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May 19, 2014

The Windy City Bandit Strikes Again

If Eko can’t earn a treat the honest way, he is quite content to steal them. The Windy City Bandit usually confines his criminal attempts to my apartment, but yesterday he went on a spree around the city. His first victim? Emily.  Eko’s offers to share Emily’s

If Eko can’t earn a treat the honest way, he is quite content to steal them. The Windy City Bandit usually confines his criminal attempts to my apartment, but yesterday he went on a spree around the city. His first victim? Emily. 

Eko’s offers to share Emily’s ice cream were rebuffed, so he laid a few kisses on her as a distraction

He licked his lips and was about to dive nose first into his prize before the authorities (yours truly) intervened on behalf of the damsel in distress

The little delinquent tried to pretend he never intended to steal the ice cream but Emily wasn’t buying it

But Eko was far from the only criminal we saw on our walk. One ambitious pup on a patio did his best Tom Cruise/Mission Impossible impression..

He snuck under the table and hopped up, but local authorities apprehended him as well

The planned highlight of our walk was going to be meeting our friends new dog, Bo. But it’s tough being a puppy so Bo decided to sleep through the visit.

Ruff life

Bo exhausted himself trying to get treats from a Kong toy without much success. I’ll give you one guess as to what dog was happy to finish the job.

Like stealing candy treats from a baby puppy

Eko definitely owes Bo a few treats next time. Provided Bo is awake, that is. Anyone else have a master thief for a pet?

Comments for The Windy City Bandit Strikes Again

  1. Emmadog says:

    We do occasionally partake in productive counter surfing, but my cat bro Bert is the big thief at our house paws down! He stole a pork femur bone on the weekend. He will stop at nothing.

  2. I know that “What, me???” look. Easy is the carnivore Hudson Hawk, I always wonder how much he can storage in his mouth :o)

  3. In one day George stole 2 pain au chocolat, 4 nectarines, the ham and cheese topping off a salad for 16, and to top it off, five cream and fruit filled Polish pancakes. Our main fear was that he would burst but the rotter suffered no side effects. We however, nearly lost our friendship with the chef of the day. Telling her each time not to leave anything at dining table height did no good.

  4. Victoria says:

    Yes – Rigby is on a diet and Muffin is not -so when she gets a milkbone she likes to carry them around and drop them a few feet from where she sits or lies down, Rigs will slowly move closer to the treat until she is distracted and then he is off with it. Such a little sneak thief

  5. We had a Smooth Collie/GSD that was a hot dog bandit. Whenever we had a BBQ or my dad grilled hot dogs she would always manage to steal one. I think my favorite is an hold home video for a birthday, in the background my uncle is talking and left his plate unattended. All you saw was Bingo’s tail wagging and then suddenly she sprints off across the yard with a hot dog in her mouth.

    Artemis and Apollo are not nearly as subtle and generally don’t get away with their heists.

  6. Elyse says:

    Goliath was a choc-a-holic. (I know, I know. I didn’t then. And they were on a high shelf.) He would steal it whenever he possibly could. He once ate an entire box of LIndt truffles — you know the kind in the wrappers with the twisted ends. They came out the other end intact — which may explain why he didn’t show any ill effects!

  7. Cody opened a Christmas present and ate some chocolates one time. Mind you, he was already a senior dog.

    We’ve also had to learn that if we wanted to eat any and all leftovers, we pretty much had to put it into the fridge. Cody was able to rest his front paws on the counter and steal any and all food. The oven and stove are also not good places to leave pizza and/or food.

    We’ve also had to watch the young ones with plates on their laps as well as put the garbage can on the counters. I’m sure Cody could have taught Eko some bad habits.

  8. Smooth move, E. I have had great success with your I’m-not-licking-ice-cream-from-your-face-I’m -just-kissing-you strategy. Nice of Bo to share with you, even though he doesn’t know he shared….

    Love and licks,

  9. Misaki says:

    Hehehe I may have been responsible for a few missing food incidents:-)

  10. That look on Eko’s face when caught red-handed is priceless!

  11. pawedblog says:

    Haha! Well, played Eko, well played! You have to be extra vigilant though! It’s a tough thing to pull off with more than one pair of eyes watching… This is Millie’s favourite trick too but she makes sure she is blocking anybody but the victims view… She told me to pass on the tip!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

  12. as always, too darned cute! Dakota is and always has been a MAJOR thief! He watches us like a hawk, when we get up, whatever we had that he covets (for the moment) is hastily snatched (if we were foolhardy enough to leave it for the taking to begin with!)

  13. joanb49 says:

    About a year after I adopted my first dog, Brandy, she was very quiet during my birthday party. Instead of mingling with the guests she was in the kitchen. Mom went in to get the cake and brought it out, laughing. Mom had put it in the middle of the table and all around the outside the cake had been nibbled as far as Brandy could reach. No birthday cake that year!

  14. For some reason mom has started singing Micheal Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” *BOL*
    Wally & Sammy

  15. Come on Eko! You need to be more sneaky! Well practise makes perfect and one day you might be a sneaky as us piggies

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  16. Ahahaha criminal masterminds, the lot of them! Except for Bo, slumbering gently away, but I’m sure if he was awake he’d be up to no good as well.

  17. scarlybobs says:

    Hahaha, I love that Eko got the Kong!

    Oh yeah, Kasper is a master thief. His best steal? A tray full of cooked liver from the kitchen counter…a whole *tray full*! Yea, he was VERY happy with himself…!

  18. Oh yes! Maisie has that special talent. Counter surfer extraordinaire.

  19. OhMelvin says:

    Jake eats frogs, so we have a dog who takes eating to a whole new level. It doesn’t even have to be a treat, he’ll still eat it.

  20. Gail Simburger says:

    We did not realize how un-dogproof our home was until we brought home Leo. He’s the Original Chow Hound, no matter how full he is. He found a bag of mini snickers and ate them wrappers and all. Since they were Easter colors we found wrappers in the yard for a long time. Pretty soon he learned how to unwrap his stolen goodies! Thank goodness there are no more goodies in his reach.

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