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November 6, 2015

[VIDEO] A Warm Dog is A Happy Dog

I don’t know who’s more excited we have a fireplace in the new apartment, us or the pups! https://youtu.be/pJ6POZLrUF4
I don’t know who’s more excited we have a fireplace in the new apartment, us or the pups! https://youtu.be/pJ6POZLrUF4

Comments for [VIDEO] A Warm Dog is A Happy Dog

  1. That would make a great title for a song :o) btw: who is the one who makes the airholes in the blankets?

  2. Victoria says:

    i love the look penny has while she is watching it – she looks mesmerized – might be the only time i have seen her still (and not running around like crazy)

  3. Emmadog says:

    We love the cold and darkness as it makes being in the living room with the fireplace on all the more cozy! Enjoy, you guys!

  4. Kismet says:

    When peeps say “Happiness is a warm puppy” they mean their own happiness, not the puppy’s.

  5. It’s actually been cold here a few nights this past week. Unfortunately we don’t have a wood burning fireplace, just a gas one…but it’s good enough and it was on full blast!

  6. Cupcake says:

    You doggies are a couple of real hotdogs!!

    Love and licks,

  7. coastingnz says:

    ah yes, life to good!

  8. Great video, I love to be warm also

  9. I love how the dogs wrap themselves up warm! 🙂

  10. Geri Zeibert says:

    Will, I loved your video! Our house, though, is quite different. We live in the Far NorthWoods of northern Wisconsin, 5 mins from the Upper Peninsula of Micigan. We usually have cold Autumns and very cold winters. We have a gas fireplace in the living room and a large Franklin stove In our sunroom. However our girls; Orflaith, the Leonberger and Karma, the Rottweiler, can not stay far enough from either one. In fact Orflaith, at 154 lbs, goes so far as to stand at the sliding door to our unheated screened porch and whine to get out there and lie on the slate floor, even in the dead of winter. She loves the cold! At almost 9 years of age, we worry about the effects of that cold on her ageing body. She already has difficulty getting up due to arthritis but she still wants that cold floor and disdains the lovely warm fires!

  11. Jo Rhodes says:

    We don’t have a fireplace much to our collective chagrin, but my boys have discovered that the dryer gives prewarmed blankets! Oh the joy!
    Much love to Eko and Penny

  12. fredrieka says:

    warm and cuddly is the best ever .

  13. T&S says:

    Great video!

  14. We love our fireplace too…………I enjoys being near but not TOO near – I think my fur coat keeps me plenty warm in the house but I do enjoy a LITTLE extra heat. Mom and Dad sometimes have a “picnic” in front of the fire just to enjoy it in the winter – spread a blanket on the floor and have dinner/wine and the company of their adorable ginger cat!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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