A Vow to Accept Me. A Vow to Accept My Dogs.

“Our anniversary is coming up.”

“Oh, right.“ Emily replied. “April…26th?”

“It’s the 24th this year!” I chided with mock outrage, neglecting to mention I peeked at the framed wedding invitation in our kitchen for the answer.

I’m certainly in no position to comment on the finer details of matrimony. When it was time to select a wedding band for myself I opted for a $20 tungsten ring from Amazon. I added it to an order of dog treats and forgot about it until the week of our wedding. At which point I realized that in my haste to give Eko and Penny their new snacks I had thrown out my ring with the shipping box.

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Wedding Crashers?

Understandably, the question everyone’s asked about my wedding is, “Were the dogs there?” Here’s how that conversation went. “Emily, aren’t you so excited for our wedding!?” “Yes, so excited!” “Me too! I can’t wait for the dogs to pull our flower girl down the aisle on the custom chariot I’m building!” “Wait, what…” When it came to …

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