Snow Day

  Where’d the lake go? The snow finally hit Vermont, but with his freshly minted Canadian jacket, Eko was ready.   We zipped up and headed over to the Colchester Causeway trail to explore. Eko practiced his ambush hunting technique   But alas he could find no reindeer to try it out on The walk out …

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Marking Our Territory Goes International: Part 1 –Crossing The Border

“So you just travel around with your dog? That sounds awesome, do you have a card?” -United States Border Patrol Agent   Info tour is me? That is some terrible English right there Wednesday morning I spread a map across my desk at the hotel in Burlington, saw how close we were to the border …

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The Marking Our Territory Thanksgiving Commercial

If you missed the National Dog Show yesterday then you missed seeing your two favorite pet-friendly adventurers on National TV!  Never fear, you can see our promotional spot here. Check back later this afternoon for a recap of a top secret international excursion Eko and I undertook this week. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

The National Dog Show

There are plenty of things I don’t understand in this world – simple math and how to wear matching clothing are two such examples.   After attending the National Dog Show this past weekend, I added dog shows to the ever expanding list of things I don’t really get.  But unlike math and matching clothing, you …

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