[VIDEO] Rhodesian Ridgeback Vermont Vacation 2018

Our third annual pilgrimage to Vermont was well worth the fifteen hour ride each way. I was certain the trip to the farm would be mindblowing for Lincoln, but I guess the phrase “raised in a barn” might apply to my city boy more than I ever thought!


Remembering Ourselves Through Dogs


We forget almost everything. Life is singular and precious, but it is too expansive for our minds to hold in its entirety. We relinquish rote, routine and unremarkable memories willingly, hoping to save space for the occasions we cherish most. But the pernicious flaw of recollection is that we cannot always choose the moments we keep.

So if memories are an imperfect inheritance from ourselves, how can we invest our fortunes today so that despite what we lose, our minds and hearts may be richer tomorrow?

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[UPDATE] Summer Vacation

Our bags are packed, and we’re off! Well, some of us are. By the time you read this, Penny, Zero and I will have snuck out in the morning darkness to hit the road east. (And not because we’re deadbeats.) In the infinite naivete of first-time parents, Emily and I decided to take a vacation to Vermont with our six-week-old. The dogs and I are the pack-mules, traveling over land, while Emily and Lincoln serve as our air(line) reinforcements. Eighteen hours of driving vs two hours of flying with a newborn. Pretty much a toss up.

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[VIDEO] Just A Dog

We have precious few moments on this earth. Why do so many of us choose to spend so many of those moments with “just a dog?”

I suspect we share many of the same answers, while each having our own reasons.

This is my story. What’s yours?

Our Most Ambitious Road Trip Yet

Eko and Penny are both seasoned roadtrippers. Which is good, because I think we’re all in for our most interesting ride yet.

Emily only has a few days off, so she’s flying straight to NJ from work. But my brother and Doc are going to ride with us. I would now like to express my train of thought via a series of Doc’s facial expressions.

“Great, we’ll have someone to share the ride with!”

“Wait a second…if my math’s correct…”

“…the backseat will be quite cozy.”

“I’m a little nervous.”

“But fortune favors the bold. Time to face the rising sun and set sail!”

Safe travels to all our fellow holiday adventurers. We’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow from the east coast.

Family Road Trip

Emily’s on vacation and we have a wedding this weekend in NYC, so we figured it would be the perfect time for a trip back home to New Jersey.
Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, chicago, montrose dog beach

Yes, it would be nice to fly. But thankfully we’ve become expert road trippers so the ride isn’t too bad

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, chicago, montrose dog beach

Unlike most vacationers, we got all our flying done before we left

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, chicago, montrose dog beach

I gave Eko and Penny plenty of time to fly on back-to-back beach days

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, chicago, montrose dog beach

Now they’re exhausted

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, chicago, montrose dog beach

And content to relax in the back of the car with a good antler

We’re spending our first few nights at Emily’s parent’s place, which the pups love because it has a fenced-in backyard where they can romp all day. But first thing first, Eko and Penny are tired out and our bags are packed…

Rhodesian Ridgeback, blog, chicago, montrose dog beach

We’re out of here!

Catch you guys tomorrow from the east coast.

The Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Cities

Vacations are adventures and there’s no better adventure companion than a pup. That’s why an increasing number of people decide to bring their pup along for the ride on the next family vacation.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the best pet-friendly cities across the country with Eko by my side. The good news is that no matter where you live there’s likely an awesome pet-friendly vacation city not too far away.

With summer vacation season getting into swing, I wanted to share a few of my favorite dog-friendly destinations. (You can find more photos/info from our trip to each city by clicking on that city’s header)

Austin, Texas 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

Our visit to Austin gave us plenty of reasons to smile

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

And there were delicious treats for all species at Decker Creek Bed and Breakfast (and Biscuit) 

Whatever your speed, Austin has a scene for you and your pup. Zilker Park features both off-leash areas and leashed walking paths. If you’re feeling bold, you can also rent a canoe with your pup at Zilker and explore the river. Or take a short ride out of the city to run on some beautiful off-leash trails.

After a day of fun, grab dinner at any one of Austin’s many pet-friendly patios on 6th Street.

San Diego, California 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

Hang twenty!

Beach bums, look no further than San Diego for the best dog-friendly vacation. We found a very reasonably priced rental house a few blocks from the dog beach. Forget walks around the block, Eko got to hit the beach three times a day.

