Puppy Physics

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Marking Our Territory

The laws of physics govern existence with remarkable uniformity. No matter where you go in the universe you are compelled to obey those laws. Well, unless you’re a puppy. In that case, it’s significantly more enjoyable to bend the laws of nature to your whim. Zero, for instance, seems quite certain he can fly. To his credit, he’s had some success lifting off from the sandy beach runway and clearing the fence.

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Littermate Syndrome

Rhodesian Ridgeback, puppy, chicago, marking our territory

Littermate syndrome is most commonly known as a behavioral issue that can develop if you bring home two puppies from the same litter. However, we are currently dealing with a rarer form of problem wherein people believe your three-year-old dog and your six-month-old dog must be littermates. It’s quite the understandable misunderstanding. For one thing, Penny and Zero are pretty much the exact same size now.

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[VIDEO] Zero’s First Week at Montrose Dog Beach

Montrose Dog Beach is undoubtedly my favorite place in Chicago to visit with the pups. When you step over the dune the city fades away behind you. It’s just you, your dog, the sand and the lake. It’s only been a week since Zero was old enough to join us, but safe to say it’s now officially his favorite place too!

Finding Ourselves at Montrose Dog Beach


Rhodesian RIdgeback, Puppy, montrose dog beach, chicago, marking our territory, zeroOver the past few years I’ve learned my dogs are the compass by which I navigate the uncertain territory of my own identity. The needle of this compass does not point outward to true north, but inward to true self. That needle led me across the continent, pointed me down the wedding aisle, lifted me to blissful heights, dragged me through hell, and showed me the way out.  That needle is love. Not the love shared between people, or even the love shared between people and dogs. That needle is my dog’s unmitigated love for the present moment.  And when I let that love guide me, there I find myself. Again.

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Love is War

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, puppy, marking our territory, penny, zeo

Valentine’s Day has many wondering the best way to a girl’s heart. Flowers? Chocolate? Well, for one particular lady, the answer is a knock-down-drag-out full on brawl. I don’t expect Penny and Zero to have the same relationship Penny and Eko had, but my hope is to help them cultivate their own brand of companionship and camaraderie. And I know the best way to do that is by encouraging my little David to battle against Goliath.

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Who is This Puppy?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Puppy, chicago, marking our territory, zero, adventure

Who is this handsome pup? The truth is that you guys know nearly as much about Zero as I do. Our first week together was a whirlwind of late night whining, early morning wakeups and lots of pee breaks in between. (Most such breaks, I’m happy to report, occurred outside.)

Now that we’re settling into our new routine, it’s fun to learn more about his personality and disposition each day. Because while I once thought of puppies as blank slates, I know now that these guys each come prepackaged with their own unique character.

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[VIDEO] Every Day Is A New Year

For people, the fireworks and festivities of January 1 herald the great promise of new opportunities. For dogs, well, every day is January 1. Every day is full of possibility and worthy of excitement. My resolution, today and every day, is to remember to celebrate each moment with the joy it deserves. Luckily, I have the best teacher a guy could ask for!

The Best Fifth Anniversary Gift

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chicago, Montrose Dog Beach, Adventure, Marking Our Territory

Last Friday’s post was meant to be a cathartic waypoint on my journey. A marker in my heart  of where I’d been, pointing forward towards where I need to go. WordPress scrapped that plan by sending a congratulatory reminder that Friday marked the fifth anniversary of  this blog’s existence. I celebrated by crying! The traditional fifth anniversary gift is made of wood, which is fitting, because the notification hit me like a 2×4 to the gut. As I now instinctively do when I’m feeling down, I called to Penny and we headed to the beach.

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Just A Dog

Rhodesian RIdgeback, blog, adventure, travel, marking our territory

For the past five years, five days a week, I’ve written about dogs. About the love, loss, joys and frustrations we experience with our pups.

To commandeer the famous Lou Holtz phrase, I believe that for those who know dogs, no explanation is necessary. And for those who don’t know dogs, no explanation will suffice.

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