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April 27, 2018

[VIDEO] Spring in Chicago?

Next week has to be our week, right?
Next week has to be our week, right?

Comments for [VIDEO] Spring in Chicago?

  1. spring must be there if you spring around on your beach…and I’m sure once you will get that ducks…all two… I have a good duck bq recipe ;O)

  2. C. Taylor says:

    Spring is like that rainbow you see in the sky, the more we chase it the more it eludes us. So glad Link is enjoying the warmer days, soon enough he will be in the water with Penny chasing after those ducks for a good meal from “easyweimaraner”s” recipe Enjoy the weekend

  3. Kismet says:

    Pretty soon you’ll be screaming for someone to turn off the oven.

  4. RidgebackLife says:

    Chasing ducks in the water is Khoi’s thing, too, although he hates water. Go figure. He once spent almost an hour swimming around our neighbor’s pond in pursuit of another’s neighbor’s pet ducks. Once he caught one resting out of water, he stood over it waiting for it to go back in so as to resume the chase. He slept well that night.
    Happy almost Spring, Will! It will be there soon enough. I’ve already had to mow everything here at five times At least we’re still green, but the pollens are atrocious

  5. Winter has been flexing his muscles around here too. Luckily spring (much like a certain Penny dog) is persistent with arriving to save the day on occasion. Happy weekend, whichever season appears in your ‘hood.

  6. Lots of patience is needed here. Spring is pretty fickle in NJ, this year, too….

  7. Murphy's Law says:

    Spring “seems” to have finally arrived here in the Hudson Valley, NY Old Man Winter has been very testy this year.

    Penny and Zero are having a grand time. And those ducks aren’t even worried that they might get caught!

    Lincoln just keeps getting cuter. I want him to stay as healthy and happy as he looks!!

  8. coastingnz says:

    I think we have your Spring….. please come and take it away…….. I also think we may have a clone of Penny in our Ansel – you can come and take him away too. Thanks 🙂 lol

  9. Oh my I LOVE how Zero is so concerned about his sister! His expression was priceless! Speaking of expressions, Lincoln is ADORABLE!!!!! He looks like you!!! What a cutie!

  10. lak says:

    This blog is lovely! I brought my first dog into my life at age 53, a shelter dog which they told me was a boxer collie and according to three vets is a pitbull. No matter, fell in love after 3 days and life hasn’t been the same since. Joy, pure joy. Love your writing, photos, and videos!!!! Thank you for your beautiful insights and expressing so eloquently what I feel when I spend time with my dog!!!!

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