How Do Pets Complain?

Our pets are accomplished communicators. Although they lack words, they are quite adept at letting us know exactly what they want to say. And quite often, at least around my house, it seems the most common form of communication is a gripe. Whether they need to go outside, or dinner is ten seconds late, or they …

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How to Book the Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Room

Increasingly, I see articles (like this one from The New York Times) discuss the rapid growth of pet-friendly hotels. As someone who travels extensively with their dogs, I’m happy to see hospitality groups realize us adventurers-with-dogs are a growing and loyal breed But invariably, all the articles I read neglect the most important question. With the growing pet-friendly …

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[VIDEO] Summer Sunset

The calendar may say summer ends in late September, and others say it concludes on Labor Day. In my heart, it always ends the last weekend in August. So with that in mind we bid adieu to a short summer packed with plenty of fun.

On The Move

The deal is done and we have the keys to our new place! We couldn’t be more excited to move in, but we certainly lack the same enthusiasm about the actual move. The good news is thankfully we don’t have a ton of stuff to move. The bad news is the pups were despondent about …

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