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December 29, 2016

[VIDEO] The Joy, Pain and Lessons of 2016

“I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless, and with it I did my best.” – Mr. Eko, LOST  Before signing off to ring in the new year, I want to say thank you. I lost my way when I

“I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless, and with it I did my best.” – Mr. Eko, LOST

 Before signing off to ring in the new year, I want to say thank you. I lost my way when I lost Eko. Each of your kind words pierced my darkness with light. When I finally  had the courage to look up, I saw a sky filled with stars, showing the way forward. Thank you for taking precious time from your own lives to help me find my way. I witnessed firsthand just how far small acts of kindness can carry you. It’s a lesson I’ll hold close to my heart always. Happy New Year!


Comments for [VIDEO] The Joy, Pain and Lessons of 2016

  1. We are with you , Will! Keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t forget to breathe. Not being sarcastic. Just a phrase someone told me when I was having a rough time and I realized how often I was holding my breath or not taking full breaths. Obviously we all
    Still need YOU. You came up in conversation with my other rr friends the other day on a hike. We were all choked up talking about Eko and also having fun going down “memory lane” of your video posts throughout the years. You have no idea just how many people in my RR community you have touched and inspired. We welcome the new year and treasure the beautiful memories from the old. Happy New Year

  2. Jo Rhodes says:

    We will continue to be here for you! In front of you to lead the way. Beside you to hold and support you when your legs won’t move, and your lungs won’t draw breath. And we’ll be behind you to keep pushing you forward.
    Noses down! Tails up! Together we move our extended family forward!
    Much love to you, Emily, Penny( and Eko )
    Jo, Sam and Dean

  3. Victoria Coleman says:

    happy new year will, penny and emily – may your 2017 be as blessed as your 2016 with love, laughter, friends and family!!

  4. Shirley Andonie says:

    Happy 2017 Will & Penny!

  5. What a great video…..I tell myself that even with great loss we learn something about ourselves. You have had a tremendous amount of support through your blog, your family and all your friends (and Penny of course!) and that helps more than we can say sometimes. When we lost Sammy on December 2nd, I knew this would be a tough Christmas as he loved Christmas and had enjoyed that and so much more for almost 17 years……he was a part of our tiny family but he was even more importantly a part of US. We are finding a new “US”…….you have done that – we hope to do it as well. Here’s to a great new year…………..for everyone.


  6. KarenS says:

    Happy New Years to you and your pack as well.

  7. Connie Taylor says:

    A great tribute to a great family! Here’s to new beginnings and new adventures with Ms Mayhem. Happy New Year to you, Emily, Penny and of course in your heart, to Eko !!!!

  8. Pat says:

    Happy New Year, all! Much joy to come. 🙂

  9. Shannon says:

    Beautiful Will. I cried and laughed during the whole video. Thinking of you, Emily, Penny and the rest of the family. Happy 2017 to you and yours.

  10. Michael Bondor says:

    Thank you again for these wonderful videos. It is good to see you returning to the balance of life you had before Eko passed. Now it is even more solidly grounded.

  11. Deborah Schmidt says:

    That Penny is a nut case.y She knows she has big shoes to fill. Penny will do a fantastic job.

  12. Kismet says:

    The only way to insure that you don’t have the heartbreak of losing a pup is not to ever have the pup in the first place and that’s not an option.

  13. Emmadog says:

    Another beautiful video. Sometimes these crazy dogs like my sister Bailie or Penny come into our lives for a reason. No matter what, they seem to always find the fun, good, and adventure in life. They drag the rest of us out from under our troubles whether we want to come out or not and in the end it is a good thing. We have no doubt, Penny will lead you into a wonderful 2017!

  14. lauramcgrew says:

    Thank you, Will. Thank you. Hope
    to meet you and Penny Mayhem one day in person. Until then,
    Happy New Year from the McGrews in Texas: Coach, Laura and our Ridgeback, Radley.

  15. Jan & Rusty says:

    Happy New Year to you, Emily, and Penny! I’m looking forward to your sharing all of your 2017 adventures with us all. Even all the Mayhem. We love you!!

  16. We’ve learned a lot from taking this journey with you. Thanks for sharing Eko’s wisdom. He really is quite the teacher.

