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January 2, 2013

The Blanket Monster

If you were to visit my apartment in the winter months, it might not be apparent at first glance that I have a dog. Just a blanket and jacket.  Wait, but what’s that rustle underneath the blanket? Who dares disturb the slumber of the great and
If you were to visit my apartment in the winter months, it might not be apparent at first glance that I have a dog. Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pet Adventure

Just a blanket and jacket.  Wait, but what’s that rustle underneath the blanket?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Who dares disturb the slumber of the great and powerful Blanket Monster!?!?

Eko’s short hair serves him well during warmer months, but it definitely leaves him more exposed when temperatures drop.  Last winter I noticed that Eko was having  trouble getting comfortable even when we were inside.  He would pace and circle around his favorite spots and flop down with an exasperated whimper.  As soon as I put a blanket over him, Eko settled down and slept like a baby.  What I didn’t realize is that I had created a Blanket Monster!

The Blanket Monster only comes out on the coldest days and Eko is happy to remind me with a whine and a push when he wants an extra cover.  I used to have one blanket on the couch for Eko and one for me, but Eko quickly made it known that he needed both and I was welcome to go put on a a sweatshirt.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

The Blanket Monster frequently goes mobile.  When I’m working at my desk the Blanket Monster will show up with his billowing cape in tow

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pet Adventure

Spoiled? Yes. But it’s totally worth having a Blanket Monster when I see how contently the little guy sleeps

Once you make a Blanket Monster, there’s no undoing it!  Anyone else out there have a Blanket Monster?

Comments for The Blanket Monster

  1. Gizmo says:

    Aw who’da thunk tough guy Eko was such a softie…He reminds me of my friends Dachshund…he stays blanket wrapped year round…We call him Taco Dog

  2. nerdgrl says:

    Weve had a little Blanket Monsteress for 13 years. She will happily snuggle under a blanket anytime. I used to think wed smother her when shed under the covers on our bed, but no if she gets hot she just sticks her nose out a bit and continues snoring.

  3. SE says:

    My cocker spaniel will take over any blanket left on the sofa! He has his own blankets in every room of the house.

  4. Judy says:

    one of my beagles is a blanket monster too. She frequently glides about the house with an old sweater draped around her like a queen with her train. She often gets her head stuck in the sleeves. It is hillarious!!

  5. onebluedog says:

    Eko is my kind of pup! I was totally a blanket monster! Then mom got me some warm sweaters, so now I am only a blanket monster on extra chilly days 🙂

  6. Jenna says:

    For a while I was wondering why my robe always found its way onto the floor overnight; then I found Reba dog all curled up with it one morning with her head tucked under the sleeve, just like Eko.

  7. Don’t need one cause I have a Sheltie with enough fur for 10 dogs!

  8. Carol says:

    Ha ha! We have a pair of blanket monsters, a Staffy and a Cairn. Luckily, we have two sofas…

  9. Cindy says:

    We’ve always had double coated dogs (shepherds, rotties and mixes of the two) that never needed or wanted to be under the covers. It’s so cute to see those noses sticking out from under the covers.


  10. sarahtoma says:

    ha ha. what a cute post. thanks for the smiles 🙂

  11. Carol Conner says:

    I have had blanket monsters for thirty years. Even in Santa Cruz blankets were mandatory in the winter. Magic, my current blanket monster not only demands a blanket but has no problem taking mine at 2 AM along with his own. He has no shame!!

  12. sethsnap says:

    Those are the cutest photos. Our husky Jackson and our Chow mix Baylee don’t like being wrapped up in blankets. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  13. you should get him one of those snuggie things! 😉

  14. I love it! I am glad he gets two blandets now, he deserves them both!

  15. Do you allow pics? I just spent New Year’s Eve with friends…and a blanket monster. I would love to share.

    What a sweet twosome you are.

  16. Taylor is more of a bed/pillow monster! If she occupies my pillow space, I always give in and sleep pillowless! All dog trainers are shaking their heads right now…I can feel it! 😉
    By the way…awesome blog! Just followed!

  17. Boomdeeadda says:

    Eko, you’re so darn cute. We have a nice blanket at the end of the bed for the cats, they use to curl up there happily all night. Over the past week or so, we are finding them curled up between me and Mr B. I don’t know if they’re cold or what. But every morning I use 1/2 a lint roller to clean up hair, ah the joys of loving pets.

  18. I don’t need a blanket, but Eko sure looks cute in his!

  19. I love your blanket, Eko… it could have some holes for the “tailmometer” and your nose – but it looks very comfy ;o)

  20. raisingdaisy says:

    Hahaha what a great post! We have a blanket monster here too, but she doesn’t go mobile. She makes “nests” out of them and snuggles in deep down. She’d stay there all day if we let her!

  21. Jorie says:

    Holy cow. The blanket monster. Just when I think Eko has revealed all his tricks, he shows up in a billowing cape. I’m not entirely unconvinced that Eko isn’t part-human!

  22. Cheryl Mandell says:

    Peanut, my B’Jack(beagle/jack Russell) only sleeps under the covers. After she’s been there for a while, she realizes that she is hot and can’t breath so she comes up for air. She comes out panting and is 100 degrees. However, 5 minutes later, she’s back under. She used to pull on the covers and go under, now, she pulls and looks at me, waiting for help!!!!!! Seriously, wake me for that? Sometimes I will wake up in the night just to see her staring at me, waiting………..

  23. Kathy says:

    My blanket monster whines in the middle of the night after she has rearranged herself and her blanket isnt covering her anymore. The whining doesnt stop until I get up and cover her again!

  24. Laura says:

    Our lab is! He will actually pull our blankets off of us at night so he can cuddle under them on his bed. Then we wake up freezing. Also, if he sleeps on the bed he has to be cuddled up to my husband or myself under the blanket otherwise we hear about it. We live in MN so I know it gets cold…. but he has fur!

  25. […] is well versed in surviving the depths of winter with the help of a few blankets (we call him the Blanket Monster for good reason) but until now Penny has never needed one. Yesterday was another first as I wrapped […]

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