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September 1, 2017

[VIDEO] From Wild to Mild

I love watching Penny and Zero cut loose at the beach or wrestle across our carpet, but with a new baby in town I’ve needed my guys to learn how to slow down around Lincoln. Luckily they’ve proven themselves to be excellent and doting big siblings.
I love watching Penny and Zero cut loose at the beach or wrestle across our carpet, but with a new baby in town I’ve needed my guys to learn how to slow down around Lincoln. Luckily they’ve proven themselves to be excellent and doting big siblings.

Comments for [VIDEO] From Wild to Mild

  1. It’s dso great to grow up with dogs… and I think people who have this chance become the best people once :o) it’s amazing how careful they can be and how patient and sensitive… wish Phenny would act the same way when he is with me or Mark LOL

  2. I love these pictures with your pups and lincoln. My sister has two RR. My son Diek finds them scary atm. When there around i always sit with them on the ground and pet them so my son will learn to pet them and be less afraid. There traveling through Europe now but when there back well continue the training with my Diek and Storm and Nala.

  3. Connie Taylor says:

    Tail grabbing, ear grabbing are normal for Penny and Zero when they are playing with each other. Great to see that they will be comfortable around Lincoln when he’s d exploring his world and wanting to pull himself up with the closest thing or dog nearby. (I see you are introducing Lincoln to some good RR reading material, though his “sit” command is a bit weak ) . And of course Lincoln passes the “smell” test, he still has that new “baby” smell

  4. Victoria Coleman says:

    what a lovely, wonderful video – your son is just adorable and the way the pups interact with him is priceless -amazing job you have done working with them and your new treasure – have a wonderful labor day weekend (without too much labor hopefully)

  5. Jo Rhodes says:

    Do you ever ear pull, tail grab, or pinch (with pressure not pain) and then treat? That works to teach dog what baby pulls might feel like so they don’t over react if it happens. My boys were never socialized to be around kids, but I did pulled her ears and tails. It seems to have backfired though because now when they want love they asked to have your ears and tails pulled.
    Lincoln is adorable.
    Love,Jo,Sam and Dean

  6. meANXIETYme says:

    That is the most adorable video! What a great job you’ve done with Penny and Zero, I couldn’t be more impressed. Perhaps you’ll consider writing a blog piece about how you went about this training for those dog families expecting a new baby? That is priceless information!
    Also, lots of pets and kisses to Penny and Zero for many naps well done with Lincoln! 🙂

  7. Emmadog says:

    It’s so important the dogs know their place and that Lincoln is family. Just last night, our neighbor told us one of their dogs bit their 1 yr old in the face. The child got close to the dog’s pillow and the dog snapped. They are older small dogs who are not real child friendly, and have not been trained properly. Now that poor pup who was only defending his space, not having learned about the baby will be rehomed or put down. It’s sad when dogs who were the center of everything are suddenly ignored and not trained to deal with the new living arrangement with kids. Penny and Zero will do well!

  8. audrey says:

    I wish more dog owners would watch your video! Thanks, Will.

  9. Laura says:

    Breathtaking! SO grateful to watch! Thank you!

  10. So adorable andI confess, that yes, I did chuckle at the face plants. Looks like Lincoln took them in stride as much as Penny and Zero did. Job well done to all of you!

  11. Kismet says:

    The pups want to know how come Lincoln isn’t housebroken yet.

  12. My nieces and nephew (all under 4 years old) find my pups similarly overwhelming – and understandably so! I’d be hesitant if dogs were about three times my size, too. One of my favorite parts of vacation was helping them learn to enjoy the pups and by the end of our week my niece would be begging to help me feed them. It’s a process as you know but it can be a lot of fun too.

  13. Yup, I always try to “bomb proof” all my dogs so they don’t react poorly to novel/irritating stimuli. Babies are known for to be both so I’m glad my two won’t mind!

  14. Thanks! Emily will be laboring with a few patients at the hospital, but we have big plans to all crash on the couch afterwards. Hope you guys enjoy the long weekend.

  15. Since you already know I’m crazy I’m happy to say that not only did I do those things, I even go as far as lightly biting the dogs too! Hey, whatever works.

  16. Thanks! I’m still an amateur dad but I definitely plan on sharing what I’ve come up with so far.

  17. That’s pretty much my biggest fear, which I why I put in so much time to prevent exactly that scenario. Dogs become the casualties of our own thoughtlessness. So why I may not have much brain power I’m doing my best to direct a lot of it towards building this new relationship.

  18. Haha as Lincoln seems to already know, you have to be able to laugh at yourself!

  19. Both the neighbors and the local authorities strongly suggested I stop leashing my child and taking him outside to go to the bathroom.

  20. He’s adorably cute and growing so quickly!

  21. coastingnz says:

    wow Penny and Zero so proud of you and your behavior around Lincoln – outstanding and really shows sibling love and the human/puppy bond. Can’t believe too how much Lincoln has grown! They’ll all be outside chasing each other soon enough.

  22. TheRidgebackLife says:

    Lincoln is growing so fast. He is one very handsome baby boy. I loved how Zero checked on him as Lincoln started to doze off, then Zero rested his head close by and closed his eyes as well. Those two will be inseparable. Sounds like Penny will need a baby girl of her own Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We’re going to spend it trying to stay cool (supposed to be 110 all weekend ). We’re ready for fall. The heat this summer is really getting to Neeka and Khoi.

  23. Now THAT will be a sight to behold! May have to rig up a sleigh for Lincoln to mush the pups around in.

  24. Haha, one challenge at a time! We got a nice cool afternoon here – hope some of it finds its way to you guys.

  25. Lincoln is so adorable and the pups are so gentle around him – what a wonderful start in a BEAUTIFUL relationship they have!!


  26. Great Video, have a great weekend.

  27. I wish everyone who lived with dogs and children had your incredible sense of compassion. What a joyful video. Lincoln is one lucky little boy.

  28. Anne says:

    That was such a great video! The face plants were hilarious. I know no baby was hurt in the making of this film. I especially loved it towards the end when Lincoln’s little hand was petting or gently grabbing Zero’s chest; so heartwarming! They seem to adore him.

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