers because all treats are not created equal.  The poppers fill an important niche in training in that they are small in size but high …

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