  17. coastingnz says:

    Happy New Year Will, Emily and Penny and of course to beautiful Eko too. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt loss – it was felt all over the world. Here I am bawling my eyes out again. The wonderful thing about your post – or one of the wonderful things is the video footage of Eko – Eko remains in your heart, in your memory and you have such fabulous photos and videos of his wonderful life with you. I think of him often and how cruel the world can be but he gave us all such joy and love through you and for that I am thankful. Wishing you a wonderful 2017 and many more adventures ahead with Eko watching from above very proud and with a big grin on his beautiful face.

  18. Judy Petitto says:

    You all are doing a wonderful job fighting through the pain and loss.It just hurts so darn much..still.Eko is so missed and it just isn’t right.Your brave. Loving Penny the way that you do is what has carried you to live another day.Your in my thoughts and prayers and I pray for your hearts to heal and mend in 2017.
    Happy New Year!

  19. meANXIETYme says:

    Happy New Year, Will, to you and Emily and Penny and your brother and Doc and both your families and Auggie and anyone I missed who is a part of your amazing life. Thanks for sharing all of it with us. I know how hard these holidays are when the losses in your life feel like they are drowning you…but hold on to those around you and you will always find your way even in the deepest of waters. My family wishes you and all yours the best of everything in 2017. With lots of stories and blog posts to come, we hope!

  20. T&S says:

    Happy New Year

  21. Nicole says:

    Happy New Year to you guys! I love seeing Penny tear through all the scenery. Glad to see y’all living life to the fullest, Eko would be proud, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to next year!

  22. Eve Walraven says:

    Well said and so right as I also discovered this life lesson myself! Hope 2017 brings much happiness and joy to you, Emily and Penny! Happy New Years to all of you!

  23. Jan Anisman says:

    Eko’s legacy of love spread across the globe through your writing but I think most of us know that some dogs are the very special ones, here to teach all of us what we need to learn, if we are willing to listen. I believe that Eko was one of those special dogs that teaches everyone he touched while he was with us here on earth and still after he had to leave. I love Penny (through you), I love my dogs more than life but dogs like Eko are, to me, somehow more evolved, more knowledgeable and they don’t come along every day so thank you for sharing his knowledge and love with all your readers. I know I am a better and happier person for having learned from Eko through your blog, photos, videos, etc.. Happy New Year to you and your family. Jan

  24. Your poignant sweet recap video once again underscores Eko’s legacy…one that is filled with light and love even if he is not physically there. As we move toward 2017, the knuckleheads at the Ranch send their warmest wishes for a ‘wagnificent’ 2017 and look forward to all the adventures the “Chicago Lioness” can share. Happy New Year to you and Emily with ear and belly rubs for our favorite sun puddle chaser.
    ღ, Sam, & Elsa

  25. A beautiful video to close out the year the memories will always be fresh in your heart. I love the part of the video of eko and penny sitting and watching the waves then penny looks over her shoulder then eko does. Special for sure. Happy new year!

  26. Elyse says:

    Sigh. Eco needs to be included in the lists of “gone too soon.” May 2017 be a year full of love (in all its forms) for us all,

  27. Will, I have been away from blogging so long that I did not know that you had lossed Eko. Sorry is a word that does not covey the depth of my sorrow for you. Thank you for sharing your golden boy with us. Sending you wishes that 2017 will bring you, Emily and Penny new joys, adventures and wonderment.
    Marty’s Mom

  28. Anne says:

    Happy New Year to you Will, Emily, and Penny! I thought of your family so much over this holiday season. I have never even met you all, but I feel like I know you ; like many others do. We dog lovers unite when those of ours are in need of lifting up. Here’s to 2017, may joy, new life, to you all bring ! Love, The Johnson Family

  29. Happy New Year guys

    This video had me in tears but I did love that you shared Eko with us and he certainly made an impact on my life hence Big Ben is now in the My Three Moggies house xxx

  30. I’m just sitting here bawling as I catch up on our videos. I am so so so very sorry.

  31. Will, my heart goes out to you. I’ve been crying along with you, understanding the devastating loss of your beloved companion, friend, cohort, champion, your sweet, wonderful pup, Eko. I’m sorry for your loss, and I feel that terrible ache that comes with profound loss. I understand, having loved and lost my share of cats over the years. I think with a dog it’s magnified all the more, as they are forever by your side, loyal and pure and dear. My beloved Slinky died earlier this year, and though she was old and frail, it didn’t make her passing one bit easier.

    Arms around you, your dear Emily and Penny too. xo Alys

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