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February 18, 2015

Take a Seat?

To sit or not to sit, that is the question. At least around here, anyway. For most people I imagine it’s a very simple, consequence free question, unworthy of much thought. With Eko and Penny around, the calculation is significantly more complex. Here’s the thing. The moment I sit on
To sit or not to sit, that is the question. At least around here, anyway. For most people I imagine it’s a very simple, consequence free question, unworthy of much thought. With Eko and Penny around, the calculation is significantly more complex.Here’s the thing. The moment I sit on the couch, this is what happens18.1

Instant dogpile


Sitting on the couch is a contact sport 

And that’s just the beginning. After an interminable race to jockey for position, the pups always end up in a formation that’s part roadblock, part JENGA.


When they’re finally settled, you don’t want to risk moving and having the dogs come crashing down


Sure, Emily’s arm went numb shortly after Penny fell asleep, but it was a small price to pay for some quiet reading time


Sometimes, getting up would require a crane to lift you out


It was slightly more manageable when Penny was a puppy


But at this point, once you sit down on our couch you better be in it for the long haul


Most of the time, it’s a pretty good deal


But things can get a bit crowded, even for the pups


If you fall asleep by yourself, you’re waking up with the dogs


Dogs give “sit tight” a whole new meaning

Do I have my book? Do I have my water? Do I have any need to stand up in the next hour? These are just a few of the important questions we ask ourselves before we risk sitting down. It requires a bit more forethought, but I’ll take Eko and Penny over a couple couch pillows any day. Plus, during Chicago winters it’s like having your very own mobile heated-blanket.

Is sitting down at home a game of chess for anyone else out there?


Comments for Take a Seat?

  1. I so agree… I sometimes refuse to get a new waterbottle, because the pup parked his head on my leg and he looks so cute… it would be a sin to wake him up… so I stay thirsty… thinks I’m crazy, dog-crazy :o)

  2. Not really a game of chess, no, but we have to keep clothing brushes in the house and our vehicles. No article of clothing is fur-free with two long haired cats and a German “Shedder” around!

  3. Victoria says:

    not so much on the couch – they pile on but muff doesn’t stay unless he is getting a constant belly rub but on the bed well thats a whole new puppy pile – usually wake up and find i have a small corner of the bed and the dogs have the rest

  4. KarenS says:

    Boy. Isn’t it!!! I watch them jockey for the “prime” position next to their humans and settle in for cuddles. Right now I’m down a couple of pieces of furniture & my 2 85 lb lapdogs are getting very creative trying to snuggle on the loveseat with me or my husband.

    Love just how cuddly RR’s are.

  5. Emmadog says:

    We aren’t allowed on the furniture, so no problems with that at our place. Mom lies on the floor with us a lot, but there is plenty of room there.

  6. T&S says:

    Two couches, two sleepy RRs… I only know one thing… I want my couch back… I think my husband does too 🙂

  7. coastingnz says:

    Brilliant – actually Nico usually (!!??) isn’t allowed on the couch just because he moults really bad but Ziggy is a total couch potato and eventually I end up at one end and Stephen at the other with Ziggy spread out between us. If we try to snuggle on the couch together he will come over and try to wriggle his way between us. He loves to be squashed. The bed though – that is the big fellas domain and a whole other story with the two boys……..

  8. Lori says:

    We just totally get squashed! But it’s all good.

  9. Chess sums it up beautifully. We are the pawns and Neeka and Khoi are the queen and king. Of course the queen is the most powerful and gets her way a majority of the time. The king will usually just move a tiny bit when his queen growls, but in the end, the pawns are usually knocked off the board.

  10. I know the feeling. Never fails when I sit down, I’m joined immediately by Sam and then realize I left my glasses in another room or water, or dinner or whatever. Up I go to get the missing item, usually sidestepping a simultaneously moving poodle who’s right under foot. He doesn’t seemed to comprehend “I’ll be right back-you can hold my spot.” Heaven forbid he miss something! 🙂

  11. dashlilly says:

    We have it a little different at our house. When I sit down, I am bombarded with the paws and the whines. “Sit down? Sit down? No, let’s get outside, let’s get a treat. Let’s GO. No time to sit down!” Late at night I get the dog pile but until then…it’s “sit down? really?”

  12. Haha talk about a contact sport! 😉 For us, doing anything on the floor is the challenge – we’re immediately covered in puppy – climbing, licking, jumping, you name it, Daisy’s all over us. And we love it. 🙂

  13. derrycats says:

    In our house the dogs are old enough that climbing on couches and such is more difficult. But sit down in our house and you are liable to have a collection of cats on your lap in no time.

  14. Believe it or not, Dakota NEVER sits on the couch (and he is permitted to do so!) We got him when he was 8 months old and I often wonder if they didn’t permit him to do so. Occasionally he will jump up on it and I pet him, but he never stays there! It’s Cody that we have to battle with for a seat, (and the book, drink and bathroom thing lol)

  15. Oh my! I love this. We have Newfs that tend to do the same thing. They think they are about 7 pounds though but are a far cry from that. I would not want my sitting time to be any different. I will take a ‘puprest’ any day of the week…all day even!”

  16. Jura says:

    Unusually perhaps Tala likes having enough space to herself and if someone squishes in with her and she feels ‘crowded’ she quickly hop off and go somewhere less comfy rather than be crowded!

  17. Just a few words of advice: In addition to having the book and the water handy, make sure you go to the bathroom before sitting on the couch. 😉

  18. Marcela says:

    Omg. Will, sitting on your couch is a true odyssey.

  19. Alisa says:

    This is hilarious! Who knew sitting down could be such a major decision?! Ours aren’t allowed on the couch, but we encounter doggie Jenga in our bed when I let them up for cuddles in the morning.

  20. These are such great photos, Will. The “Jenga” one is priceless and I just love how calm and serene Emily always looks while constantly draped in “doggie” blankets. I could kind of feel her pins and needles in a lot of those shots!! Once again, a fun and fabulous post!

  21. Cupcake says:

    Gah! Jenga is the perfect description for sitting in your house. I always try to squeeze into the smallest possible spot and press as hard as I can against Mom so she doesn’t leave me. Our sitting is kind of like Operation.

    Love and licks,

  22. Nikitaland says:

    Mobile Heated Blanket, LOVE IT! Our two dogs nap with me on the couch too, but I love it when they sleep with us on our bed at night. Instant warmth, and lots of love! I love falling asleep hearing the snores coming from Bella who is snuggled so close to me, while Nikita lays between us on her back with her feet up in the air! Something that I would enver give up, ever!

  23. sisubeads says:

    hahahaha Our bed is just as bad.

  24. Looks and sounds just like my house. At my house if one wants to sit by me and there is already one sitting by me one will bluff bark and run to the door to act like someone is here so the one by me gets up and then the barker jumps in for the hot spot.

  25. Oh I feel you Will! I literally have to run my mental check list before I sit down because all four of the ‘Littles” start jockeying for their positions before I even get sat all the way down. Mazie then plops down right under me so I have to try and fit my feet around her if I want them on the floor. Getting up is never easy because I have to remove all four of them to get off the couch.

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