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April 1, 2016

[VIDEO] My Fool Puppy

April Fools’ Day seems like the perfect time to celebrate Penny’s two-year reign as Fool-in-Chief! https://youtu.be/PB5ftx3SUKg
April Fools’ Day seems like the perfect time to celebrate Penny’s two-year reign as Fool-in-Chief!https://youtu.be/PB5ftx3SUKg

Comments for [VIDEO] My Fool Puppy

  1. oh I loved the chair-sled… I asked Mark if he would try that too… butt he is a chicken lol Thanks for being a part of the family Penny … you have a golden hand with picking the right pup Will :o)

  2. Pat says:

    The tennis balls were great! For once, I think Miss Penny may have been overwhelmed. 🙂

  3. Emmadog says:

    Mom says dogs like Penny and Bailie are just right to really make life fun. No matter what, they find so much joy. Even the most mundane tasks are fun if they are around. Happy Birthday, Penny!

  4. Elyse says:

    What a great tribute to that crazy girl. Happy Birthday Penny!

  5. aud says:

    Can’t believe she is TW0!!! Yup you got 2 best dogs in the world.

  6. coastingnz says:

    aaaawwwww Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Whoa – so much energy right from day one. No guessing games in your household as to what she would turn out like when she grew up lol. So Gorgeous.

  7. Happy birthday, sweetie! You bring us a smile every single day.

    Love and licks,

  8. KarenS says:


    You (and the pack) bring smiles almost each and everyday, and I bet those will continue for the rest of your life. At least I hope so, as I see in you my boys.

    Penny, Be kind to your brother. Eko, remember she makes you look like a rock star. Will and Emily, keep laughing at her antics. And so will I. Happy Birthday Penny Mayhem, kisses from my pack.

  9. Kismet says:

    Happy BD, Penny. May you know maturity.

  10. Oh my I have tears in my eyes!!!! I love when you said “I never met a dog who just enjoyed being a dog” (I think I screwed up the quote but you know what I mean!) I also love that you call her “Penny Mayhem” absolutely adorable!!!! “Live life so hard that you collapse” Perfect!! Happy Happy Birthday Sweet and Crazy girl!! xoxoxo

  11. I hope Penny had a very special second birthday. I have a feeling she did. Penny seems like the kind of girl who makes every day special!

  12. What a gal, 2 years already, can’t believe she was ever small. Penny you have such a great personality!

  13. ☆♪ღ♪* Happy*•♪ღ♪★Birthday Ms. Mayhem☆ Hope you had a fabulous day!☆

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