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February 19, 2014

The Mystery of the Heated Blanket

This winter has been a cold war of sorts.  It’s been a battle to keep warm and we have used just about every weapon in the arsenal. Blankets, of course The space heater, when needed  And roaring fires on the

This winter has been a cold war of sorts.  It’s been a battle to keep warm and we have used just about every weapon in the arsenal.


Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, chicago, marking our territory

Blankets, of course


Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, chicago, marking our territory

The space heater, when needed


Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, chicago, marking our territory


And roaring fires on the coldest of nights


In the never-ending fight to keep the cold at bay, it’s important to have as many heat sources as possible.  I recently purchased a heated blanket to use when I’m reading on the couch.




“Eko will have his blanket, I’ll have mine.  Perfect!” I thought


Predictably, my plan lasted all of five minutes.  Eko quickly discovered the heated blanket has powers no other blanket in my apartment can match.  When I sit on the couch and throw the blanket over my lap, Eko immediately snuggles up.

What’s interesting now is if I leave the heated blanket out, but turned off, Eko will still cozy up with it.


I guess he figures he can wait it out until whatever magic powers the heat comes back


“What a cute but silly dog you are,” I said.  “You can’t understand electricity,” I chuckled. But the fun and games stopped yesterday when I returned home from running errands in the morning. I had not used the heated blanket since the night before and the blanket also has a three hour timer.  But there was Eko, curled up on the couch.  And I could swear he was smirking.


“Who’s the silly one now, William??”


The theme of this post was supposed to be “The heated blanket is a mystery to Eko, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying it.”  Instead, the theme of this post is now “I’m unplugging the heated blanket before I leave the house because my dog is learning to operate electronics and I’m concerned he may replace me as head of household.”

You might suggest Eko accidentally turned on the blanket, but that’s exactly what he wants you to think!


Comments for The Mystery of the Heated Blanket

  1. I’m sure Eko can maneuvre such a thingy :o) But I hope he is careful, there is a gremlin in those electric thingies

  2. Victoria says:

    Time to worry – He is not only smart but adorable – before you know it he will be waiting for Emily as she walks down the aisle and you will be but the ring bearer….ha ha ha

  3. He’s too cute – and too clever for words – it won’t be long before Mr Eko is ruling the world 🙂

  4. PigLove says:

    Oh no. We are smart creatures. He turned it on. It’s as simple as that – snorts. Mom and dad have a heating pad on their Select Comfort. They turn it on about an hour before bedtime so they can “slip into comfort”. If I’m lucky – snorts – I can sneak in there as well. It is pig heaven! XOXO – Bacon

  5. Emma says:

    You better check with the cable company, he may be ordering pay per view while you are out! Smart dog! Mom used to have a cat that turned on the TV.

  6. lexy3587 says:

    When it’s for survival, you learn quickly! You’re just lucky he decided on an electric blanket instead of a roaring fire to fight the cold while you were gone 😛

  7. Casey says:

    This is so hilariously true! Electric blankets are dog magnets! I keep mine on my bed and it has the feature of turning on each half of the blanket separately. If I make the mistake of turning on one side and not the other you can bet that I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself banished to the cold half and there’s Audi absorbing all of the warmth on the other.

  8. Oh my goodness. I already have to have extra blankets on my bed for when one of them inevitably steal mine. I’ve toyed with the idea of an electric blanket but I figured that it would never be truly mine with two dogs around!

  9. Nice work, Eko. Too bad your dad is onto you. Mom thinks it was an accident, but I know better. She even said it was an accident when I recorded Real Housewives of Atlanta on her DVR. Humans. Ha! They are so easily fooled. Some of them, anyway.

    Love and licks,

  10. What a clever pup you are Eko, whee just suggest you keep the blogging devices out of his reach or he’ll be blogging for you soon enough!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  11. Hilarious! Smart, sweet, cozy Eko.

  12. writetowag says:

    Oh my goodness…Eko, you are one clever little dude!!!! Bwah!!!! Those paws are huge, can’t you just imagine how funny it would have been to actually see him turn it on?!

  13. stevebuddy says:

    Eko would love my heated kitchen floor, all of my dogs have loved it and since I have a ranch house, my floors are concrete under the
    tile and hardwood floors, so in the summer they are nice and cool for them.
    Will you should try a heated mattress topper, it fits under your sheets, so you.are laying on the heat. What is nice is, most have.3 heat zones, for your upper body, mid body.and legs, each are different temperatures to. Again all my dogs love it. They run under $100.
    But Charlie my German Shepherd, is like a heating element, boy lay next to.him and you don’t need anything else.
    Now.Buddy, when he thinks he is a lap dog at 75lbs, his tummy and paws are nice and warm, I hate it when he wants to move off my lap.
    Now Will, I have to say this ! Cute socks there in the picture, please tell me your mom, grandma, girlfriend got those for you ? LOL
    Buddy and I.are looking forward to our new potbelly stove, that as soon.as we can install it. Then Buddy and I.can enjoy a nice warm fire to.

  14. Eko… you are one real smart dude. The fridge is the next appliance you should master… and then the microwave… or maybe the oven.

  15. Boomdeeadda says:

    I would love to say, “how diabolical” and laugh a crazy maniacal cackle,
    “maw ha ha aaah”. But I mean, really Will…..look at that face, there’s not a sneaky bone in that soft, cuddly body. I’d be inclined to ENSURE the blanket was left on for Eko’s comfort 😀 It’s such a small thing and he’s so special…..come on Will, it’d be so nice.

  16. Clowie says:

    Well done, Eko!

  17. Caitlin Gath says:

    Just bought Chick her own heating pad! She loves the electric blanket, so I’m thinking she’ll love having her own.

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