And no, surfing with your pup is not a requirement, but it is a whole lot of fun. Wherever you visit, I also recommend looking up local event listings, that’s how Eko got to try lure coursing while in San Diego.

Charleston, South Carolina 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

Paddling for two 

Charleston is a gorgeous city to walk through. So much so that Eko and I went on walking tours both during the day and at night. In between we stayed at a beautiful pet-friendly B&B, went on a plantation tour and went for a little kayak trip up the coast.

San Francisco, California 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

Dog-park with a view

It’s tough to beat the view from San Francisco’s dog park/beach nestled in between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. When you’re done playing, hop aboard one of the famous (and dog-friendly) trolleys for a ride.

Packed with dog-friendly destinations both within the city and amazing hikes just outside it, San Francisco offers plenty of fun for a pup.

Portland, Maine 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

The food at Inn by the Sea in Maine is so good for all species that I wasn’t sure which treat was mine

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

Traveling with your dog isn’t just for the summer. Eko and I visited Maine in December and it was one of our best stops of the year

St. Louis, Missouri 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

Living like a King in St. Louis

When it comes to dog-friendly events, St. Louis can’t be beat. Both the Beggin’ Pet Parade and the St. Louis Cardinals “Pooches in the Park” are worth trips of their own. Toss in a trip to the Arch, a comfy stay at the Cheshire Inn and you have yourself a great vacation.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

My Mardi Gras companion

Eko and I spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so the city was rocking. But we also stuck around afterward and really got to enjoy the quieter sides of the city too. Strutting down Bourbon Street with your pup during the day is fun, but don’t forget to check out the Garden District for some great dog-friendly dining.

Denver, Colorado 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

One day they’ll make dog-friendly tourist cut-outs for photo-ops 

Tie your shoes, adjust to the altitude and bring plenty of water. Denver is paradise for active people/dogs. Whether you prefer to stroll sprawling dog parks or want to take on a hike, Denver has it all.

Chicago, Illinois

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

The Windy City will blow your hair back!

I promise I’m not playing hometown favorite on this one. Come to Chicago in the summer (definitely not the winter) to see why life is good for Second City pups. From Montrose Beach to SeaDog boat rides, Chicago has so many great destinations and activities for people and pups together.

When you visit, look for a knucklehead and two Ridgebacks at the beach and come say hi!

For the sake of keeping this post shorter than a novel, I’ll close here. But if you and your pup are making trips to Seattle, Portland, Oregon, New York City, Washington DC, Nashville or just about any other major city, there’s so much to do and see.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

 Some of the things your pup sees may confuse him

In all my travel with Eko I’ve learned two important things. One, bringing your pup along on vacation can make the trip so much more enjoyable and memorable. Two, your attitude always matters more than your destination. No matter where we went, we always found a way to have a great trip.

If you have questions about pup-friendly travel to any of the places we’ve visited, you can ask here or shoot me an email anytime at

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dog-friendly, vacation, puppy

The best adventure buddy

Last summer we didn’t get to travel much since Penny was still a bit young. This summer however I’m on the lookout for a fun road trip destination. Anyone have any suggestions for us?

Penny’s First Road Trip

Today we’re on the long, straight and (fingers crossed) boring road to Chicago. This is Penny’s first big road trip so yesterday I did my best to tire her out and get her used to time in the car. Our first visit was a quick pit-stop at the vet for an exam.

Penny’s not due for vaccinations quite yet, so she just got to do the fun stuff like ride the scale and watch while Eko got his annual physical. Both older brother and little sister are in good health

Coincidentally, Emily’s hometown is about an hour from mine so for our next stop we visited Emily’s mom. Eko and Penny had a blast flying around the fenced yard.

Penny is not the least intimated by Eko. She loves instigating a good family brawl

Safe to say I am now Emily’s mom’s third favorite. But can you blame her?

While I loaded up the car last night Eko worked on his skills as a babysitter. I’m happy to report the pups are starting to bond.

Hard to believe just a few days ago that Eko wouldn’t go anywhere near Penny

Penny exhausted herself at Emily’s and slept the whole car ride home. We had another romp first thing this morning before setting off so hopefully she’ll sleep for a good portion of the trip. Penny will need all the rest she can get because Emily is dying to meet/play with her new little girl.

See you guys tomorrow from the Windy City!