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November 20, 2015

[VIDEO] Loving a Dog After Losing a Dog

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day my brother lost Dutch, the dog he loved with all his heart. I’ve written about James and Dutch a number of times, but those are just words. In the past year James has lived the loving lessons he learned from his
Today marks the one year anniversary of the day my brother lost Dutch, the dog he loved with all his heart. I’ve written about James and Dutch a number of times, but those are just words. In the past year James has lived the loving lessons he learned from his decade with Dutch. This is why despite the cost, we love. Not because we have enough time, but because we don’t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-qQy_YfizQ  

Comments for [VIDEO] Loving a Dog After Losing a Dog

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    That was an absolutely amazing video and a very well put narrative. It’s not about the amount of time to love, it’s about the amount of love you pack into your time.
    Our older dog, Le Moo, came to us extremely aloof, shut down, and independent. It took over 18 months before she really started showing us her true personality, much of which includes lots of interaction with us. Where she used to sleep in a completely different part of the house at night, almost as far away from us as possible, she now sleeps in our bedroom every night. And she seeks our attention rather than hiding away from us. But it was a long haul to get to where we are.
    Love and attention can ground and center almost any dog, as long as it is offered consistently and at their speed, not ours.
    Again, big ups to James for continuing Dutch’s legacy with Doc. Theirs is a beautiful relationship to see.
    (Also, that shot of Doc with Eko and Penny on the couch… SO CUTE!)

  2. Victoria says:

    Such a good video -made me cry – heartwarming for sure

  3. that was super touching… many thanks for a wonderful post about love and friendship… think that’s the best to start in a weekend :o)

  4. cathwhistler says:

    Ahhhh, tears! Happy ones, but tears because I have a “Dutch” that the thought of losing makes my heart hurt so much I can’t breathe. Yet I know the day will come, and so every day I put my paws on her heart and she puts hers on mine and I look into her eyes and say “I love YOU!” Then she pushes me away with those paws and demands her belly be rubbed rather than all this mushy stuff! 😉

  5. Ya did it again Will. Two days in a row, I had to grab a tissue just so I could clear my eyes to see the screen. Awesome tribute to wonderful dogs and the people they love. Now I have to grab Neeka and Khoi and give them a huge hug after reading that and seeing Dutch in action again. Doc is indeed lucky to have found James. And visa versa.

  6. Connie Taylor says:

    Awesome tribute, and yes I needed a tissue yesterday and today! Do you know much about Doc’s background? So glad Eko and Penny welcomed him into the household like they did Dutch. DOGS RULE!!

  7. Stef says:

    Loved this video today. I’m crying at my desk…..beautiful. I miss my Otis every day and he’s been gone for four years.

  8. coastingnz says:

    you promised tissue alert! Ok, I knew what was coming…… and you didn’t disappoint. Beautiful tribute to two beautiful pups lucky enough to have James in their life – and you all in fact, uncle and cousins – even if one slightly mad (and Aunty Em too of course).

  9. Emmadog says:

    What a wonderful video tribute to both dogs, your brother and to love. it’s not always the quantity of time, but the quality.

  10. Fantastic video. :’)

  11. sharon says:

    Ode to Dutch; he was a good one; and ode to James for being brave enough to take on an older pup – that takes a lot of courage knowing how hard it is when we lose them.. Thanks Will for including Dutch and Doc in your story telling.

  12. Donna says:

    It was through the original post about your brother losing Dutch that I found you. I too lost my “heart dog” during that time. My daughter sent me the link and I have been following you since.
    Andy (black lab)was my 2nd child. He would have been 14 in 2 months when he passed. He got sick and passed within 20 hours. The day before he was fine. I took him to the vet within an hour of noticing something wasn’t quite right. Very subtle, seemed lethargic, pacing, and breathing through his mouth….that was the only symptoms. After $600 in vet bills, the vet and I still didn’t know what was wrong. He passed 5 hours after we got home, in my arms, and it was quick. I was a basket case. 2 Weeks later, I still cried 4-5 hours a day. My daughter came and made me “get out of the house”. 30 minutes later, we drove up to the SPCA shelter. I said…”No no no! I don’t want another one. There is only one Andy”. Well, 2 hours later, I came home with a 3 month old black lab/hound mix named Axel. Best decision ever!
    I still felt I would never have that “special” relationship. I did know I would love him though. 1 year later, Axel got me. 100% got me. Not the same at all (personality on the opposite end of the scale). Where Andy was quiet, very gentle,very very submissive….Axel was very vocal, wide open, dramatic, a wild child and a bit dominant. Nevertheless, he did it…stole every little piece of my heart and slowly glued all the pieces back together. There is still a small crack down the middle but that’s because Andy’s love is so strong the pressure caused the crack.
    I now know the best way to honor Andy was to give another one the life , my love, and my heart that had been his. It is because of Andy that Axel was adopted and given the chance to heal me with his unconditional love. He is a rescue dog, yes. But the truth is….he rescued me.

  13. lynneplus3 says:

    That is one of the most touching videos I have ever seen. I love when love wins!

  14. I can’t write, I’m crying. So beautiful.

  15. what a great one year tribute video, so touching. here’s to many great years ahead with Doc and Dutch watching down from up above.

  16. Ogee says:

    Beautiful, Will.

  17. Kismet says:

    That was hard for us to watch. Dec 17 will be a year for Kyla.

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