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February 6, 2014

The Never Ending Mess

Simply put, adventures with Eko tend to be messy. After bounding through sand, snow and mud Eko usually brings about ten pounds of grit home with him Although I do my best to

Simply put, adventures with Eko tend to be messy.

After bounding through sand, snow and mud Eko usually brings about ten pounds of grit home with him

Although I do my best to brush and bathe Eko, inevitably my couch, blankets and pillows get dirty too

Even indoor adventures get messy when Eko tosses all of his toys around

It usually takes me a couple days to find all the scattered shreds 

Eko really feels for the poor guy who cleans up after him

Does the mess ever end? Nope.  But neither does the fun, adventure and love we have together.  I’ll take that trade any day!

Comments for The Never Ending Mess

  1. Victoria says:

    you forgot to add all the dog hair on the floor and floating around – maybe Eko doesn’t shed but our Newfy is a shedding queen!! Still wouldn’t change a thing!! Love her and her mess

  2. Maybe in 5 years you could build a house with the grit and the sand he brings home. That’s a worthwile investment :o)

  3. don’t forget the neverending mess of SNOW TOO!!! Love that b&w photo of you and Eko!

  4. Emma says:

    Katie is the most neat, but she sheds 24/7/365, so that makes a mess. Bailie and I are like living swiffers outside and bring in all the dirt and grunge we can find. Mom has a hard time keeping up with all our dirt and Katie’s fur but she doesn’t mind.

  5. Boomdeeadda says:

    Such cute photo’s (as always), love that one with the previously loved…shirt? sock? toy?

    I think everyone should have to go through a class before being allowed the privilege of adopting a new pet. The class would cover things like, how much exercise your pet will need and how your home will change. I was with a girlfriend once in a home decor store and two well healed ladies were discussing cat hair. One was talking about taking her cat to a shelter because she couldn’t take it. My outspoken friend butted in and said, “what were you expecting when you adopted a kitten?” and preceded to tell her how maddening it is when people only want a kitten for the ‘cute factor’ and once it’s grown they feel they’re entitled to complain about the hair. The pet owner was totally defensive as would be expected but it’s so typical.

    I’ve always embraced the hair, dog walks, chewed shoes and hairballs knowing all to well that after years of love, they’ll be gone and finding one of those clumps of hair will send you into an uncontrollable sob.

  6. Marcela says:

    Lol. Oh, Eko you certainly keep your daddy, Will, on his toes:-)

  7. Mags Corner says:

    Mess is a sign of happiness and fun when a dog lives where the mess is. Keep having fun sweet Will and sweet Eko. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. stevebuddy says:

    I hear you Will, I seems like my house is always a mess from.Buddy. But I am fine with it as long as Buddy has fun.
    Last night as we went to bed, before we go.out for potty break and to bed. Buddy always gets two Begging Strips, and makes sure I bring them to bed. Well as I was breaking them up for Buddy, I was fixing the bed, well the sheet I have down for Buddy’s side was all bundled up in a ball. As I untangled it Buddy had his eye on me, well I found what he has been doing with all the cookies now. For some reason, Buddy hides more bones and cookies in the house and in the yard (in snow mounds) in the winter time , then in the summer time I been learning. I found cookies and bones every where.
    Does Eko do this to ?

  9. Eko is a real dog’s dog. Mom sometimes wonders how long a roll of paper towels would last without me. Probably a looong time.

    Love and licks,

  10. Look at that sweet face. Cody used to do lovely nose art on any and all available glass door or bay windows he was able to reach.

  11. Eko you are just like the Sundogs, aching for a clean up crew.

  12. raisingdaisy says:

    You guys are so perfectly matched – you both love sharing adventures together, and you don’t mind (too much) cleaning up after Eko – what more could a dog ask for! 🙂 I agree, the fun/labor trade-off is definitely worth it. Have a fun weekend!

  13. My mess needs to compete with the toddler’s mess. Mum LOVES a trip to the beach with both of us.

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